Facilities Description

The Center of Excellence for Storage Networking

The new SNIA Technology Center, located in ArrowsWest business complex, enables the computer storage industry to carry out both local and global technical standards development, interoperability testing programs, and classroom education for IT professionals and engineers.

Overall Facility

  • 7,500 sq. ft. overall
  • Private entrance
  • Equipment to support storage networking training
  • 1,500 sq. ft. of Interoperability test labs
  • Classrooms and meeting space
  • Industrial-grade tiered workbenches
  • Integrated network and fibre infrastructure
  • Teleconferencing and other meeting support (remote demonstrations of storage technologies)
  • Secure remote access to testing labs and other hosted equipment
  • Pre-stage and remote deployment of storage networking equipment for demonstrations and hands-on training opportunities

Download the Technology Center Brochure for more details.

Facility Usage & Tours

The Technology Center is available for use by SNIA member companies and other IT focused companies for testing, meeting, and educational purposes.  Email  tcinfo@snia.org for information.

The SNIA Technology Center staff conducts free visitor tours of the facility. To schedule a facility tour or usage, please contact us at 719-694-1380 or tcinfo@snia.org.

Short-Term or Long-Term Facilities Usage

The SNIA Technology Center, USA, has been retained by leading storage networking development projects, and has been instrumental in providing a facility where interoperable solutions for storage management challenges can be developed. Member companies, systems integrators and end-users find that a 6-12 month engagement at the SNIA Technology Center can bring focus and velocity to their efforts. For more information about renting space in the SNIA Technology Center, USA, please contact us at 719-694-1380 or tcinfo@snia.org.

Interoperability Testing Programs

Educational Programs

  • Seminars, workshops and industry-led informational events
  • SNIA certification and company-specific training courses
  • Event hosting for member and non-member training and other company events
  • Hands-on lab training, remote hosting for educational training
  • Collaboration with leading universities for storage networking academic courses

Meeting Places and More

  • SNIA Workgroups, Technology Communities, Technical and Steering committee meetings
  • SNIA symposia and other events
  • Conferences and end-user events
  • Multi-company cooperative planning meetings

Contact Us

For questions or additional information, please contact us at 719-694-1380 or tcinfo@snia.org.