DNA Data Storage

There are phases in the lifecycle of technologies in which huge transformations lurk.  We believe we are on the cusp of one such transformation today regarding archival storage and DNA.  

When stored properly, DNA data can last reliably for thousands of years with little to no power consumption or need for maintenance/refreshing. Storage density, durability and low power consumption of DNA-based data storage radically reduce its TCO, making it a strong contender for long-term archival data storage. Unlike today’s storage, where media are pre-manufactured and delivered empty, molecules that represent DNA-stored data are created on demand, and the information is directly encoded in the way the synthetic DNA molecule is assembled.  

Is DNA the Future of Data Storage?

What if we wanted to fit the data from 150 smartphones – almost 10,000 gigabytes – in the head of a pin? We can – if our storage material is DNA. A few teams of computer scientists around the world have designed methods for translating digital code into DNA code. They work together with bioengineers who can synthesize DNA, building it from the blocks up. The result? Whatever information you want - text, an image file, or even a video – stored in a strand of DNA. 


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