Power Efficiency Measurement

There are many aspects to the measurement of power efficiency in the data center, and storage energy efficiency is an essential component of traditional IT architectures.   From power and cooling to efficiencies gained with new storage device technologies, data management, capacity optimization, and virtualization, the topic list is extensive providing many flexible options for IT decision makers to understand and consider.   SNIA members and companies are involved in the comprehensive SNIA Emerald Program supported by the SNIA Green Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) and the SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI).

Green Storage Program

Within the Green Storage Program there is the SNIA Emerald Program focused on energy measurement of enterprise data center storage systems. The SNIA Emerald Program includes a globally recognized ISO Specification detailing the test methodology that is fair and comprehensive for storage system manufacturers. The Specification provides a building block for national regulators to establish storage efficiency conformance programs. The Program supports cross-industry relationships, provides tester community tools and support, and advisories to regulators. Learn more in this video clip by SNIA Board Chair Emeritus and GSI Chair, Wayne M. Adams.


SNIA on Power Efficiency Measurement

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