September 2017 Issue

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SDC Begins Next Week - Sessions Will Cover Persistent Memory, SDS, Storage Management and much more!

Storage Developer Conference (SDC) begins next Monday in Santa Clara, CA. Sessions will cover NVMe over Fabrics, software defined storage, system and storage management technologies, delve deep into persistent memory, reveal new solid state storage innovations, and much more. Also, don’t forget the value of networking with other expert attendees.  There is still time to register!
 Here is a sample of the presentations you will find at the conference: View the full agenda here. Register today!

Plug, Play and Learn: Storage Resource Management at SDC

Devoted to storage management technology topics, the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) is excited to announce the Storage Resource Management track at SDC 2017 on Thursday September 14th.  Whether you’re looking to “Dip Your Toe in the Water” with a SNIA Swordfish™ introduction, go “Deep Sea Fishing” with a Swordfish Deep-Dive or learn how to “Bait the Hook” and start building Swordfish implementations, there’s a session for you. Other related sessions include an introduction to DMTF’s Redfish®, presentations by WiPro and Microsemi, and a “Swordfish Ask the Experts” panel discussing implementation experiences. If you’re looking to simplify tasks when dealing with systems managed by the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) standard, don’t miss the session on PyWBEM.
You can also maximize your participation at the conference by registering for the SMI-Lab Plugfest, co-located with SDC Sept. 11-14. This event is open to any vendor who has a Swordfish or Redfish implementation and wants to perform interoperability testing in a vendor-neutral environment. Details on registration here.

Invitation: SNIA’s 2017 Annual Members' Meeting — October 12th

SNIA members are cordially invited and encouraged to participate in our Annual All Members' Meeting. Mark your calendar: Thursday, October 12th at 8:00am - 9:00am Pacific Time. Join the SNIA Board, Chairman, Treasurer, and Executive Director as they announce the newly elected Board and Technical Council members. They will share an update on the organization’s technical and Initiative/Forum work, financial status, and strategy for the future of SNIA and the storage industry! Voting Member Company Representatives are specifically requested to join this call. Add to your calendar.

iSCSI, iSER, and NVMe over Fabrics Compared: Ecosystem, Interoperability, Performance and Use Cases

iSCSI is one of the most broadly supported storage protocols, but traditionally has not been associated with the highest performance. Newer protocols like iSER and NVMe over Fabrics promise extreme performance but are still maturing and lack the broad feature and platform support of iSCSI. Read this SNIA Ethernet Storage blog to learn about tradeoffs and options when evaluating how to achieve the highest block storage performance on Ethernet networks, while preserving the major software and hardware investment in iSCSI.
Upcoming Webcasts

Understanding Real World Storage Workloads
September 19, 2017
Eden Kim, Calypso Systems
Alex McDonald, NetApp
Come hear what Real World Storage Workloads are and why they are so important to Datacenter server performance. See SNIA SSSI Reference IO Captures on that are being used to develop new SNIA Technical Specifications.
After an overview of RWSWs and their key metrics, see an analysis of a 2,000 Outlet Retail Web Portal 24-Hr SQL Server workload. The same SQL Server workload is then used to test four Datacenter SSDs and a SAS HDD.
Cloud Object Storage and the Use of Gateways
September 26, 2017
Dan Albright, IBM
Alex McDonald, NetApp
The use of cloud object storage is ramping up sharply, especially in the public cloud where its simplicity can significantly reduce capital budgets and operating expenses. And while it makes good economic sense, enterprises are challenged with legacy applications that do not support standard protocols to move data to and from the cloud.
Object storage is a secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective means of managing the explosive growth of unstructured data enterprises generate every day. Enterprises have developed data strategies specific to the public cloud, improved data protection, long term archive, application development, DevOps, big data analytics and cognitive artificial intelligence to name a few. This webcast will highlight the market trends toward the adoption of object storage and the use of gateways to execute a cloud strategy, the benefits of object storage when gateways are deployed, and the use cases that are best suited to leverage this solution. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask - Cyan: Storage Management
September 28, 2017
Richelle Ahlvers, Broadcom
Mark Rogov, Dell EMC
Alex McDonald, NetApp
J Metz, Cisco
The goal of the “The Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask” webcast series has been to break down some of the components of storage and explain how they fit into the greater whole.
In this 8th installment we’re going to peer inside the world of storage management, uncovering some of the key technologies that are used to manage devices, storage traffic, and storage architectures. In particular, we’ll be discussing:
  • SNMP – The granddaddy of management protocols
  • SMI-S – The bread-and-butter of vendor-neutral storage management
  • SNIA Swordfish – The new storage management solution gaining widespread momentum
  • Software-Defined Storage – the catch-all term for storage that includes architectures and management
Transactional Models & Their Storage Requirements
October 31, 2017
Alex McDonald, NetApp
J Metz, Cisco
We’re all accustomed to transferring money from one bank account to another; a credit to the payer becomes a debit to the payee. But that model uses a specific set of sophisticated techniques to accomplish what appears to be a simple transaction. We’re also aware of how today we can order goods online, or reserve an airline seat over the Internet. Or even simpler, we can update a photograph on Facebook. Can these applications use the same models, or are new techniques required?
In this webcast, we’ll explore concepts like consistency, idempotency, 2 phase commit, and systems built on ACID databases stored on CRUD storage, and why now in the age of distributed systems we need to update our thinking to include eventual consistency, understand new theories such as the CAP Theorem and RESTfulness, and undertake transactional work in the face of unreliable and physically dispersed systems. We’ll then explain how all this can be accomplished with new application techniques built on modern storage systems. And yes, we’ll explain all the acronyms and nomenclature too.
Featured Video

The Internet of Things and Cloud Security

by Mark Carlson, Board Advisor, Technical Council Co-Chairman
Mark Carlson Interview on the Internet of Things and Cloud Security
Featured Podcast

Low Latency Remote Storage: A Full-stack View 
Tom Talpey, Architect, Microsoft

New Members
SNIA welcomes the following new members:
Everspin Technologies
SNIA membership continues to grow. See the full list of SNIA members here.
Featured Events

SNIA Ignites Orlando

If you haven’t attended a Microsoft Ignite conference before, you should make plans now for a trip to Orlando, September 25-29. This annual event with over 1,000 hours of content always sells out and draws over 20,000 attendees. Microsoft is a leading supporter of the SNIA SMI-S storage management standard for use in Windows Server and Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft has also had a key role in the development of the SNIA Swordfish™ storage management specification. SNIA has played an important role for one of the most significant changes in computer architecture – Persistent Memory. SNIA and its ecosystem are driving system memory and storage into a single, unified “persistent memory” entity. Microsoft is now supporting Persistent Memory in Windows Server 2016.  Stop by SNIA booth 1250 to see our latest demonstrations and get your questions answered.

Find SNIA at these Events
Cloud Plugfest at SDC – Santa Clara, CA – September 11-13, 2017
Storage Developer Conference – Santa Clara, CA – September 11-14, 2017
Storage Field Day Exclusive at SDC – Santa Clara, CA – September 14, 2017
SNIA Annual Members' Meeting – Teleconference/WebEx - October 12, 2017
SDxE – Austin, TX – September 25-27, 2017
Microsoft Ignite – Orlando, FL – September 26-29, 2017
Storage Visions – Milpitas, CA – October 16, 2017
In-Memory Computing – San Francisco, CA – October 27-28, 2017
LISA17 - San Francisco, CA - October 29-November 3, 2017
Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany – November 23-24, 2017
Cloud Expo Europe Paris – Paris, France – November 29-30, 2017
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