April 2017 Issue

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Hot News

Hyperscaler Storage Takes Front Stage

Last month, Mark Carlson, SNIA Technical Council Co-Chair, spoke on Hyperscaler storage before a panel of independent bloggers, speakers and other social media tech influencers at Storage Field Day #SFD12.
The session generated a lot of interesting discussions among the delegate panel and created a buzz on social media. Check out Mark’s presentation on YouTube to learn more about this disruptive trend and hear how the industry can respond to the technical requirements to promote adoption and standards for Hyperscaler storage.

Learn more about all the work SNIA is doing on Hyperscaler storage and find out how you can get involved.

Congratulations to Inspur for SMI-S Conformance

Congratulations to Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co. for successfully completing the SNIA 1.6.1 Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) conformance test for its “Inspur Active Storage” line of storage management products.
“This is Inspur’s first entry for testing and we are glad to have them aboard as a new SMI-S participant,” said James Rigger, Conformance Testing Programs Manager, SNIA. “Storage developers participating in this test can ensure their customers benefit from reduced cost of ownership, improved interoperability, and protection from vendor lock-in.”
SNIA’s SMI-S CTP (Conformance Testing Program) allows manufacturers to test their products with a SNIA developed, vendor-neutral test suite to validate conformance to the SMI-S storage management specification. This newest 1.6.1 test suite, used by Inspur, contains testing for the SNIA’s Transport Layer Security (TLS) specification proving that they meet SNIA’s stringent security requirements for storage management. SNIA posts the official results on the SNIA website so that companies may demonstrate conformance to their customers and use the site as a promotional tool. Check out the list of conforming provider companies here.
Education and Certification

CIO Gives SNIA Certification A Top Ranking

CIO has ranked SNIA certifications among the “Top 7 Storage Certifications for IT Pros,” stating that those who earn SNIA certifications  “…join an elite group of storage networking professionals at the top of their games.”
Exams are now offered at more than 900 Kryterion testing centers. Learn how you can take part in the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program.  

SDC Speaking Opportunity
Speaking at Storage Developer Conference (SDC) offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure for the work you are doing. The SDC audience of storage development experts can provide invaluable feedback on your solutions. Take advantage of this opportunity and share your knowledge and experience by submitting a presentation proposal for consideration at SDC 2017.
We are looking for presentations on a wide range of storage development topics. Each session will be 50 minutes in length. We are also seeking for proposals for tutorials and panel discussions. View details on topics, deadlines and submission process here. The deadline for speaking proposals is May 11, 2017.
See what past presenters have said about their SDC speaking experience:
 “Speaking at SDC benefited me personally by facilitating connections with folks that will enhance my value to my company and advance my career.”
“SDC brings together a unique crowd. It is an opportunity to receive feedback from the folks who really know what they are talking about.”
Upcoming Webcasts

Rockin’ and Rollin’ with SMB3
April 5, 2017
Ned Pyle, Microsoft
John Kim, Mellanox
Server Message Block (SMB) is the core file-transfer protocol of Windows, MacOS and Samba, and has become widely deployed. The latest iteration of SMB3 is almost unrecognizable when compared to versions only a few years old. Extensive reengineering has led to advanced capabilities that include multichannel, transparent failover, scale out, and encryption. SMB Direct makes use of RDMA networking, creates block transport system and provides reliable transport to zetabytes of unstructured data worldwide.  Hear Microsoft’s Ned Pyle, Program Manager of the SMB protocol, discuss the current state of SMB.
Architectural Principles for Networked Solid State Storage Access - Part 2
April 19, 2017
Doug Voigt, HPE
J Metz, Cisco
New solid state storage technologies are forcing the industry to refine distinctions between networks and other types of system interconnects. The question on everyone’s mind is, when is it beneficial to use networks to access solid state storage, particularly persistent memory? The answer to this question involves application, interconnect, memory technology and scalability factors that can be analyzed in the context of a latency budget. This webcast will explore latency budgets for various types of solid state storage access. These can be used to determine which combinations of interconnects, technologies and scales are compatible with Load/Store instruction access and which are better suited to IO completion techniques such as polling or blocking.
Need a foundation on this topic? Check out Part 1 of this webcast series, “Architectural Principles for Networked Solid State Storage Access.”
IP-Based Object Drives Now Have a Management Standard
April 20, 2017
Erik Riedel, Dell EMC
Enrico Signoretti, OpenIO
David Slik, NetApp
Alex McDonald, NetApp
The growing popularity of object-based storage has resulted in the development of Ethernet-connected storage devices, herein referred to as IP-Based Drives and subsystems supporting object interfaces and in some cases the ability to run localized applications. Typical scale-out storage nodes consist of relatively inexpensive enclosures with IP network connectivity, CPU, Memory and Direct Attached Storage (DAS). While inexpensive to deploy, these solutions become harder to manage over time. To ease management of these drives, SNIA has approved the release of the IP-Based Drive Management Specification. In this webcast, you’ll hear from authors of the specification who’ll discuss how this standard allows drive management to scale to data centers and beyond, enabling automation and software defined data centers.
How Many IOPS? Users Share Their 2017 Storage Performance Needs
May 3, 2107
Jim Handy, Objective Analysis
Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
Modern storage systems offer a dizzying range of IOPS (from hundreds to millions), as well as different latencies and storage capacities. Many IT managers find it difficult to determine which SSD or flash array to buy for their needs, or even whether they can get the speed they need from standard HDDs. This webcast will present results from a 2012 and follow-up 2016 survey of IT professionals to understand performance, capacity, and cost requirements, including IOPS, storage capacity, and latency, of various applications.
Everything You Wanted to Know about Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask: Getting from Here to There - Sepia Pod
May 9, 2017
Chad Hintz, Cisco
Fred Zhang, Intel
John Kim, Mellanox
Alex McDonald, NetApp
The Everything You Wanted to Know about Storage But Were Too Proud to Ask series continues! This webcast will take a look at some of the terms and concepts that affect Storage Architectures as a whole. In particular, we’ll be looking at those aspects that can help or hinder storage systems inside the network: Encapsulation vs. Tunneling, IOPS vs. Latency vs. Jitter, and Quality of Service, as each of these topics has a profound impact on storage designs and performance, but they are often misunderstood.

Featured Podcast

SPDK - Building Blocks for Scalable, High Performance Storage Application 
By Benjamin Walker, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

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