Technical Activities


From electricity to containers, from railroad tracks to highways, from measurements to transportation systems, standards transform our world. They allow products to interoperate better and to be produced more efficiently, and they allow people around the world to make connections more easily. SNIA is committed to developing and promoting standards in the broad and complex fields of digital storage and information management.

SNIA's technical activities are driven by its Technical Council and Technical Work Groups. The Technical Council, composed of expert technologists from the leading innovation companies in the industry, provides guidance and direction on the varied technical activities of the SNIA. From their presentations at events throughout the world and their collective guidance and governance, the "TC" keeps the development efforts of the SNIA on track and on target.

Technical Work Groups (TWGs) are collaborative technical groups within the SNIA that work on specific areas of technology development. From the ways disk drives work in protecting information to the way fixed-content medical records should be stored, SNIA's TWGs develop standards that allow solutions to be more easily produced in the industry.

This section of the SNIA website describes the many and varied standards and technical activities of the SNIA.

Technical Council

The Technical Council is a select group of acknowledged industry experts who guide the SNIA's technical efforts. The Technical Council creates a high level "roadmap" for the industry, validates Technical Work Group (TWG) charters, proposes new Technical Work Groups, reviews architectures submitted by Technical Work Groups, and is the SNIA's technical liaison to industry standards' organizations.

Technical Council Managing Director

The Technical Council Managing Director manages the work of the Technical Work Groups, driving them toward the goals set out by the Technical Council.

Technical Work Groups

The Work Groups consist of volunteers from our membership. These volunteers collaborate to develop technical solutions to promote the adoption of storage networking by creating deliverables required to meet the goals of the Technical Council, as managed by the Technical Director.