Reference Real World Workloads

Recent SNIA Solid State Storage Performance Test Specifications (PTS) have enumerated standard practices for the capture, analysis and test using Real World Workloads. 

The SNIA Compute, Storage & Memory Initiative (CMSI), the Solid State Storage Technical Working Group (S3 TWG), and the Green Storage Technical Work Group (GS TWG) periodically publish Reference Real World Workloads deemed to represent common application use cases. 

The following figures present each of the Reference Real World Workloads.

Figure 1 - Real World Workloads Library Listing shows several Reference Real World Workloads.

Figure 2 - Reference Real World Workload Table provides select tabular information for each workload. 

Figure 3 - Individual IO Stream Maps show IO Streams, IOs, IOPS and Queue Depths for each Reference Workload. 

More detailed analytics, free IO Capture tools and interactive IO Stream workload playback is available at