February 2018 Issue

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Cloud Storage Infographic

SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) supports a technology that has fundamentally changed enterprise computing. Check out this new Cloud Storage Infographic to see the impact of cloud storage trends and the activities CSI members participate in to drive cloud storage standards as well as educate and promote interoperability of data stored in the cloud.

Free SNIA Swordfish Developer Resources

Continuing its ongoing commitment to provide resources for IT administrators and DevOps engineers, SNIA’s Scalable Storage Management Technical Working Group has published the latest addition to its playlist of “Swordfish School” mini-tutorials on SNIAVideo. The newly posted "SNIA Swordfish Storage Pools and Classes of Service” was recorded by Doug Voigt, Distinguished Technologist, HPE. Be sure to subscribe to “catch” every new Swordfish School video.
The SNIA Swordfish storage management interface is being developed by over 20 storage vendors including some of the largest in the industry. If you’re looking to integrate an API that can accomplish a broad range of storage management tasks from the simple to the advanced, we encourage you to explore additional resources at www.snia.org/swordfish.

2018 SNIA Persistent Memory Summit a Success – Session Downloads Available

SNIA’s 6th annual Persistent Memory Summit delivered a wide-ranging, superb 13-topic agenda.  Now you can access both videos of the live sessions and the accompanying presentations. You won’t want to miss speakers and topics including: Thanks to our sponsors Intel, SNIA NVDIMM SIG, SMART Modular, AgigA Tech, Netlist, Open Fabrics Alliance, and Viking Technology who demonstrated persistent memory solutions available today. Enjoy the videos and check out our blog for more details.

SNIA Member Recognition Honorees Announced

We would like to congratulate the 2017 honorees of the SNIA Member Recognition Program announced at the Annual Members’ Symposium reception in San Jose on January 24th. The awards are an expression of our gratitude for their commitment and many contributions to SNIA. See the full list of individuals and groups that were honored here.

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New Persistent Memory Focus for SNIA Special Interest Group

The SNIA NVDIMM SIG, currently at 10+ member companies, and recently awarded best of show at Flash Memory Summit 2017 for their work on the JEDEC NVDIMM-N standards, announces a name change to the SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM SIG.  Their revised charter focuses on accelerating the awareness and adoption of Persistent Memories and NVDIMMs for competing architectures.  The Persistent Memory and NVDIMM SIG will:
  • Educate on the types, benefits, value, and integration of Persistent Memories
  • Communicate usage of the NVM Programming Model developed to simplify system integration of current and future PM technologies
  • Influence and collaborate with middleware and application vendors to support Persistent Memories
  • Develop user perspective case studies, best practices, and vertical industry requirements
  • Coordinate with industry standards groups and promote industry standards related to PM and NVDIMM
  • Synchronize and communicate a common Persistent Memory taxonomy
Companies with interest and activity in persistent memory are welcome and encouraged to learn more about the work of the SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM SIG, which includes planning for the annual SNIA Persistent Memory Summit and the Persistent Memory Forum at Flash Memory Summit, as well as work on industry standards and speaking and demonstration opportunities at 10+ industry conferences each year.  Contact nvdimm-chair@snia.org for more information and visit snia.org/pm.

The Great Debates: New Webcast Series

The SNIA ESF is announcing a new webcast series, following our hugely successful “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask” webcasts. That series focussed on explaining storage technology from the ground up, and while they were pretty all encompassing in their coverage of storage technology, they didn’t compare or contrast similar technologies that perform broadly similar functions.
That’s what we’re going to do in our new “Great Debates.” This series isn’t about winners and losers; it’s about providing essential compare and contrast information between similar technologies. We won’t settle any disputes as to which is better – but we will debate the arguments, point out advantages and disadvantages, and make the case for specific use cases. Learn more about the upcoming "Great Debate" topics.
Featured Video

Persistent Memory Programming: The Current State and Future Direction

Persistent Memory Programming: The Current State and Future Direction
By Andy Rudoff, Member, SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group and Persistent Memory SW Architect, Intel Corporation
Featured Podcast
Getting it Right: Testing Storage Arrays The Way They’ll be Used
by Peter Murray, Principal Systems Engineer, Virtual Instruments
Upcoming Webcasts

Storage Performance Benchmarking: Workloads
February 14, 2018
Mark Rogov, Dell EMC, Chris Conniff, Dell EMC, Tim Lustig, Mellanox
Benchmarking storage performance is both an art and a science. In this 5th installment of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum’s “Storage Performance Benchmarking” series, our experts take on optimizing performance for various workloads. Attendees will gain an understanding of workload profiles and their characteristics for common Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications and learn how to identify application workloads based on I/O profiles to better understand the implications on storage architectures and design patterns. This webcast will cover:

  • An introduction to benchmarking storage performance of workloads
  • Workload characteristics
  • Common workloads (OLTP, OLAP, VMware, etc.)
  • Graph fun!
Customer Support through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
February 22, 2018
Robin Marcenac, IBM, Ross Ackerman, NetApp, Alex McDonald, NetApp
When IBM Watson premiered on “Jeopardy!” viewers were mesmerized by Watson’s ability to answer the quiz show’s questions and most times, beat the human contestants! Fast-forward to today and the real-world applications extend well beyond playing trivia games.  NetApp is now using Watson as part of Elio, a virtual support assistant that responds to queries in natural language. It’s a fascinating application of artificial intelligence using Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to analyze unstructured data.  In this webcast you’ll learn:
  • The challenges of utilizing large quantities of valuable yet unstructured data
  • How Watson and Elio continuously learn as more data arrives, and navigates an ever growing volume of technical information
  • How Watson understands customer language and provides understandable responses
  • How these new technologies are changing the way we look at and interact with large volumes of traditionally hard-to-analyze data
Featured Events

Container World 2018

SNIA is pleased to participate in Container World 2018 in Santa Clara CA.  Arthur Sainio of the SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM SIG will present a session on “Containers and Persistent Memory” and the SIG will be showcasing a JEDEC-compliant NVDIMM-N performance benchmark demonstration of a 16GB DDR4-2666 NVDIMM-N vs. an NVMe SSD.  Register here.  

Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW18)

SNIA will be at this year’s Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW18) at UC San Diego.  The SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM Special Interest Group will showcase a multi-vendor NVDIMM-N demonstration and present on “Persistent Memory and the SNIA Non Volatile Memory Programming Model.”  Early registration is open until February 28th. 
Find SNIA at these Events
FAST’18 – Oakland, CA – February 12-15, 2018
Container World - Container World – Santa Clara, CA – February 26-28, 2018
SDC EMEA – Tel Aviv, Israel – February 27, 2018
Non-Volatile Memories Workshop – San Diego, CA – March 11-13, 2018
OpenFabrics Alliance Workshop – Boulder, CO - April 9-13, 2018
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