Cloud Storage Technologies

This session will explain why cloud-native storage is growing so rapidly and why containers are important to the future of storage. This panel also will provide guidance for choosing the best option for your organization. Moderator: Sue Troy, ITPro Today. Panelists are: Greg Schulz, StorageIO Consulting; Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies; Dave Raffo, Evaluator Group

SNIA's Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative is committed to the adoption, growth and standardization of storage in cloud infrastructures, including its data services, orchestration and management, and the promotion of portability of data in multi-cloud environments.

Object stores are known for ease of use and massive scalability. Unlike other storage solutions like file systems and block stores, object stores are capable of handling data growth without increase in complexity or developer intervention. Apache Hadoop Ozone is a highly scalable Object Store and is a spiritual successor of HDFS. It can store billions of keys and hundreds of petabytes of data.

Designing a cache front end for cloud storage calls into question of the effectiveness of the popular LRU cache eviction policy versus the FIFO heuristic. Several past works have considered this question and commonly stipulated that while FIFO is much easier to implement, the improved hit ratio of LRU outweighs this. Two main trends call for a re-evaluation: the very large scales of cloud storage which makes managing cache metadata in RAM infeasible, and new workloads which possess different characteristics.

We are now seeing the emergence of new generation application workloads in big data analytics, AI/ML, in-memory databases - and on the edge, that are creating new demands on storage. These applications are being deployed and managed on Kubernetes, with a need for fast and agile access to storage. Automated provisioning through CSI, the Container Storage Interface for block and file volumes is already being embraced.


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