General Information

Accessing Tests

The Swordfish CTP test framework and tests are currently available on demand.  Once you have been admitted to the program, contact the Swordfish SMI Program Manager at to request access to the Swordfish CTP test framework and tests.

Swordfish CTP Fees

For information on Swordfish CTP Fees, go to Swordfish CTP Fees

Swordfish Early Adopters

The Swordfish CTP Program would like to thank the following companies for their support, helping to develop and harden the Swordfish CTP test framework and tests:


Privacy Statement

SNIA understands that security is paramount. Our privacy policies are:

  • No performance metrics will be published
  • The SNIA-CTP is pass/fail
  • Interim test results are confidential and only released to the vendor requesting conformance testing
  • The SNIA Technology Center has the capability of isolating pre-announced products from unauthorized viewers
  • Pre-announced solutions that pass The SNIA-CTP will not be published on The SNIA/SNIA-CTP web site until approved by vendor