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Agenda Now Live for 2016 Storage Developer Conference

The agenda for the SNIA 2016 Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is now available and features over 100 sessions spanning topics including persistent memory, object storage, cloud, NVMe over fabrics, solid state storage, storage networking and much more. View the agenda here.
SDC will take place in Santa Clara, CA on September 19-22 and is designed for storage technologists at all levels from developers to architects to product managers and more. Register before August 19th to save $300 on registration. If you are a SNIA Member, you will receive an additional $200 off of the regular registration rate with your SNIA Member discount. Register today.

Reserve Your Spot for Data Storage Security Summit 2016

The SNIA Data Storage Security Summit, takes place in Santa Clara, CA on September 22nd. This one-day conference features sessions on high profile security breaches, IoT hacks, and new industry data regulations. The event has something “data storage security” for security professionals, CISOs, IT security architects, regulatory/compliance professionals, and data protection/privacy practitioners. Registration is complimentary but space is limited so reserve your spot today.

Look What’s New in Storage Management

In case you missed it, there’s something new lurking beneath turbulent waters often found in today’s datacenters. Swordfish is emerging as an open and easy-to-use standard for managing data storage and storage services. It is being defined by SNIA Scalable Storage Management (SSM) Technical Work Group (TWG) as an extension to the Distributed Management Task Force’s (DMTF) Redfish specification and will be easier to implement than existing legacy standards.
SNIA SSM TWG has released v0.8 work-in-progress release of the Swordfish specification for public technical review.  It includes support for file systems, seamless alignment with Redfish through placement of SNIA elements on the Redfish Service Root and extension of common schema (e.g., Volume and Storage), as well as the inclusion of JSON schema and updated documentation. It is available at
Learn more about Swordfish:

  • Go to
  • Stop by the SNIA booth 885 or DMTF booth 829 at IDF’16 in San Francisco, August 16-18
  • Attend one of three sessions at SDC, September 19-22, for a deep-dive into Swordfish & Redfish
  • Visit SNIA SMI Booth 2371 at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta: September 26-30

Contact Richelle Ahlvers (SSM TWG Chair) for more information.  

New SNIA Infographic Illustrates
Technical Work
SNIA technical communities are always working on so many great projects to advance the hottest data storage trends. What better way to illustrate that work at-a-glance than an Infographic? Check out the new SNIA Tech Infographic for highlights on how SNIA is advancing storage, developing and promoting standards, driving specifications, and enabling the future of IT. 
Upcoming Webcasts

Everything You Wanted to Know about Storage, but were too Proud to Ask - Part Chartreuse
September 7, 2016
J Metz, Cisco
Alex McDonald, NetApp
John Kim, Mellanox
Chad Hintz, Cisco
Welcome to the first part of this webcast series, where we’re going to take an irreverent, yet still informative, look at the parts of a storage solution in Data Center architectures. We’ll start with the very basics – The Naming of the Parts. We’ll break down the entire storage picture and identify the places where most of the confusion falls. Join us in this first webcast – Part Chartreuse – where we’ll learn:

  • What an initiator is
  • What a target is
  • What a storage controller is
  • What a RAID is, and what a RAID controller is
  • What a Volume Manager is
  • What a Storage Stack is

With these fundamental parts, we’ll be able to place them into a context so that you can understand how all these pieces fit together to form a Data Center storage environment.
Intro to Containers, Container Storage Challenges and Docker
October 6, 2016
Chad Thibodeau, Veritas
Alex McDonald, NetApp

Containers are the latest in what are new and innovative ways of packaging, managing and deploying distributed applications. In this webcast, we’ll introduce the concept of containers, what they are and the advantages they bring. Illustrated by use cases, you'll learn why you might want to consider them as an app deployment model and how they differ from VMs or bare metal deployments. Join us for this discussion on:

  • Application deployment history
  • Containers vs. VMs vs. bare metal
  • Factors driving containers and common use cases
  • Storage ecosystem and features
  • Container storage table stakes
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Key takeaways from DockerCon 2016
Education and Certification

Pass the Complimentary SNIA Storage Foundations Practice Exam and Receive 20% off the Exam!

Through the month of August, pass the complimentary SNIA Storage Foundations practice exam here and receive 20% off the SNIA Storage Foundations exam (S10-110). Visit here, for more information about the SNIA Foundations S10-110 exam and schedule to take the proctored exam. Contact for questions.
A list of SNIA recommended training options can be found here.

Featured Podcast
Azure File Service: ‘net use’ the cloud 
David Goebel, Software Engineer, Microsoft
Microsoft Azure has provided REST endpoints for blobs, tables, and queues since its inception. This is an efficient and simple stateless storage API for new applications. However, there is a very large installed base of mature applications, especially enterprise and vertical, which are written to a conventional file API such as Win32 or the C runtimes.  Azure File Service provides [MS-SMB2] compliant file shares with the same high availability as Azure’s REST endpoints since the backing store for both transient handle state and files data is, under the hood, Azure tables and blobs.  As a bonus, the file share namespace is also exposed via REST, allowing simultaneous and coherent access to file data from both endpoints.  This talk relates the experience and challenges of designing and implementing a wire compliant continuously available SMB server where the backing store is not even a conventional file system, let alone NTFS. 
White Papers and Articles
Featured Event

Intel Developer Forum 

SNIA is pleased to once again participate in the Intel Developer Forum, August 16-18, 2016, in San Francisco, CA.  SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative will be featured at booth 885 in the NVM Express Community.  Attendees can view a multi-vendor Non-Volatile DIMM demonstration by the SNIA NVDIMM special interest group and learn about SNIA advances in persistent memory including the NVM Programming Model, technical education, and studies on flash and persistent memory device and system performance.  The SNIA Storage Management Initiative will also be featured in DMTF booth 829 for discussions on Swordfish, an extension to DMTF’s Redfish standard. 

View Presentations and Videos from DSI 2016

This year's Data Storage Innovation Conference delivered over 80 presentations on topics such as cloud storage, hyperconverged, software-defined storage, open source, NVM, Big Data, containers, data protection, file systems, security and more. These presentations are now available for public download!
You can also view videos of the DSI 2016 general sessions on demand.

SNIA Sponsors 2016 Tech Trailblazers Awards

SNIA is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Tech Trailblazers Awards. These award focus on many enterprise technology sectors, including big data, cloud, infosecurity, sustainable IT, emerging markets, and (of course) storage. New this year is the Female and Male Tech Trailblazers of the Year. These awards recognize C-suite individuals within startups who champion innovation, agility, diversity and leadership.

The panel of judges includes SNIA Business Development Representative, Marty Foltyn, as well as storage experts from 451 Research, The Register, VMware, and the Cloud Security Alliance, among others.  The deadline to submit is September 8th.
Find SNIA at these Events
Flash Memory Summit - Santa Clara, CA – August 9-11, 2016
Intel Developer Forum - San Francisco, CA – August 16-18, 2016
SMI Plugfest - Colorado Springs, CO – August 22-25, 2016
Storage Developer Conference - Santa Clara, CA – September 19-22, 2016
Data Storage Security Summit - Santa Clara, CA – September 22, 2016
Microsoft Ignite - Atlanta, GA – September 26-30, 2016
USENIX LISA ’16 - Boston, MA - December 4-9, 2016
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