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Security: Storage Management Q&A

Security is not really a “thing” at all, but rather a sort of condition. You can’t buy three tons of security! This “secure” condition can be said to exist when all the risks an organization faces are managed down to its risk tolerance at some point in time. Learn more in this candid Q&A article with SNIA Security TWG member, Richard Austin.

Invitation: SNIA’s 2016 Annual Members' Meeting — October 13th

SNIA members are cordially invited and encouraged to participate in our Annual All Members' Meeting. Mark your calendar: Thursday, October 13th at 8:00am - 9:00am Pacific Time. Join the SNIA Board, Chairman, Treasurer, and Executive Director as they announce the newly elected Board and Technical Council members, share an update on the organization’s vision, mission, technical and initiative/forum work, financial health, and strategy for the future of SNIA and the storage industry! Join us for this 45-minute update (detailed agenda and call logistics to follow). 
Voting Member Company Representatives are specifically requested to dial–in or arrange for a proxy company representative (quorum required).

Leading Storage Companies Unite Behind SNIA Swordfish

Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft, and Don Deel, SMI Chair, at SNIA Microsoft Ignite booth

Microsoft Ignite provided the perfect venue for SNIA to showcase the broad industry collaboration of the new SNIA Swordfish™ storage management specification. SNIA’s Scalable Storage Management Technical Work Group (SSM TWG) is developing SNIA Swordfish, and its members represent many of the leading companies in the storage industry today, including Broadcom, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Nimble Storage and VMware.
A big proponent of the standard, Jeffrey Snover, technical fellow at Microsoft, visited the Microsoft Ignite SNIA booth. He commented, “Microsoft is an active participant in developing SNIA Swordfish to make sure the most important scenarios for this specification will work well with our products.  Because SNIA Swordfish is an extension of Redfish that will be widely adopted in virtualized environments, vendors will no longer need to produce versions for any one particular operating system.”
Richelle Ahlvers, principal storage management architect at Broadcom, commented on how SNIA Swordfish simplifies storage management and allows OEMs to easily differentiate their products. “SNIA Swordfish defines a RESTful API which provides an extremely scalable storage management platform for file and block storage provisioning, volume mapping and masking, replication, and capacity and health reporting tools.”
To join the storage industry leaders in the continued development of the SNIA Swordfish standard, please email storagemanagement@snia.org.

Featured Video

SNIA Thought Leaders on Storage Trends Changing the Data Center

Which storage technologies and trends are having the greatest impact on the data center? Find out is this new SNIA video.
Featured Podcast
OpenStack Swift On File: User Identity For Cross Protocol Access Demystified
Dean Hildebrand and Sasikanth Eda, IBM  
Swift on File enables the Swift object store hosted over clustered file system to have file as well as object access for the same data. Such multi-protocol access enables various use cases where data can be ingested via object and processed for analytics over file protocols (SMB/NFS/POSIX). In another manifestation, data can be accessed or shared by the user interchangeably via different protocols enabling user data sync-n-share across protocols. For some of these use cases, there is a strong need to have common User Identity management across object and file protocols. Learn more in this podcast.
Upcoming Webcasts

Intro to Containers, Container Storage Challenges and Docker
October 6, 2016
Chad Thibodeau, Veritas
Keith Hudgins, Docker
Alex McDonald, NetApp

Containers are the latest in what are new and innovative ways of packaging, managing and deploying distributed applications. In this Webcast, we’ll introduce the concept of containers, what they are and the advantages they bring illustrated by use cases, why you might want to consider them as an app deployment model, and how they differ from VMs or bare metal deployments. Join us for this discussion which will include an introduction to Docker and key takeaways from DockerCon 2016.

Storage Performance Benchmarking: File Components
October 20, 2016
Ken Cantrell, NetApp
Mark Rogov, EMC
The storage performance benchmarking dynamic duo, Mark Rogov and Ken Cantrell, are back. Having covered storage performance benchmarking fundamentals, system under test, and most recently block components, this fourth installment of the Webcast series will focus on File Components. 

Register now to learn why the File World is different from the Block World.

