SMI-S Conformance Testing Program (SMI-S CTP)


Important Notice:

The SNIA Storage Management Initiative (SMI) is shifting focus to investment in the SNIA Swordfish™ Conformance Test Program. The existing SMI-S portion of CTP will no longer be accepting requests for conformance certification after November 30, 2022. After this date, vendors will no longer be able to obtain conformance certification from SNIA for SMI-S implementations, but can continue to obtain vendor-neutral conformance certification for SNIA Swordfish.

Resources are being reallocated to accelerate development of the Swordfish CTP to provide consumers with a way to verify that storage products conform to the Swordfish storage management standard.

SNIA continues to invest in Swordfish to support next-generation technologies, including NVMe-based storage. To that end, SNIA ended development of the SMI-S standard in 2020 and will not be making further investments in SMI-S.

Swordfish is designed to meet the storage management needs of current and next generation products and SNIA is actively developing the Swordfish standard. To learn more about the Swordfish CTP program capabilities and features, visit

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SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Conformance Testing Program (CTP) allows manufacturers to test their products with a vendor-neutral test suite to validate conformance to the SMI-S specification.

SNIA validates that a company's products conform to a particular version of the SMI-S specification for storage management using the SMI-Provider Test. The SMI-Provider Test is a collection of file driven test scripts written by SNIA. The scripts validate conformance to SMI-S profile rules, use of combinations of profiles and use of the profile rules to complete simple data storage tasks such as allocating a LUN to a server or setting and verifying the configuration of a SAN switch.

You should be asking your vendor for products conforming to the latest version of the SMI-Provider Test.  Look for versions of or higher, or higher and or higher.

Watch this short video for an introduction to SMI-S CTP.

SMI-S CTP Test Results

View the list of the companies which have taken the SMI-Provider Test. The information given on the page includes:

  • Version of test taken
  • Software product tested
  • Hardware manageable by tested the software product

SMI-S CTP Participation and How to Get The Test

Is your company interested in having SMI-S enabled products tested? Follow these guidelines to enable your developers to successfully certify your SMI-S implementations.