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Thank you for your willingness to report an issue or bug, request an improvement, or propose a solution to an issue regarding SNIA technical work (specification or software).

If your submission only requests an improvement or reports a problem, issue or bug, and does not propose a specific fix, change or solution, please complete the feedback form below. Nothing else is required.

If your submission contains a proposed fix, solution or improvement, and you are employed by a SNIA Member company or are an SNIA Individual Member, then you must contribute as a member of the responsible Technical Work Group (TWG) and not through the feedback portal.

If your submission contains a proposed fix, solution or improvement and you are not employed by a SNIA Member company and are not an SNIA Individual Member, please complete the feedback form. Following the completion of the feedback form you will be prompted to indicate your acceptance of the terms of the SNIA Feedback Contribution Agreement before your submission will be accepted.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the SNIA Technical Council Managing Director at

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