Data Governance & Security

SNIA’s technical work focuses on a host of projects that provide greater awareness, education and impact of issues surrounding data governance, security and privacy legislation. Understanding the importance of keeping sensitive data secure, protecting the data from corruption, ensuring that data is accessible 24/7, and at the same time complying with legal regulations is of the utmost importance. SNIA’s Data Protection & Privacy Committee (DPPC) exists to further the awareness and adoption of data protection technology, and to provide education, best practices and technology guidance on all matters related to the protection and privacy of data.

Data Privacy and Why It Matters

Failing to protect sensitive information can put a lot of people at risk of being exploited by cybercriminals, and can make a company face enormous legal penalties.The way information is shared and stored can put the information at risk. It is risky to store personal information on portable devices, which are easily lost or stolen. In addition, the consequences of a data breach can be devastating. Identity theft could lead to financial losses, and a company could face lawsuits and legal penalties. This presentation covers what kinds of personal information must be protected & guidelines for keeping this info safe.


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