Hyperscaler Storage

Enterprise hyperscaled storage is one of the more recent storage trends SNIA is focusing on to advance storage and enable the future of IT. SNIA’s research indicates that large enterprises, in addition to utilizing cloud storage, are adopting methods from Hyperscalers such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft Azure to build their own storage systems using software defined storage (SDS) and best-in-class commodity components, assembled in racks.

SNIA has identified several issues that could be addressed with new features on the storage components used in hyperscaled environments and is working on existing standards and proposed changes to standards to address hyperscaled storage challenges. Through SNIA-based open source efforts and standards coordination, it is hoped that the storage industry can be more agile in responding to identified requirements with future updates and new standards where needed.

The resources below discuss the work SNIA is doing in hyperscaled storage and highlight how large enterprises today are building their own hyperscaled storage.


Storage Field Day: Hyperscaler Storage Development with Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson, Co-Chair SNIA Technical Council, reviews the state of hyperscaler storage, and how the organization can better address this disruptive trend. These hyperscale organizations are building their own storage arrays, rather than going to traditional storage vendors. By some measure, half of all bytes shipped go to hyperscalers. For more information on Storage Field Day click here.