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SNIA develops standards that enable cross-vendor management interoperability for the storage industry, and these standards can help open source projects interoperate with more industry storage solutions. SNIA wants to work collaboratively with the open source community to obtain feedback and new requirements to help improve its standards.

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Interested in participating in SNIA’s Open Source technical work? If yes, please send an email to Arnold Jones, Technical Council Managing Director.


SNIA @ Software Defined Infrastructure Summit
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
1:00- 1:30pm Working with OpenStack
Keynote: Fireside Chat with Alex McDonald, Chair SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative

SNIA’s Open Source Presentations:

SNIA’s Open Source Webcasts on Demand:

OpenStack File Services for High Performance Computing (September 2015)  How can OpenStack consume and control file services appropriate for High Performance Computing (HPC) in a cloud and multi-tenanted environment? Find out in this Webcast that examines two approaches to integration.  One approach is to have OpenStack manage the storage infrastructure services using Cinder, Nova and Neutron to provide HPC File system as a Service. The second option uses Manila file services for OpenStack to control the HPC File system deployment and manage the exports etc. During this part of the discussion, we also look at the creation (in progress) of the Lustre Manila driver and the current progress on it.  Download a PDF of the Webcast slides.

Swift, S3 or CDMI - Why Choose? (May 2015)  When customers ask for support of a given API, can a vendor survive if they ignore these requests? A strategy many vendors are taking is to support multiple APIs with a single implementation. Besides the Swift API, many support the S3 defacto and CDMI standard APIs in their implementation. In this Webcast you'll learn:  What is needed for these APIs to co-exist in an implementation?  Basic operations are nearly identical between APIs, but what about semantics that have multiple different expressions such as metadata?  Best practices and tips to implementing multiple protocols in your cloud storage solution  Download a PDF of the Webcast slides.

OpenStack Manila (January 2015)  Manila is the OpenStack file share service that is now an officially incubated OpenStack program. Manila provides the management of file shares (for example, NFS and CIFS) as a core service to OpenStack. Watch this Webcast to hear:

  • Manila Overview
  • Key Manila Concepts
  • Architecture of Manila and its API structure
  • Vendor implementations: EMC, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, Red Hat and more
  • Manila roadmap & futures

Download a PDF of the Webcast slides.

OpenStack Cloud Storage (January 2015)  OpenStack is maturing quickly and is the basis of multiple public and private cloud offerings. This Webcast discusses:  

  • Storage aspects of OpenStack including the core projects for block storage (Cinder) and object storage (Swift)
  • Emerging shared file service
  • Common configurations and use cases for these technologies
  • OpenStack Juno – new capabilities
  • Swift futures – Policies, Erasure Codes
  • New developments that enable advanced array features, QoS, new storage fabrics, and new types of drives

Download a PDF of the Webcast slides