April 2018 Issue

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Data Protection in an Era of Massive Data Breaches

By Thomas Rivera, CISSP, Chair of SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization (DPCO)

Data protection of digital data is a fundamental and mandatory responsibility for all organizations. Therefore, organizations need to understand the basic principles and concepts of data protection, especially in our current era of massive data breaches.  Learn more in this new article published in Digitalisation World, “Data Protection in an Era of Massive Data Breaches.” 
For more detailed information on this topic, download the  Data Protection Best Practices Technical White Paper, SNIA’s vendor-neutral technical white paper for current data protection best practices at the storage level.   

New Program for SNIA Tutorials – The SNIA Webcast Storage 101 Series

SNIA is seeking proposals for a new SNIA Tutorial webcast series which will be broadcast on the SNIA BrightTalk Webcast channel on a regular basis, and be designed to help guide people through storage basics. This content will be appropriate for people entering the storage industry or those looking to refresh their knowledge base. View the topics and details for submission here.
SNIA is also accepting proposals for SNIA Tutorials to be presented at other events throughout the year. Learn more about Tutorial submissions here.

MacroSAN Joins SNIA’s SMI-S Conformance Testing Program

SNIA is pleased to welcome MacroSAN Technologies as the latest member of SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Conformance Testing Program (CTP). Through its set of master test suites, the CTP validates that a company's products conform to a particular version of SMI-S. The program provides end-users with the peace of mind that their equipment conforms to the latest storage management standards and gives storage software developer companies a valuable resource to reduce integration costs and improve interoperability with their partners.
Headquartered in Hangzhou China, MacroSAN has a full range of enterprise storage products from low-end to high-end, as well as the R&D capabilities to develop advanced technology solutions. Reap the benefits of having your SMI-S enabled products tested. Please visit www.snia.org/ctp or email ctp-admin@snia.org.

SDC 2018 Call for Presentations Now Open

SNIA's Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is the only event created BY storage developers FOR storage developers. This year’s event will take place September 24-27 in Santa Clara, CA. The call for presentations is now open! The SDC planning team is now seeking presentation proposals from storage development professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience. See the full list of topics for this year’s conference. The deadline to submit a proposal is May 10th.

Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI – This Great Debate Generates Questions Galore

Ever wonder what the best use cases are for fibre channel and iSCSI? Experts answer this question and many more in this FC vs. iSCSI FAQ.
New Members
SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new members: Toshiba Memory Corporation, Rambus and SunRise Memory Corporation who join our growing list of member companies.

SunRise Memory Corporation

Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic.
Featured Video

Hype to Reality, a Panel Discussion with Leaders of Real World Persistent Memory Applications

Panel: Scott Miller, DreamWorks Animation; Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike; Nikita Ivanov, GridGain; Kodi Umamagesaran, Oracle; Jack Vargas, Intel
Featured Podcast
Andromeda: Building the Next-Generation High-Density Storage Interface for Successful Adoption by Laura Caulfield, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
Open Channel describes a new interface to Solid State Drives (SSDs) which promises to increase usage of SSDs’ raw bandwidth from 40% to 95%, increase user-visible flash capacity from 50%-70% to 99%, increase I/O bandwidth by 3x and reduce per-GB hardware cost by 50%. 
Upcoming Webcasts

File vs. Block vs. Object Storage
April 17, 2018
Mark Carlson, Toshiba; Alex McDonald, NetApp; Saqib Jang, Chelsio; John Kim, Mellanox

When it comes to storage, a byte is a byte is a byte, isn’t it? One of the enduring truths about simplicity is that scale makes everything hard, and with that comes complexity. And when we’re not processing the data, how do we store it and access it?
In this webcast, we will compare three types of data access: file, block and object storage, and the access methods that support them. Each has its own set of use cases and advantages and disadvantages. Each provides simple to sophisticated management of the data, and each makes different demands on storage devices and programming technologies.
Perhaps you’re comfortable with block and file, but are interested in investigating the more recent class of object storage and access. Perhaps you’re happy with your understanding of objects, but would really like to understand files a bit better, and what advantages or disadvantages they have compared to each other. Or perhaps you want to understand how file, block and object are implemented on the underlying storage systems – and how one can be made to look like the other, depending on how the storage is accessed. Join us as we discuss and debate:

  • Storage devices
    • How different types of storage drive different management & access solutions
  • Block
    • Where everything is in fixed-size chunks
    • SCSI and SCSI-based protocols, and how FC and iSCSI fit in
  • Files
    • When everything is a stream of bytes
    • NFS and SMB
  • Objects
    • When everything is a blob
    • HTTP, key value and RESTful interfaces
  • Altogether…
    • When files, blocks and objects collide

Introduction to SNIA Swordfish™ ─ Scalable Storage Management
April 19, 2018
Richelle Ahlvers, Broadcom; Don Deel, NetApp

The SNIA Swordfish™ specification helps to provide a unified approach for the management of storage and servers in hyperscale and cloud infrastructure environments, making it easier for IT administrators to integrate scalable solutions into their data centers. Swordfish builds on the Distributed Management Task Force’s (DMTF’s) Redfish® specification using the same easy-to-use RESTful methods and lightweight JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formatting. Join this webcast to receive an overview of Swordfish including the new functionality added in version 1.0.6 released in March 2018.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask - Part Aqua - Storage Controllers
May 15, 2018
Peter Onufryk, Microsemi; Craig Carlson, Cavium; Chad Hintz, Cisco; John Kim, Mellanox; J Metz, Cisco
Are you a control freak? Have you ever wondered what was the difference between a storage controller, a RAID controller, a PCIe Controller, or a metadata controller? What about an NVMe controller? Aren’t they all the same thing?

In Part Aqua of the “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask” webcast series, we’re going to be taking an unusual step of focusing on a term that is used constantly, but often has different meanings. When you have a controller that manages hardware, there are very different requirements than a controller that manages an entire system-wide control plane. From the outside looking in, it may be easy to get confused. You can even have controllers managing other controllers!

Here we’ll be revisiting some of the pieces we talked about in our introduction to this webcast series, Part Chartreuse, but with a bit more focus on the variety we have to play with:

  • What do we mean when we say “controller?” 
  • How are the systems managed differently?
  • How are controllers used in various storage entities: drives, SSDs, storage networks, software-defined
  • How do controller systems work, and what are the trade-offs?
  • How do storage controllers protect against Spectre and Meltdown?

Join us to learn more about the workhorse behind your favorite storage systems

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