July 2016 Issue

Hot News

New SNIA Data Center Storage Taskforce Forming

The SNIA Data Center Storage Taskforce has been chartered to explore the opportunity to satisfy Data Center customer requirements for storage drives through a combination of open source software and changes to existing standard interfaces.

For more information, please visit: http://www.snia.org/datacenter

To get involved, please subscribe to the open mailing list (SNIA membership not required) by sending a blank email (no subject or body) to datacenter-subscribe@snia.org.

Kickoff call – July 19th  - There will be a taskforce kickoff call on July 19th at 2:00 pm PT. Everyone is welcome to attend.  Attend the call here (Click "Add to my calendar"). You can access the call through VoIP built into your device, or phone in: +1-415-655-0002 (US Toll) ID: 736586008#

SNIA and Evaluator Group Joint Study Reveals Insights into Enterprise Hyperconverged Adoption

Evaluator Group and SNIA announced the availability of their joint research study “Hyperconverged Use in the Enterprise.” The study ranks common hyperconverged use cases such as infrastructure consolidation, VDI, and data protection and lists the hyperconverged products that enterprises have chosen or were evaluating for these use cases. The objective of this study was to find out how enterprises are using, or plan to use, hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. The study also reveals what IT professionals in large companies think about this new technology and how well they think hyperconverged technologies fit running “tier-one” production workloads. The study was released at this year’s Data Storage Innovation Conference. Watch the interview highlighting the findings and read the press release for more information.

SFF Technology Affiliate Technical Work Group is Launched

SNIA recently announced the SFF Committee has transitioned under SNIA as the new SFF Technology Affiliate (TA) Technical Work Group (TWG). This group has operated for over 25 years and consists of more than 40 industry leading member companies and is growing. 
The SFF Technology Affiliate TWG will continue to focus and develop technical specifications as SNIA Architecture to enable technology vendors an easy way to procure compatible, multi-sourced products and solutions for storage media, storage networks, and solutions that cover a range of technologies from cables to connectors and interfaces and much more. Read the press release.

New SNIA Members
A Welcome to New Members
Welcome to the following companies who have recently joined SNIA:
Technical White Paper

Storage Security: Fibre Channel Security

The ISO/IEC 27040:2015 (Information technology - Security techniques - Storage security) standard provides detailed technical guidance on controls and methods for securing storage systems and ecosystems. This technical white paper provides an overview of the Fibre Channel (FC) security guidance in the standard as applied to Storage Area Networks. It also provides additional SNIA guidance in developing an FC security program to meet organizations’ particular needs. Download here
New SNIA SIG Forming

Got DR Issues? Check out the new Disaster Recovery Special Interest Group

The SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee (DPCO) would like to announce the creation of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) focusing on data replication for disaster recovery (DR) standards. The mission of this SIG is focused on investigating existing ISO standards, carrying out surveys, and studying current guidance in order to identify if there is a need to improve the interoperability and resiliency, and/or education and best practices in the area of data replication for disaster recovery. Learn more.

Upcoming Webcasts

Cloud Object Storage 101
July 14, 2016
Nancy Bennis, Program Manager, Cloud Object Storage, IBM
Alex McDonald, Chair, SNIA Cloud Storage
Object storage is a secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective means of embracing the explosive growth of unstructured data enterprises generate every day. Many organizations have already begun to leverage software-defined object storage to support new application development and DevOps projects. Meanwhile, legacy enterprise companies are in the early stages of exploring the benefits of object storage for their particular business and are searching for how they can use cloud object storage to modernize their IT strategies, store and protect data while dramatically reducing the costs associated with legacy storage sprawl.

This Webcast will highlight:
  • Market trends towards the adoption of object storage
  • Definition and benefits of object storage
  • Use cases best suited to leverage an underlying object storage infrastructure

Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges
July 19, 2016
Udayan Singh, Head of Software Product Engineering, Tata Consultancy
Mark Carlson, Cloud Storage Co-Chair, Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair
Cloud storage has transformed the storage industry, however interoperability challenges that were overlooked during the initial stages of growth are now emerging as front and center issues. Learn about the major challenges that businesses leveraging services from multiple cloud providers, or moving from one cloud provider to another face, and how the SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard addresses these challenges by offering data interoperability between clouds. You’ll hear:

  • Critical challenges that the cloud storage industry is facing
  • Issues in a multi-cloud provider environment
  • Addressing cloud storage interoperability challenges
  • How the CDMI standard works
  • Benefits of CDMI conformance testing
  • Benefits for end user companies

