SMI-Lab Plugfest - September Registration

September 11-14, 2017

This plugfest will be Swordfish-focused and held in conjunction with the SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) in Santa Clara, CA

Any company with a working Swordfish or Redfish implementation may participate in this plugfest

Please view the recommended minimum requirements (PDF download) for a Swordfish provider implementation

How to register for the plugfest

  1. Complete this SMI-Lab Plugfest Registration Form. Once the online registration form has been completed and accepted you will be sent a registration code which will allow you to register for SDC at the special discounted rate.
  2. If not an SMI member, complete a Non-Member Plugfest Participation and Confidentiality Agreement Form (one per participating company).
  3. Register for the Storage Developer Conference using your discount code*

* Applicable Fees – The SMI will sponsor one SMI-Lab plugfest participant per registered company. Additional company plugfest participants must pay $625 per participant. This fee includes full access to the Storage Developer Conference sessions and meals. This special discounted rate is limited to participants that will actively participate and test, working with the other SMI-Lab Plugfest participants. If a participant already has an SDC Conference pass vis-a-vis being a speaker, through sponsorship or other SDC plugfest participation, then there is no additional fee to participate; however this SMI-Lab September Plugfest Registration Form and the Confidentiality Agreement for non-SMI members still needs to be completed.

Questions? Send e-mail to

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If you have general or specific plugfest participation goals and would like to share them with other participants please list them here.
Please tell us how you plan to attend.
I understand that If I am not an SNIA or SMI member at the time I arrive at the plugfest that I will not be allowed to participate unless SNIA has an "SMI-Lab17 Non-Member Plugfest Participation and Confidentiality Agreement" on file for me. It is my responsibility to confirm this prior to my arrival.