Alphabetical List of SNIA Members



Membership Level

Regional Affiliate

Technology Affiliate

21e8 Startup Non-Voting   DNA
II-VI Incorporated     SFF
Accelink     SFF
Action Spot Startup Non-Voting    
Advanced Micro Devices Voting   SFF
Al Musanna College of Technology Educational Institution Non-Voting    
All Best Electronics     SFF
American Megatrends     SFF
Amphenol     SFF
Applied Optoelectronics     SFF
Arista Networks     SFF
ARM Limited Voting    
ASRock Rack Incorporation Non-Voting   SFF
BioEcho Life Services     DNA
Biomemory     DNA
BizLink Technology, Inc.     SFF
Bloombase Non-Voting    
Broadcom Inc. Voting   SFF
Burlywood Startup Non-Voting    
Cache DNA     DNA
Calsoft Pvt Ltd   SNIA India  
Calypso Systems, Inc. Non-Voting    
Carnegie Mellon University Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Catalog Technologies     DNA
Cen Link Co. Ltd     SFF
Ciena     SFF
Chia Network Startup Non-Voting    
Cinematheque suisse     DNA
Cisco Systems, Inc. Voting   SFF
Community College of Philadelphia Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Core Micro Systems Inc.   SNIA Japan  
DapuStor Corporation Non-Voting    
Dell EMC Voting SNIA India DNASFF
  SNIA India  
Digital Bedrock     DNA
Digital Preservation Coalition     DNA
Digital Science and Computing Center of Vilnius University Educational Institution Non-Voting    
DNAalgo     DNA
DNAli Data Technologies     DNA
E-Globaledge   SNIA Japan  
Edmonds Community College Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Eideticom Voting    
Eindhoven University of Technology     DNA
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Enterprise Holdings Customer Non-Voting    
Eoptolink     SFF
Etlink Technology Co., Ltd.     SFF
eureKARE     DNA
EY-Parthenon     DNA
FADU, Inc. Startup Non-Voting   SFF
Foxconn Interconnect Technology. Ltd. (FIT)     SFF
Fuji Film   SNIA Japan DNA
Fujikura/DDK     SFF
Fujitsu Voting SNIA Japan  
Fungible Startup Non-Voting    
Futurewei Voting   SFF
"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania Educational Institution Non-Voting    
GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., LTD Non-Voting   SFF
GigaIO Networks Startup Non-Voting    
GLGNET Electronics     SFF
Gupta Lab at DA-IICT     DNA
GRAID Technology  Startup Non-Voting    
Guizhou Space Appliance Co.,LTD (GSA)     SFF
Hagiwara Solutions   SNIA Japan  
Harvey Mudd College Educational Institution Non-Voting    
HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.   SNIA India  
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Voting   SFF
HGST Japan   SNIA Japan  
Hirota Seisakusyo   SNIA Japan  
Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technologies Co., Ltd.     SFF
Hitachi Vantara Voting SNIA India
SNIA Japan
Huawei Technologies Co. Voting SNIA India SFF
HuaZhong University of Science and Technology Educational Institution Non-Voting    
i3S Laboratory, University Côte d'Azur and CNRS      DNA
SNIA India
Illumina     DNA
Imagene     DNA
Imperial College of London     DNA
Infinera Corporation     SFF
Infinity-Link (Wuxi) Technology Co. Ltd.     SFF
InnoGrit Corporation Startup Non-Voting    
Innolight     SFF
Inspur Voting    
Intel Corporation Voting   SFF
Internet Initiative   SNIA Japan  
Jess-Link Products     SFF
JetIO Technology Ltd Startup Non-Voting    
Juniper Networks     SFF
Kalray Non-Voting SNIA EMEA  
Kioxia Corporation Voting SNIA Japan SFF
Kunshan Fuhao Electronic Science and Technology CO.,LTD     SFF
Lenovo Non-Voting   SFF
LINBIT Startup Non-Voting    
Los Alamos National Laboratory Non-Voting   DNA
Lotes Co, Ltd     SFF
Louisiana State University, Center for Computation and Technology Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Lumentum     SFF
Luxshare-ICT     SFF
MacroSan Technologies Voting    
Magnition  Startup Non-Voting    
Mantis Technologies Co.     SFF
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Non-Voting   SFF
MemoScale Startup Non-Voting    
MemVerge Startup Non-Voting    
Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) Non-Voting   SFF
Micron Corporation Voting   SFF
Microchip Technology Inc. Non-Voting SNIA India SFF
Microsoft Corporation Non-Voting   DNASFF
MilliporeSigma     DNA
Mindteck   SNIA India  
Molecular Assemblies     DNA
Molecular Information Systems Lab (MISL), University of Washington     DNA
Molex     SFF
NEC Japan Non-Voting SNIA Japan  
NetApp, Inc. Voting

