Articles and Presentations


Stateful Kubernetes in the Cloud (March 2020)

CapEx vs. OpEx in the Cloud Storage Realm (October 2019)

Data Liberation in the Cloud (July 2019)

The T Stands for Technologies in CSTI (January 2019)

Real-World Hyperscaled Enterprise Storage (December 2016)

The New Data Center is "Software Defined" (March 2016)

A Different Approach to Solid State Storage in the Cloud (October 2015)


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Storage and IT (April 2020)

Cloud Standards: What They Are, Why You Should Care (February 2020)

Kubernetes in the Cloud - Part Three: Stateful Workloads (August 2019)

Kubernetes in the Cloud - Part Two (July 2019)

Kubernetes in the Cloud - Part One (May 2019)

ESG: The Hybrid Cloud Tipping Point (April 2019)

What's New in Container Storage (February 2019)

Why Composable Infrastructure? (February 2019)

Create a Smarter and More Economic Cloud Storage Architecture (November 2018)

Cloud Mobility and Data Movement (July 2018)

Multi-Cloud Storage: Addressing the Need for Portability and Interoperability (December 2017)

Cloud Object Storage and the Use of Gateways (September 2017)

Containers and Persistent Memory (July 2017)

The State of Cloud Security (July 2017)

IP-Based Object Drives Now Have a Management Standard (April 2017)

Developing Interoperable Cloud Encryption and Access Control (December 2016)

Containers: Best Practices and Data Management Services (December 2016)

Intro to Containers, Container Storage and Docker (October 2016)

Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges (July 2016)

Cloud Object Storage 101 (July 2016)

Data Protection and OpenStack Mitaka (June 2016)

Exploring the Software Defined Data Center (March 2016)

Mobile and Secure Healthcare: Encrypted Objects and Access Control Delegation (January 2016)

Privacy vs. Data Protection: The Impact of International Data Protection Legislation on the Cloud (November 2015)

Moving Data Protection to the Cloud: Trends, Challenges and Strategies (November 2015)

OpenStack Files Services for High Performance Computing (September 2015)

Expert Panel: Cloud Storage Initiatives (August 2015)

Hybrid Clouds Part 2: Case Study on Building the Bridge between Public and Private (June 2015)

Extending OpenStack Swift with S3 and CDMI - BoF at OpenStack Summit Vancouver (May 2015)

Hierarchical Erasure Coding: Making Erasure Coding Usable (May 2015)

Swift, S3 or CDMI - Why Choose? (May 2015)

Hybrid Clouds: Bridging Private & Public Cloud Infrastructures (March 2015)

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) Bulk Transfer Standard (February 2015)

OpenStack Manila (January 2015)

OpenStack Cloud Storage (January 2015)

Developer Tutorial: Introducing CDMI 1.1 (December 2014)

Tips to Implementing Multiple Storage APIs (November 2014)

Object Storage 201 - Understanding Architectural Trade-Offs (October 2014)tructured 

Getting Started with the CDMI CTP (May 2014)