SNIA Draft Technical Work available for Public Review

During the development of technical work, the SNIA may make available a Work-in-Progress DRAFT version for public review & feedback.  Work-in-Progress DRAFTS are not endorsed by the SNIA for commercial shipping product implementation, but rather for review/feedback and prototyping work to ensure the work, when completed, will meet the needs of the Industry.
Work-in-Progress DRAFTS are subject to change. The Work-in-Progress DRAFT  may be updated, replaced, or made obsolete at any time. Some of the Intellectual Property protections for users of SNIA software and specifications are not applicable to users of Work-in-Progress DRAFTs.

To provide feedback, please use the SNIA Feedback Portal.


Specification Posted

Key Value Storage API v0.16


SMI-S v1.8.r3


Simple IP Based Drive Mockup-4


IP Based Drive Array Mockup-2

DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles Jul-16
Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Test Specification v1.0a Apr-14
CDMI Reference Implementation v1.0e Oct-13


Key Value Storage API Specification v0.16 DRAFT

This draft specification defines an application programing interface for Key Value Object drives.

SMI-S v1.8.r3 DRAFT

SMI-S defines a method for the interoperable management of a heterogeneous Storage Area Network (SAN), and describes the information available to a WBEM Client from an SMI-S compliant CIM Server and an object-oriented, XML-based, messaging-based interface designed to support the specific requirements of managing devices in and through SANs.

Simple IP Based Drive Mockup-4

This mockup contains a complete, simple Redfish implementation for an IP Based Drive. The IP Based Drive contains a manager with its own interface, and a single interface for access to the data.

IP Based Drive Array Mockup-2

This mockup contains a complete, simple Redfish implementation for an array of IP Based Drives. There is a top level chassis and 12 IP Based Drive chassis instances. Each of the 12 IP Based Drive chassis instances has their own system to act as the IP Based Drive interface. There is one manager that manages the top level enclosure and all nested IP Based Drives.

CDMI Test Specification v1.0a DRAFT

In this test specification document, we define the overall test scope and test specifications for the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) to test the conformance to the CDMI specification.

CDMI Reference Implementation v1.0e DRAFT

The CDMI Reference Implementation is a SNIA Software development project that implements the Cloud Data Management Interface. NOTE: Non-SNIA Members can participate in the development of this open source software by agreeing to the SNIA Contributors License Agreement.

DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles

The Cloud Storage Technical Work Group is adding new functionality to CDMI by publishing individual extensions the the CDMI standard. These can be implemented as needed in conjunction with a CDMI implementation to add new functionality before the next release of CDMI. As implementation experience is gained and interoperable implementations are tested, these extensions will be made part of the next release of CDMI.

The Cloud Storage TWG will also be publishing profiles of CDMI that scope it down to specific use cases based on different types of clouds.

See the dedicated web page DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles for additional information.