SNIA India
SNIA Japan

Netint Technologies Startup Non-Voting    
NeuReality  Startup Non-Voting    
Newcastle University, Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group     DNA
Nextronics     SFF
NGD Systems, Inc. Voting    
Nikhef     SFF
Nutanix Non-Voting SNIA India  
NVIDIA Non-Voting   SFF
Nyriad Startup Non-Voting    
OligoArchive     DNA
Olos     DNA
Oracle Corporation Voting    
Panasonic   SNIA Japan  
PFU America, Inc.     DNA
Phison Electronics Corp. Non-Voting   SFF
Pliops Startup Non-Voting    
Precision Optical Transceivers     SFF
Pulse Electronics     SFF
Pure Storage Voting    
Quanta Computer Non-Voting   SFF
Quantum Corporation Non-Voting   DNA
Rambus, Inc. Non-Voting    
Rutgers University Educational Institution    
Samsung Voting SNIA India SFF
Samtec     SFF
San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD Educational Institution Non-Voting    
ScaleFlux Startup Non-Voting    
Seagate Technology Voting   DNA, SFF
SerialTek     SFF
Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co., Ltd.     SFF
ShenZhen Sandstone Data Technology Co., Ltd Non-Voting    
Sichuan Huafeng Technology Co., Ltd. Voting   SFF
Silicon Motion Non-Voting   SFF
SMART Modular Technologies Non-Voting    
Smile Security & Surveillance Pvt Ltd   SNIA India  
Socionext   SNIA Japan  
SolarWinds Non-Voting    
Solidigm Voting   SFF
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Non-Voting    
Southco Asia Ltd.     SFF
StarWind Non-Voting    
Stony Brook University Educational Institution Non-Voting    
StorageX Technology Startup Non-Voting    
StorPool Storage Non-Voting    
Sumitomo Electric     SFF
SunRise Memory Corporation Startup Non-Voting    
Supermicro Non-Voting   SFF
TATA Consultancy Services   SNIA India  
TE Connectivity     SFF
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology     DNA
Teledyne LeCroy     SFF
Temple University Health System Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Texas Tech University Educational Institution Non-Voting    
The Pennsylvania State University Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Tibit Communications     SFF
Tokyo Electron Device   SNIA Japan  
Toshiba   SNIA Japan  
Toshiba America Electronics Components Non-Voting   SFF
T-Systems International GmbH   SNIA EMEA  
Tuxera Non-Voting    
Twist Bioscience Voting   DNA
UDE Corporation     SFF
Universidad de los Andes Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University of Central Florida Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University of Denver, University College Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi 'Grigore T. Popa' Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University of Michigan Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) Educational Institution Non-Voting    
University Politehnica Timisoara Educational Institution Non-Voting    
UpskillIQ   SNIA India  
Veritas   SNIA India  
Viavi Solutions India PVT LTD   SNIA India  
Vcinity, Inc. Startup Non-Voting    
VMware, Inc. Voting    
Wenzhou Yihua Connector Co., Ltd.     SFF
Western Digital Voting   DNA, SFF
Wipro   SNIA India  
Xsight Labs Ltd. Startup Non-Voting    
XSKY (Beijing) Data Technology Co., Ltd. Non-Voting    
Yadro Voting    
Yahoo! Japan   SNIA Japan  
Yakhini Group Reichman University     DNA
Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd Non-Voting    
YEESTOR Microelectronics Non-Voting    
YISD: Ysleta Independent School District Educational Institution Non-Voting    
Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd.     SFF