Re-Introducing Ethernet Networked Storage
August 4, 2016
Rob Davis, Mellanox
Fred Zhang, Intel
Ethernet technology had been a proven standard for over 30 years and there are many networked storage solutions based on Ethernet. While storage devices are evolving rapidly with new standards and specifications, Ethernet is moving towards higher speeds as well: 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 50Gbps and 100Gbps….making it time to re-introduce Ethernet Networked Storage.
This live Webcast will provide a solid foundation on Ethernet networked storage and move to the latest advancements, challenges, use cases and benefits. You’ll hear:

  • The evolution of storage devices - spinning media to NVM
  • New standards: NVMe and NVMe over Fabric
  • A retrospect of traditional networked storage including SAN and NAS
  • How new storage devices and new standards would impact Ethernet networked storage
  • Ethernet based software-defined storage and the hyper-converged model
  • A look ahead at new Ethernet technologies optimized for networked storage in the future
Education and Certification

Portland Training for the SNIA Storage Foundations Exam (S10-110)

SNIA is taking training classes “on the road” to make storage certification training even easier for you to attain. The upcoming training session is July 25-29 in Portland, OR (4 ½ day class)

For more information about this instructor-led training, please visit here.

Practice Exam Now Available for SNIA Storage Foundations Certification

For storage professionals interested in obtaining the new SNIA Certified Storage Professional Certification, SNIA has developed a practice exam that will help determine if you have the skill set to pass the Certification exam. The practice exam is free of charge, and is available here
Other training options for SNIA’s Foundations Certification are available here.

Featured Podcast
Remote Access to Ultra-low latency Storage
Tom Talpey, Architect, Microsoft
A new class of ultra-low latency storage is emerging, including Persistent Memory (PM), as well as advanced nonvolatile storage technologies such as NVMe. The SNIA NVM TWG has been exploring these technologies and has more recently prepared a white paper for requirements of remotely utilizing such devices. Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), arbitrated by file and block storage protocols, is a clear choice for this access, but existing RDMA and storage protocol implementations incur latency overheads which impact the performance of the solution. And while raw fabric block protocols can address latency overheads, they do not address data integrity, management and sharing.
This podcast explores the issues, and outlines a pathfinding effort to make small, natural extensions to RDMA and upper layer storage protocols to reduce these latencies to acceptable, minimal levels, while preserving the many advantages of the storage protocols they extend.
White Papers and Articles
Featured Event

Join the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative at Flash Memory Summit 2016 

SNIA and the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) invite SNIA members and colleagues to attend Flash Memory Summit 2016, August 8-11, 2016 at the Santa Clara, CA Convention Center. This conference is a must for those interested in the latest developments in flash and persistent memory.  
SNIA activities include:
  • Aug. 8th, (Room 209-210) - SNIA will feature an Education Afternoon with five SNIA Tutorials on flash storage, combined service infrastructures, VDBench, stored-data encryption, and NVDIMM, followed by a SNIA Solid State Storage Reception at 5:30 pm.
  • Aug. 9th, 8:30 am (Session 102-A) – SNIA SSSI Data Recovery/Erase Special Interest Group members will be featured in a Data Recovery of SSDs panel
  • Aug. 10th, 8:30 am (Forum R-21) - SNIA SSSI hosts a Persistent Memory Forum
  • August 11th at 8:30 am (Session 301-A) - SNIA SSSI NVDIMM SIG hosts a NVDIMM Panel
SNIA members are also speaking at numerous Keynotes, Forums, Sessions, and will be hosting "Beer and Pizza Networking Tables" on Wednesday evening.  SSSI member companies will be featured in booth 820 in Hall B with discussion of a new white paper on SSD Erase and a multi-vendor NVDIMM demonstration. SSSI NVDIMM SIG member companies will also showcase technology in the Solutions Center in Hall C.  SNIA members and colleagues can receive $100 off any conference package by using the code "SNIA16" during registration.  Click here for the full agenda and registration options.

View DSI 2016 General Session Presentations 

If you were unable to attend the Data Storage Innovation Conference (DSI) last month in San Mateo, you can watch six of the general sessions via on-demand webcast. DSI attracted over 300 attendees and featured over 80 sessions spanning 20 themed topics, including cloud storage, hyperconverged, software-defined storage, open source, NVM, Big Data, containers, data protection, file systems, security and more. The rest of the conference presentations will be available to the public in the beginning of August. Stay tuned for that announcement!
Find SNIA at these Events
Flash Memory Summit - Santa Clara, CA – August 9-11, 2016
Intel Developer Forum - San Francisco, CA – August 16-18, 2016
SMI Plugfest - Colorado Springs, CO – August 22-25, 2016
Storage Developer Conference - Santa Clara, CA – September 19-22, 2016
SNIA Data Storage Security Summit - Santa Clara, CA – September 22, 2016
Microsoft Ignite - Atlanta, GA – September 26-30, 2016
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