May 2016 Issue

Hot News

SNIA Takes Another Big Step with Open Source Developers

This past April, the SNIA Board of Directors adopted a new Contributors License Agreement (CLA) for non-SNIA members working with SNIA Software developed by a SNIA TWG (Technical Work Group).  
The SNIA CLA Open Source task force reviewed the merits and shortfalls of the current SNIA work-in-progress public review process and the SNIA feedback-portal – best suited for technical specifications, but not for software being continuously tested, expanded, and debugged.  After reviewing the options of adopting an industry CLA from a familiar open-source project, the task force identified the best path forward was to have a SNIA-specific CLA whereby SNIA members and non-members’ collaboration is compatible with the SNIA Members IP Policy.  Non-SNIA members will electronically sign the SNIA CLA for inbound (to SNIA) contributions. SNIA IP Policy already covers SNIA member contributions as part of TWG participation.
Now with the SNIA CLA, coupled with the enablement that SNIA Software can be posted in public repositories, a TWG has the option to leverage developer communities such as Github with the convenience of a CLA (sign one, contribute many) for non-SNIA members.  SNIA TWG leadership will continue to review/approve/accept SNIA member and non-member contributions for the Software build.  Non-member contributions would be submitted to the SNIA Software project instead of through the SNIA Feedback Portal when a CLA is signed. Visit SNIA open source to learn more about the work that is underway.
SNIA Technical Council Managing Director, Arnold Jones, and the Technical Council are updating the SNIA website with a CLA web form for non-members. If there are any questions, please email Arnold Jones. A static copy of the SNIA CLA V1.0 can be found here.

Sneak Preview: SNIA’s Data Storage Innovation Conference

SNIA’s Data Storage Innovation Conference (DSI) in San Mateo, CA, June 13-15 is quickly approaching. Designed for IT professionals interested in the latest data storage trends and technologies, the DSI 2016 agenda features over 80 sessions spanning 20 themed topics. Topics include cloud storage, hyperconverged, software-defined storage, open source, NVM, Big Data, containers, data protection, file systems, security and more.
Watch this on-demand Webcast for a sneak preview of the conference. It features an interactive discussion with the subject matter experts who have organized the conference.

Raise Your Company’s Profile - Become a SNIA Technology Center Champion

Would your company like to be a SNIA Technology Center Champion? Technology Center Champions are technology leaders who donate or loan products and services for SNIA programs to the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  Technology companies that contribute new or late model equipment and services to the SNIA are given a variety of promotional opportunities, priority access to SNIA-sponsored events, plus brand visibility to the hundreds of visitors to the Technology Center each year.
Help SNIA keep pace with growing educational program and technology demands for security, availability and access to services by considering a loan or donation. All contributions make a difference in the quality of services offered by SNIA, which in turn, help deliver greater value to its members.
To learn more about this program, its benefits, and the equipment needed, click here.

SNIA Chairman Keynote Speaker at Data Storage Expo in Tokyo

SNIA Chairman, David Dale, will deliver a keynote at the Data Storage Expo & Conference in Tokyo, Japan on “2016 IT Trends and the Impact on Data Storage.”

Mr. Dale’s presentation will address the profound changes affecting today’s information technology ecosystem, providing a framework for understanding how these changes are affecting IT architectures, data management and storage solutions.  He will explain the current and future technologies and deployment trends in the data center and the cloud, as well as the role industry standards associations, such as SNIA, have on these trends.

Speaking Opportunity

Speak at Storage Developer Conference 2016 – Deadline May 5th

The 2016 Storage Developer Conference (SDC) will take place in Santa Clara, CA on September 19-22, 2016. SDC is now seeking storage development professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience by submitting a presentation proposal. The deadline is May 5th!
Download the 2015 SDC presentations to gain an understanding of the type of content presented at SDC. You can also view recordings of some of the sessions here.
Upcoming Webcasts

Evolution of iSCSI including iSER, iSCSI over RDMA Ethernet
May 24, 2016
Fred Knight, Principal Standards Technologist, NetApp
Andy Banta, Storage Janitor, NetApp
David Fair, Chair, SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum, Intel
iSCSI is an Internet Protocol standard for transferring SCSI commands across an Ethernet network, enabling hosts to link to storage devices wherever they may be.  In this Webcast, we will discuss the evolution of iSCSI including iSER, which is iSCSI technology that takes advantage of various RDMA fabric technologies to enhance performance. 
Architectural Principles for Networked Solid State Storage Access
June 2, 2016
Doug Voigt, Chair, SNIA NVM Programming TWG, HPE
J Metz, SNIA Board, Cisco
There are many permutations of technologies, interconnects and application level approaches in play with solid state storage today. It is becoming increasingly difficult to reason clearly about which problems are best solved by various permutations of these.  In this Webcast, Doug Voigt, chair of the SNIA NVM Programming model will outline key architectural principals that may allow us to think about the application of networked solid state technologies more systematically.
Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges
July 19, 2016
Udayan Singh, Head Tata Conultancy
Mark Carlson, Cloud Storage Co-Chair, Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair

Cloud storage has transformed the storage industry, however interoperability challenges that were overlooked during the initial stages of growth are now emerging as front and center issues. Join this Webcast to learn the major challenges that businesses leveraging services from multiple cloud providers or moving from one cloud provider to another face.

