Computational Storage

Updated September 2022

Today, Computational Storage is transforming enterprises worldwide.  The SNIA Computational Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) is actively working on establishing hardware and software architectures to allow for compute to be more tightly coupled with storage at the system and drive level. In addition, the SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI) is focused on fostering the acceptance and growth of computational storage in the marketplace with the activities of the Computational Storage Special Interest Group. To achieve those goals, the CMSI provides education, performs market outreach, and influences and promotes standards.

Computational Storage Standards Overview

From the 2022 SNIA Perisistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit, SNIA Computational Storage Technical Work Group Co-Chairs Jason Molgaard and Scott Shadley provide a view into next steps and implementation of the specification in progress, including use cases, security considerations, and other key topics of the Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model, now published as Version 1.0, and recent winner of the Most Innovative Memory Technology Award at Flash Memory Summit 2022.

Computational Storage Podcast

In this podcast from SNIA EMEA, we dive into the definition, methodologies, and the market interest in computational storage.

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