Technical Activities

From electricity to containers, from railroad tracks to highways, from measurements to transportation systems, standards transform our world. SNIA is committed to developing and promoting standards in the broad and complex fields of digital storage and information management.

SNIA's technical activities are driven by its Technical Council and Technical Work Groups. The Technical Council, composed of expert technologists from the leading innovation companies in the industry, provides guidance and direction on the varied technical activities of the SNIA. From their presentations at events throughout the world and their collective guidance and governance, the "TC" keeps the development efforts of the SNIA on track and on target.

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Swordfish Scalable Storage Management API v1.2.4a
July 12, 2022


Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification v1.1
June 17, 2021

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TLS Specification for Storage Systems v2.1
Aug 2022


Computational Storage API v0.8 rev 0
July 2022

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