Clustered File Systems: No Limits
October 25, 2016
John Kim, Mellanox
James Coomer, DDN,
Alex McDonald, NetApp
Today's storage world would appear to have been divided into three major and mutually exclusive categories: block, file and object storage. Much of the marketing that shapes user demand would appear to suggest that these are three quite distinct animals, and many systems are sold as exclusively either SAN for block and NAS for file or object. And object is often conflated with cloud, a consumption model that can in reality be block, file or object. 

But a fixed taxonomy that divides the storage world this way is very limiting, and can be confusing. This Webcast will explore clustered storage solutions that not only provide multiple end users access to shared storage over a network, but allow the storage itself to be distributed and managed over multiple discrete storage systems.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask: Part Mauve
November 1, 2016
Fred Knight, NetApp
John Kim, Mellanox
Chad Hintz, Cisco
Dror Goldenberg, Mellanox
J Metz, Cisco
In this part of the series, “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask,” we’re going to focus on the network aspect of storage systems. 

As with any technical field, it’s too easy to dive into the jargon of the pieces and expect people to know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately, some of the terms may have alternative meanings in other areas of technology. In this Webcast, we look at some of those terms specifically and discuss them as they relate to storage networking systems. 

In particular, you’ll find out what we mean when we talk about:
  • Channel vs. Busses
  • Control Plane vs. Data Plane
  • Fabric vs. Network

Current State of Storage in the Container World

November 17, 2016
Eric Forgette, Nimbus Software
Chad Hintz, Cisco

The first wave of adoption of container technology was focused on micro services and ephemeral workloads. The next wave of adoption won’t be possible without persistent, shared storage. This Webcast will provide an overview of Docker containers and the inherent challenge of persistence when containerizing traditional enterprise applications. We will then examine the different storage solutions available for solving these challenges and provide the pros and cons of each.

Education and Certification

Practice Exam Now Available for SNIA Storage Foundations Certification

For storage professionals interested in obtaining the new SNIA Certified Storage Professional Certification, SNIA has developed a practice exam that will help determine if you have the skill set to pass the Certification exam. The practice exam is free of charge, and is available here.
Other training options for SNIA’s Foundations Certification are available here.

White Papers and Articles
Featured Event

Memcon 2016 

SNIA is pleased to attend Memcon 2016, October 11, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  SNIA will feature their activity in persistent memory with a multi-vendor demonstration of NVDIMM applications and discussion of the NVM Programming Model.  Registration is complimentary at http://www.memcon.com
SDC and DSS 2016 Event Recap

Excitement at SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2016

It's a wrap! SNIA's 18th Storage Developer Conference is now in the books, with 124 general and breakout sessions and amazing networking among 450+ attendees.  Sessions on NVMe over Fabrics won the title of most attended, but Persistent Memory, Object Storage, and Performance were right behind.  SNIA would like to thank the many SDC 2016 sponsors who engaged attendees in exciting technology discussions.
And the buzz continues!  Whether or not your schedule permitted you to attend, SNIA is continuing to make the conference available to you. Check out:

  • Keynote presentations on demand at SNIA's YouTube channel, SNIAVideo
  • SDC presentations now available for download
  • Coming soon: SDC podcasts, which combine audio and slides

Mark your calendars for SDC 2017, September 11-14, 2017 and watch for the Call for Presentations to open in February 2017.

2016 Data Storage Security Summit Keynote Sessions Now Available On-Demand

SNIA’s second annual Data Storage Security Summit focused on the important work SNIA Security and the industry are doing to enhance information assurance and optimize security investments.  Fifteen sessions made for a full day, with plenty of time for networking and discussion on data security in a flash world, deploying encryption and key management, the Apple vs. FBI debate, and storage security conundrums.  All keynotes, including a presentation on the intersection of IoT and Security by Steven Teppler of Abbott Law Group, are available for on-demand viewing, as well as presentation slides of all sessions. Visit the Summit website for details.

Find SNIA at these Events
Memcon 2016 - Santa Clara, CA - October 11, 2016
USENIX LISA ’16 - Boston, MA - December 4-9, 2016
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