DNA Data Storage Alliance, A SNIA Technology Affiliate

The first consortium of industry and academic organizations to focus on addressing the world's exponentially growing demand for archival storage by using DNA as data storage medium

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About Us

The DNA Data Storage Alliance was originally formed in October 2020 by Illumina, Microsoft, Twist Bioscience and Western Digital and joined as a SNIA Technology Affiliate in June 2022. By becoming a SNIA Technology Affiliate, it will accelerate the mission to create an interoperable ecosystem for DNA-based data storage solutions. By combining the 25 years of SNIA’s experience in open standards development with the market requirements originally gathered by the Alliance, an immediate jumpstart is created to the standards development for DNA data storage under the established SNIA IP Policy structure.

Our Mission

  • Create and promote an interoperable storage ecosystem based on DNA as a data storage medium.

Our scope

  • Educate the market to create awareness and adoption of DNA data storage
  • Develop a DNA data storage industry technology roadmap to drive R&D and funding
  • Develop use cases, standards, and/or specifications as needed by ecosystem

Current work groups

  • Industry Technology Roadmap – Create, maintain, and publish industry roadmap for the DNA data storage technologies and identify challenges for the entire workflow
  • DNA Archive Rosetta Stone (DARS) TWG – Create a universal identifier describing how to decode/read the rest of the archive.
  • Interoperable Interfaces TWG – Specify physical interfaces and formats for DNA data storage system components to enable interoperability across different vendors.
  • Data Preservation / Endurance Methodologies TWG – Establish standard metrics and methods to compare and verify the data retention characteristics of DNA data storage solutions.

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