August 2021
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NVMe® SSD Classification White Paper

A new NVMe® SSD Classification White Paper is now available to accompany the NVMe SSD Classification table. The white paper describes how NVMe SSDs are used in enterprise servers, enterprise storage, data center/hyperscale servers, and data center/hyperscale storage environments with details on how NVMe SSDs better address the needs of servers and storage with distinct requirements and application environments.

SNIA Joint Technical Development Work in the Spotlight

What makes an enterprise system more efficient, flexible and cost effective? If you answered “seamless standards-based open source management,” you are correct!

SNIA and DMTF are working with the OpenFabrics Alliance to provide IT administrators the ability to add seamless standards-based management of their fabrics and networks to the same SNIA Swordfish and DMTF Redfish® ecosystem they are using for their storage and server management. This joint technical development work is planned to be spotlighted at several industry conferences in the coming months, including:    

Learn more about SNIA Swordfish and access developer resources at

Impressive Speaker Lineup for SDC 2021 – Register for $95

This year’s SDC 2021 features a full and impressive lineup of industry experts, analysts and end users with a wide range of technical expertise. Read their bios here.
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Featured Video

Emerging 5G Use Cases Impact on Edge and Core Storage

Presented by Umang Kumar & Dhishankar Sengupta, HPE
Featured Blogs

What is eBPF, and Why Does it Matter for Computational Storage?

Q&A: Security of Data on NVMe-oF

A Storage Debate Q&A: Hyperconverged vs. Disaggregated vs. Centralized
Featured Event

Interop Digital Data Management and Storage

SNIA experts will participate in two panels at the virtual Interop Digital: Data Management and Storage event on September 14th. Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative Chair, will speak on the panel “Cloud-Enabled vs. Cloud-Native Storage: What's the Difference and Why Should I Care?” JB Baker, SNIA Computational Storage Special Interest Group member, will speak on the panel “Managing the Data Flood with High-Capacity Storage.”
Featured Podcast

Tiered Storage Deployments with 24G SAS 

by Jeremiah Tussey, Microsemi
Upcoming Webcasts
Extending Storage to the Edge - How It Should Affect Your Storage Strategy
August 25, 2021

Erin Farr, IBM; Vincent Hsu, IBM; Jim Fister, The Decision Place
Data gravity has pulled computing to the Edge and enabled significant advances in hybrid cloud deployments. The ability to run analytics from the datacenter to the Edge, where the data is generated and lives, also creates new use cases. However, this movement of compute to the Edge is not the only pattern to have emerged. How might these other use cases impact your storage strategy? This interactive webcast will focus on:
  • Emerging patterns of data movement and the use cases that drive them
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Federated Learning across the Edge and Hybrid Cloud
  • Considerations for distributed cloud storage architectures to match these emerging patterns
Moving Genomics to the Cloud: Compute and Storage Considerations
September 9, 2021
Michael McManus, Intel; Christopher Davidson, HPE; Torben Kling Petersen, HPE; Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative Chair
The study of genomics in modern biology has revolutionized the discovery of medicines and the COVID pandemic response has quickened genetic research and driven the rapid development of vaccines. Genomics, however, requires a significant amount of compute power and data storage to make new discoveries possible.
This session will feature expert viewpoints from both bioinformatics and technology perspectives with a focus on some of the compute and data storage challenges for genomics workflows, including:
  • How to best store and manage large genomics datasets
  • Methods for sharing large datasets for collaborative analysis
  • Legal and ethical implications of storing shareable data in the cloud
  • Transferring large data sets and the impact on storage and networking
SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new member:
XSKY (Beijing) Data Technology Co. Ltd., joined SNIA and the Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.

Submit a Nomination for SNIA Board and Technical Council

The nomination and election process for the 2021-2022 SNIA Board of Directors and Technical Council is now open. Every voting member company should consider nominating candidates for election. 

You may nominate yourself or a company colleague. We also encourage non-voting member companies to become voting members and participate in the upcoming SNIA elections. Nominations are due August 31, 2021.

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Event Schedule
Find SNIA at these Events
SDC India – Virtual – August 5-6, 2021
Interop Digital Data Management and Storage – Virtual – September 14, 2021
Storage Developer Conference – Virtual - September 28-29, 2021
SNIA October Symposium – Bay Area, CA and Virtual  – October 18-22, 2021
Annual Members' Meeting - Teleconference - October 21, 2021
Intel Innovation – San Francisco and Virtual – October 27-28, 2021 
OCP Global Summit – San Jose and Virtual – November 9-10, 2021
SC’21 – St. Louis and Virtual – November 14-19, 2021
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