Swordfish CTP Process



How to Obtain Official Conformance for Swordfish Enabled Products

Run tests

2. Run Tests

Submit and verify

3. Submit Test Results for Verification

Enhance Your CTP Experience

1. Join Swordfish CTP Program and Pay Membership Fee (Yearly)

(Mandatory Step) - Submit a "Swordfish-CTP Application and Agreement" form to the CTP Program. This is a legal agreement which defines the conditions under which the test needs to be run and how the test is to be administered.

Join Now

CTP offers testing on an annual basis for the testing of all available Swordfish Test Releases of the Swordfish service test suite as defined by the SMI Conformance Committee. The annual basis is considered to be December 1 of a particular year through November 30th of the following year. For example, an annual time period might be defined as December 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021.

If you're not quite ready to join CTP, consider joining the SM Lab.

2. Run Tests

(Mandatory Step) – For all new product family listings run the "Official" version of the test applicable to the Swordfish version to which you wish to conform. For information to download and access the framework and tests, refer to the [general information page] link. Note: Only the most recent build versions for Swordfish can be used for official conformance test submittal. CTP participants can e-mail snia-ctp-admin@snia.org to obtain the latest test suite or request the appropriate test for updating existing conformant products.

3. Submit Test Results for Verification

Test results are reviewed and processed manually for Swordfish CTP tests submitted in 2021.

(Future Step) - Submit via the online portal link below for Conformance Test Validation of your set of test results (zip bundle).  Submit the zip file created by the test harness in the previous step.

Test Submission Form

The test results submitted will be checked and you will be notified of the results. If there are issues, you may resolve and resubmit. If the results are validated, the results will be posted to the Swordfish CTP public results page (unless otherwise specified) and publicized. 

All CTP program packages allow for the submission of more than one set of test results.

Join SM Lab (optional)

(Optional Step) - Consider joining the SM Lab Program prior to committing to taking the test. The Storage Management Initiative, SMI, has an annual program called SM Lab. The lab is both a physical and logical concept. SNIA's Technology Center has a lab where participants install their hardware and software for group use. The lab also runs many calls and events, including plugfests, where members can share knowledge. More information about SM Lab can be found here.

We suggest that companies join the lab program for at least one year prior to, or in conjunction with, taking the conformance test. CTP benefits enhanced through joint SM Lab membership:

  1. The Swordfish CTP test may be available to SM lab members upon request.
  2. The Swordfish CTP test can be used to be sure that your implementation can pass.  

Note: The CTP fees are NOT refundable if your implementation cannot pass.

Install Equipment at the SNIA Technology Center (optional)

This is a Special Note for those wishing to place equipment at the SNIA Technology Center for those wishing to participate in the SM Lab Program

(Optional Step) - This step can only be done if your company joins the SM Lab program mentioned above.

Complete the SNIA Technology Center's "General Terms and Conditions" agreement if you choose to run a test at the SNIA Technology Center. This agreement outlines the expectations of both parties when using the SNIA Technology Center facilities.  Note that your company would have had to complete this agreement if they have already joined the SM Lab and placed equipment at the Technology Center for use in SM Lab.

Completion of this agreement may require participation from your company's legal department as this is a legal agreement.

Swordfish CTP Logo Usage (optional)

Before using the Swordfish CTP logo to mark a product or product family, Company must meet the following requirements:

  1. The Company must have received an official Notice of Conformance from the SNIA Swordfish CTP Program for the product(s) tested.
  2. The Swordfish CTP logo shall only be used for the specific products and product versions which have test results posted on the SNIA Swordfish CTP website.
    Note: Companies who have received an official Notice of Conformance but who have requested to not have their results posted on the SNIA Swordfish CTP results website will require a waiver from the SNIA CTP program to use the Swordfish CTP Logo.
  3. Use of the Swordfish CTP Logo does not imply SNIA endorsement of any product, service, or application, nor does it make any statement regarding system interoperability.
  4. SNIA images and logos may not be altered in any manner.

If the above conditions are met, Companies may proceed to use the Swordfish CTP logo to label their products and their product packaging.

Logo users should also obey the graphic-design rules spelled out in the SNIA Logo Usage Policy.

Download the Swordfish CTP Logo


Contact the SNIA-CTP Program Office at (719) 694-1380 or snia-ctp-admin@snia.org