June 2019 Issue

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Hot News

New SNIA Technical White Paper: NVM PM Remote Access for High Availability 

This new SNIA technical white paper explores the requirements and desirable design characteristics for the use of high speed networks as a transport for remote access to persistent memory (PM) in high availability implementations of the SNIA NVM Programming model.
Download the White Paper Here

Fujitsu Contributes Cloud Workload Traces to the SNIA IOTTA Repository

Researchers from Fujitsu Ltd. recently contributed a large set of “parallel trace” files to the SNIA IOTTA Repository. These storage I/O traces were collected on Fujitsu’s cloud servers. They comprise 17.1 billion records collected over a period of six months and were used in their paper Analysis of Commercial Cloud Workload and Study on How to Apply Cache Methods.
Established and maintained by the SNIA “Input/Output Traces, Tools, and Analysis Technical Work Group (IOTTA TWG)”, the SNIA IOTTA Repository is a worldwide repository for storage-related I/O trace files, associated tools, and other related information. All repository content is available for free download by the storage research and development communities in both academia and industry and by the general public.

SNIA Swordfish™ Profiles – Your Feedback Wanted

The heavy lifting has been done, but before we release it, we want to make sure it meets your needs. SNIA Swordfish™ Profile Core Bundle Working Draft v0.9 is now posted here for public technical review.

Your feedback is valuable, so please provide it no later than July 15, 2019. 

The Swordfish Profile Core Bundle defines a set of Features and the corresponding Profiles required to implement Swordfish. Profiles are detailed descriptions that describe down to the individual property level what functionality is required for implementations to advertise Features. These newly developed Swordfish Core Profiles are predominantly a tool for storage management software developers and test engineers. The Profiles can be used for in-depth analysis during development, making it easy for clients to determine which Features to require for different configurations. They will also be used to determine certification/conformance requirements. Please use the SNIA Feedback Portal to provide your valued input.
What’s your one stop shop for everything SNIA Swordfish? www.snia.org/swordfish.

The SMI-S 1.8 CTP Test Suite is Now Available

The first official release version,, of the SMI-Provider Test that validates conformance to the SMI-S v1.8 rev 3 specification is now available. SMI-S v1.8 rev 3 was released by SNIA in November 2018 and is expected to be submitted to ISO, the international organization for standardization, later this year.
SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Conformance Testing Program (CTP) allows manufacturers to test their products with a vendor-neutral test suite to validate conformance to SNIA’s SMI-S specification. Manufacturers can then promote their products as conforming to the official SMI-S CTP test suite, certifying that they address customer expectations for standards-based solutions.
Validating your SMI-S Provider implementations with the SMI-S CTP will enable your storage buyers to reduce cost of ownership, improve interoperability and help prevent vendor lock-in, so act today! To learn more about why SMI-S CTP participation can provide you with a competitive edge and how to get the test, visit www.snia.org/ctp.
SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new members:  

3Y Power Technology joined SNIA.


Accelink joined SFF TA TWG.
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.
Featured Videos

Storage Performance Benchmarking

Now you can watch the popular Storage Performance Benchmarking series on the SNIAVideo YouTube channel! Start with the fundamentals and move on to System Under Test, Block, File and Workload optimizations.
View the Storage Performance Benchmarking Series
Featured Blogs
Here’s what we’ve been blogging about:
Featured Podcast

Delivering Scalable Distributed Block Storage using NVMe over Fabrics

by Mohan Kumar, Fellow, Intel and Sujoy Sen, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel

Featured Event

SDC Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Want to reach the best and brightest in the storage world? Check out this year’s SDC sponsorships. Sponsoring SDC is an excellent way to put your brand in front of an audience filled with storage developers, engineers, architects, and technical marketing managers.

Sponsorships provide:
  • Speaking opportunities.(for Platinum and Gold levels)
  • Networking with storage leaders
  • Exhibiting options
  • Extra conference passes
Don’t miss this opportunity to network and enhance your brand. 
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Upcoming Webcasts

Introduction to Incast, Head of Line Blocking, and Congestion Management
June 18, 2019
Sathish Gnanasekaran, Broadcom; John Kim, Mellanox; J Metz, Cisco; Tim Lustig, Mellanox

For a long time, the architecture and best practices of storage networks have been relatively well-understood. Recently, however, advanced capabilities have been added to storage that could have broader impacts on networks. 

The three main storage network transports - Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand – all have mechanisms to handle increased traffic, but they are not all affected or implemented the same way. As more storage traffic traverses the network, there is a risk of congestion leading to higher-than-expected latencies and lower-than-expected throughput. This webcast will cover:

  • Typical storage traffic patterns
  • What is Incast, what is head of line blocking, what is congestion, what is a slow drain, and when do these become problems on a network?
  • How Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand handle these effects
  • The proper role of buffers in handling storage network traffic
  • Potential new ways to handle increasing storage traffic loads on the network

Kubernetes in the Cloud (Part 2)
July 17, 2019
Tom Clark,Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect Storage Software; IBM
Matt Levan, Storage Solutions Architect, Storage and SDI Solutions; IBM
Michelle Tidwell, SNIA Board of Directors and Program Director and Global Offering Manager for Hybrid Cloud Storage; IBM 
As enterprises move to a hybrid multi-cloud world, they are faced with many challenges. Decisions surrounding what technologies to use is one, but they are also seeing a transformation in traditional IT roles. The storage admins are asked to be more cloud savvy while new roles of cloud admins are emerging to handle the complexities of deploying simple and efficient clouds. Meanwhile, both these roles are asked to ensure a self-service environment is architected so that application developers can get resources needed to develop cutting edge apps not in weeks, days or hours, but in minutes.  
In Part One of this three part series, we covered the high level aspects of Kubernetes. This presentation will discuss key capabilities IT vendors are creating based on open source technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to build self-service infrastructure to support hybrid multi-cloud deployments. We’ll cover: 
  • Persistent storage and how to specify it
  • Ensuring application portability between Private and Public Clouds
  • Building a self-service infrastructure (Helm, Operators)
  • Selecting Block, File, Object (Traditional Storage, SDS)
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Persistent Program in Real Life (PIRL) – San Diego, CA – July 22-23, 2019
SNIA July Technical Symposium – Portland, OR – July 22-26, 2019
Flash Memory Summit – Santa Clara, CA – August 5-8, 2019
HPC and AI on Wall Street – New York, NY – September 11-12, 2019
Pure Storage Accelerate – Austin, TX – September 15-18, 2019
Storage Developer Conference – Santa Clara, CA – September 23-26, 2019
Cloud Expo Europe – Frankfurt, Germany – November 13-14, 2019
KubeCon and CloudNativeCon – San Diego, CA – November 18-21, 2019
Cloud and IT Expo – Paris, France – November 27-28, 2019

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