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Storage Developer Conference Podcast Series

Every week the Storage Developer Conference (SDC) podcast series presents important technical topics to the Storage Developer community. Each episode is hand selected by the SNIA Technical Council from the presentations at SDC.

This week’s highlighted Podcast: #86: Emerging Interconnects: Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) and Gen-Z by  Jeff Stuecheli, STSM, System Architecture, IBM and Kurtis Bowman, President of the Gen-Z Consortium; Director of Technology and Architecture, Dell's Server CTO Office (MP3, OpenCAPI(Video, PDF of Slides), Gen-Z(Video, PDF of Slides))

Two emerging interconnect efforts, OpenCAPI and Gen-Z, are top-of-mind today in system architecture and storage, including advanced platform support of Persistent Memory. Come hear distinguished leads from each project give an update on the goals, progress, and futures of each. Expect to learn both the differences and commonalities between these potentially symbiotic standards, and how they may enable new platforms and new storage solutions as they move forward.

The Podcast can be downloaded at iTunes. Download a copy of the original presentation slides (OpenCAPI, Gen-Z) as well.



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