July 2020 Issue

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Hot News

Dr. J Metz New SNIA Board Chair

SNIA has announced the appointment of Dr. J Metz to serve as Interim Chair of the SNIA Board of Directors.  Dr. Metz succeeds David Dale, who is retiring from NetApp and stepped down from his role as SNIA Board Chair, after serving in that leadership role for the past seven years. This appointment is effective June 25, 2020 through SNIA’s Annual Members’ Meeting in October 2020, when annual officer elections will be held.
“On behalf of the entire SNIA Organization and the Storage Industry, we would like to thank David for his leadership, steadfast dedication, and commitment as the Board Chair and an active SNIA Board member for the past 13 years,” said Michael Oros, SNIA Executive Director. “We look forward with optimism and excitement to J’s leadership in the important work that’s underway and the new projects recently undertaken by SNIA in several areas.”
“The SNIA organization is stronger than ever,” said Metz, “and this is due in no small part to David Dale’s excellent leadership. I feel honored and privileged to accept the responsibility of carrying the banner forward. This is a very exciting time for SNIA as we explore new technology standards for the emerging storage and memory technologies to help transform the industry.” 
Read the full announcement here

Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification v1.0.1 Published

The popularity of NVMe and NVMe-oF™ storage has resulted in the development of Ethernet-connected storage devices (Native NVMe-oF Drives) and subsystems supporting this standard interface. This document specifies the interfaces to these devices and includes a taxonomy covering the scope of involved device capabilities. 
Download the specification here

SNIA Releases V4.0 SNIA Emerald Specification and Encourages Participation in Events

Version 4.0 of the SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification is now available. The new version reflects evolving storage architectures with changes to the Storage Taxonomy to explicitly address storage systems based on Solid State Storage devices. Additionally, there are minor modifications to the COM testing requirements, to the I/O intensity during the data migration phase of Block Access testing, and to the test results reporting requirements. 
On September 16, 2020, SNIA and EPA will hold an industry stakeholder teleconference to discuss the timelines for EPA Energy Star Data Center Storage Specification V2.0 roll-out, as it cross-references SNIA Emerald V4.0 taxonomy and test methods, replacing EPA DCS V1.1. Get teleconference details here.
SNIA Emerald Resources: Email emerald@snia.org to receive upcoming SNIA Emerald announcements for training and support.

SNIA Swordfishv1.2.0 Supports NVMe and NVMe-oF

SNIA Swordfish v1.2.0 is now a SNIA Working Draft, available for your review here. This version of the specification includes concepts and improvements to the Redfish® and Swordfish models and schema to support the management of NVMe and NVMe-oF devices and systems.

The Swordfish mockups site has also been updated, including NVMe configurations. You can use this site to "test drive" a set of static, example Swordfish systems and learn how Swordfish is constructed. To learn more about Swordfish visit http://www.snia.org/swordfish.

Persistent Memory State of the Union

We’re curating some of our most popular videos into playlists you can watch for vendor-neutral education on a wide range of storage topics. We think they will bring a little variety to your weekend, but you can watch them during the week too! Interested in an update on persistent memory? In this playlist you’ll get an entertaining international perspective on what persistent memory is (and isn’t), how the technology has progressed, and what the future holds.
View the playlist here

New Infographic: SNIA Storage Management Initiative Programs

SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative (SMI) promotes storage management standards and provides vendor-neutral education for storage, networking and end user communities.

There are several SMI programs that work together to provide members with maximum value. By accelerating technology development, the conformance testing of products, outbound marketing, education and training, the initiative makes storage standards work.

You can learn more about the SMI on SNIA’s website, but to make things easier to digest, there’s a new infographic, which you can find here.
View the new infographic here
New Technical Work Groups

Blockchain Storage Technical Work Group

The Blockchain Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) has been created for the purpose of establishing architectures, software and standards that enable specific features for blockchain storage devices. Blockchain Storage is a new application for storage technology, which may help address security threats, encourage adoption and expand storage application. This technology has been widely adopted in open source applications for storage interoperability and testing.
The Blockchain Storage TWG will work on understanding the existing technical solutions and best practices with a focus on utilizing aspects of Proof of Capacity and Proof of Space protocols to address storage bottlenecks.
Interested in getting involved? Join the founding members from Dell EMC, IBM, Marvell, Western Digital, ActionSpot and Bankex by sending an email to membership@snia.org.

Smart Data Accelerator Interface (SDXI) Technical Work Group

SDXI is a proposed standard for a memory to memory Data Mover interface.  Software-based memory-to-memory data movement is common, but takes valuable cycles away from application performance. At the same time, offload DMA engines are vendor-specific and may lack capabilities around virtualization and user-space access.
The SDXI Technical Work Group (TWG) will develop and standardize an extensible, forward-compatible memory-to-memory data mover interface that is independent of actual data mover implementations and underlying I/O interconnect technology. As new memory technologies get adopted and memory fabrics expand the use of tiered memory, data memory and its uses will increase.
The SDXI TWG will work with other SNIA Technical Work Groups such as the Persistent Memory TWG and the Computational Storage TWG to leverage the data mover technology. Email membership@snia.org if you are interested in learning more or joining this group. 
Featured Video

Linux Access to the Cloud and NAS Reborn: Recent Progress in SMB3.1.1

By Steve French, Principal Software Engineer, Azure Storage, Microsoft
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SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new members:
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.
Upcoming Webcasts
Storage Networking Security Series: Security & Privacy Regulations
July 28, 2020
Thomas Rivera, VMware; Eric Hibbard, SNIA Security Technical Work Group Chair; J Metz, SNIA Board of Directors

Worldwide, regulations are being created and enforced with the intention of protecting personal data. These regulatory actions are being taken to help mitigate exploitation of this data by cybercriminals and other opportunistic groups who have turned this into a profitable enterprise. This webcast will highlight common privacy principles and themes within key privacy regulations and will explore related cybersecurity implications, discussing: 
  • How privacy and security are characterized
  • Data retention and deletion requirements
  • Core data protection requirements of sample privacy regulations from around the globe
  • The role that security plays with key privacy regulations
  • Data breach implications and consequences 
Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor - The End of the 2.5-inch Disk Era?
August 4, 2020 
Bill Lynn, Dell; Paul Kaler, HPE; Jonathan Hinkle,  Lenovo; John Geldman, Kioxia; Ross Stenfort, Facebook; Jonmichael Hands, SNIA SSD SIG Co-Chair
At the 2020 Open Compute Virtual Summit, OEMs, cloud service providers, hyperscale data center vendors, and SSD vendors shared their vision on a new family of SSD form factors. Join this SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative webcast as panelists from Dell, Intel, Kioxia and more continue the discussion on how EDSFF E1.S and E3 solve real data challenges.

Storage Networking Security Series: Applied Cryptography
August 5, 2020
John Kim, NVIDIA; Eric Hibbard, SNIA Security TWG Chair; Olga Buchonina, SNIA Blockchain Storage TWG Chair; Alex McDonald, NetApp

While the rapid growth of large amounts of data has increased knowledge and efficiencies for businesses, it has also made attacks upon that information—theft, modification, or holding it for ransom--more tempting and easier. Cryptography is often used to protect valuable data.

This webcast will present an overview of applied cryptography techniques for the most popular use cases. We will discuss ways of securing data, the factors and trade-offs that must be considered, as well as some of the general risks that need to be mitigated, including:
  • Encryption techniques for authenticating users
  • Encrypting data—either at rest or in motion
  • Using hashes to authenticate Information coding and data transfer methodologies
  • Cryptography for Blockchain
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