Education and Certification

Training for the SNIA Storage Foundations Exam (S10-110)

SNIA is taking training classes “on the road” to make storage certification training even easier for you to attain. Upcoming training sessions will be held at:

June 16-17, San Mateo, CA (2-day class)
July 25-29, Portland, OR (4 ½ day class)

For more information about the instructor-led training, please visit here.

Practice Exam Now Available for SNIA Storage Foundations Certification

For storage professionals interested in obtaining the new SNIA Certified Storage Professional Certification, SNIA has developed a practice exam that will help determine if you have the skill set to pass the Certification exam. The practice exam is free of charge, and is available here
Other training options for SNIA’s Foundations Certification are available here.

Featured Podcast
The NVDIMM Cookbook: A Soup-to-Nuts Primer on Using NVDIMMs to Improve Your Storage Performanceby Jeff Chang, VP Marketing and Business Development, AgigA Tech; Arthur Sainio, Senior Director Marketing, Smart Modular
Non-Volatile DIMMs, or NVDIMMs, have emerged as a go-to technology for boosting performance for next generation storage platforms. The standardization efforts around NVDIMMs have paved the way to simple, plug-n-play adoption. If you're a storage developer who hasn't yet realized the benefits of NVDIMMs in your products, then this session is for you! We will walk you through a soup-to-nuts description of integrating NVDIMMs into your system, from hardware to BIOS to application software. The Podcast can be downloaded at iTunes. Download a copy of the original presentation slides as well.
Member Update

SNIA Adds New Membership Class – Technology Affiliate

This past April, SNIA voting membership and the SNIA Board of Directors approved a new class of membership -Technology Affiliate. The Technology Affiliate is a hybrid of both a TWG (technical work group) and a Forum/Initiative/Committee (F/I/C). 
The Technology Affiliate:
  • Has a TWG Charter, technical deliverables, overseen by the SNIA Technical Council
  • Has an Initiative business and governance model with paying members-only entitlements for participation, contributions, and voting
  • Must follow SNIA core policies for Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Intellectual Property (IP) 
  • Has no requirement to be a SNIA Member in order to be a SNIA Technology Affiliate TWG member
The Technology Affiliate class of member is best suited as follows:
  • Existing open industry communities with a single charter/technical work activity where business model requires revenue/dues to sustain a technical deliverable and flexible policies, e.g. specification, software build
  • Vendor ecosystem for a technical deliverable needing to progress to an open industry community
  • Community/ecosystem membership may not require the full SNIA base membership of entitlements, may have inflexible/inexpensive business model
More details can be found in the updated SNIA Bylaws and the approved Policies and Procedures. If you have questions about Technology Affiliate membership, or if you participate in a technical ecosystem looking to transition to a new organization structure or lead a vendor ecosystem looking to transition to an open industry collaborative effort, please contact Michael Oros.
Featured Event

SNIA to Participate at In-Memory Computing Summit  

SNIA welcomes members and colleagues to the second annual In-Memory Computing Summit, May 23-24, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.  This conference, tailored to in-memory computing related technologies and solutions, offers multiple sessions that bring together visionaries, decision makers, experts and developers for the purpose of education, discussion, and networking.  The full conference schedule is now available, featuring a SNIA keynote on persistent memory and NVDIMM demonstrations in the SNIA booth. For more information or to register, visit the conference website. Use discount code SNIA20 for a 20% discount on conference registration.

Persistent Memory Featured at Open Server Summit  

April's Open Server Summit brought thought leaders together for two days of keynotes, sessions, and a demonstration showcase on converged server-storage-networking infrastructures and open specifications shaping the data center.  Highlights included SNIA board member Rob Peglar of Micron Technology delivering a keynote on new persistent memory directions that create new approaches for system architects, and SNIA's Solid State Storage Initiative sponsored a panel on Providing Storage at Memory Speed Using NVDIMMs, where panelists reviewed how NVDIMMs operate in new interest areas for persistent memory like databases, Web 2.0, analytics, OLTP, and video and image processing.  Download presentations and learn more about persistent memory at the SNIA SSSI blog.  
Find SNIA at these Events
Interop – Las Vegas, NV – May 2-6, 2016
SNIA Academy - Dubai – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 11, 2016
Data Storage Expo – Toyko, Japan – May 11-13, 2016
In-Memory Computing Summit – San Francisco, CA - May 23-24, 2016
SMI-Lab Plugfest – Colorado Springs, CO – May 23-26, 2016
Storage Developer Conference India – Bangalore, India – May 26-27, 2016
Data Storage Innovation Conference – San Mateo, CA - June 13-15, 2016
Flash Forward – London, England - June 14, 2016
IDM – London, England – June 22, 2016
Creative Storage Conference – Culver City, CA – June 23, 2106
Flash Memory Summit – Santa Clara, CA – August 9-11, 2016
Storage Developer Conference – Santa Clara, CA – September 19-22, 2016
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