March 2022
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New Tutorial and Case Study on the SNIA TCO Model for Storage

The SNIA Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model is well suited for storage by looking at all the costs associated with purchasing and running IT equipment, and comparing a solution where the sole purpose is durable storage. Understanding the TCO Model is now made easy with a new video tutorial from SNIA Solid State Storage Special Interest Group, and a new white paper on a TCO case study with cryptocurrency and computational storage.
Check Out the Video Tutorial and White Paper Here

Geek Out on Data Privacy & Protection

Data protection and data privacy have become Board level discussions as failing to secure sensitive information puts businesses at significant risk of being exploited by cybercriminals, and can lead to organizations facing enormous legal penalties. Geek Out here with the many resources we’ve curated from SNIA experts to learn best practices in data protection & data privacy, the storage security landscape, ransomware mitigation, and more.
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NVMe-oF™ over IP: A Complete SAN Platform

Great read from SNIA Networking Storage Forum member, Claudio DeSanti, at Dell Technologies in this TechTarget SearchStorage article "NVMe-oF over IP: A Complete SAN Platform.
Read the Article Here

How Does the SNIA Swordfish Conformance Test Program Work?

The SNIA Storage Management Initiative is continually enhancing the SNIA Swordfish™ Conformance Test Program (CTP). Through an extensive set of test suites, CTP validates that a company's products conform to a specific version of the Swordfish specification.
To visualize the CTP benefits and how the program works, we created an educational infographic  which provides an overview of CTP benefits for storage vendors and end users. You can download it and learn more about CTP on SNIA’s website. Please visit and join Swordfish CTP today.
Featured Events

SNIA Storage Security Summit

SNIA is pleased to announce the launch of the Storage Security Summit on May 11th 2022. Standards, regulations and technologies are all moving quickly in the security space. This one-day virtual event will bring together experts on the front lines to cover:
  • Emerging storage security technologies
  • Storage security standards and specifications
  • Cyber security and ransomware
  • Data privacy
  • Media sanitization
  • Zero Trust
Learn More About Speaking and Sponsorship Opportunities

PM+CS Summit Call for Presentations Deadline Extended to March 11th

The 10th annual SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit will take place May 25-26, 2022.  This virtual event will feature live keynotes and panels, breakout sessions and demos.
The call for presentations has been extended to March 11th. The event committee is particularly interested in sessions on ​Computational Memory which brings compute to the data that resides in DRAM, either within the memory device or through the CXL interface, provides an exciting option for cloud to edge applications and the compute, memory, and flash storage architectures that support them.
Learn More about Speaking and Sponsorship Opportunities

SDC EMEA 2022 – Date Change

The Storage Developer Conference (SDC) EMEA will now take place on Tuesday June 14, 2022. Sponsor opportunities are still available and the call for presentations will remain open until March 18th.

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Interested in presenting at a SNIA event? We have several outstanding opportunities where a wide range of timely topics will be covered. See the four upcoming events with an open call for presentations.
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What We've Been Blogging About

Understanding Ransomware
Ransomware is no longer just about a financial ransom. This SNIA blog provides real insight into what's happening and what you can do to mitigate and recover from threats.

Computational Storage – Driving Success, Driving Standards Q&A
The SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI) webcast, Computational Storage – Driving Success, Driving Standards, explained the key elements of the SNIA Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model and the SNIA Computational Storage API. Our presenters, Bill Martin, Editor of the Model, and Jason Molgaard, Co-Chair of the SNIA Computational Storage TWG, teamed up to answer questions from the live event.

Object Storage: Got Questions?
Got questions on object storage? You are not alone. Over 900 people (and counting) have watched our SNIA Networking Storage Forum (NSF) webcast, “Object Storage: Trends, Use Cases” where our expert panelists had a lively discussion on object storage characteristics, use cases and performance acceleration. The conversation included several interesting questions related to object storage. Here are our experts’ answers.

Using SNIA Swordfish™ to Manage Storage on Your Network
Consider how many different ways and options a storage administrator has to add storage capacity to a data center. Read on to see why it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Multi-use Cloud Has Become the Norm
Multiple clouds within an organization have become the norm. This strategy enables organizations to reduce risk and dependence on a single cloud platform. The SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) discussed this topic at length at our live webcast last month "Why Use Multiple Clouds?" We polled our webcast attendees on their use of multiple clouds and here’s what we learned about the cloud platforms that comprise their multi-cloud environments
Featured Podcast

Automating the Discovery of NVMe-oF Subsystems over an IP Network 

by Erik Smith, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Dell Technologies
Upcoming Webcast
Enabling Application Modernisation with Hyper-Converged Systems
March 9, 2022
Sandeep Patil, IBM India; Mayur Shah, Wipro; Piyush Gupta, IBM India
Digital transformation is driving technology to rapidly evolve towards modernisation of applications with microservices-based architecture. With the ubiquitous adoption of Kubernetes, cloud-native container technologies are enabling microservices-based application modernisation. Such architecture drives the value across the stack and eventually enables business to be more agile. Such architectural pattern evolution applied across industry vertical drives the need for an infrastructure solution tailor-made for application modernisation. In this talk, we present a vendor neutral viewpoint, experiences and observation of the application mordernisation trend across the industry and how modern day hyper-converged systems are emerging to cater to this growing need.
Storage Life on the Edge: Edge Storage Use Cases
March 22, 2022
David McIntyre, Samsung; Stephen Bates, Eideticom; Dr. Tong Zhang, ScaleFlux; Tom Friend, Illuninosi

This second webcast in the Storage Life on the Edge series, provides an overview of edge to cloud use cases where storage and compute resources need to be deployed in practical topologies that deliver the very best in application performance. From data analytics and AI inference to emerging IoT edge applications, our panelists will provide a cornucopia of use cases across these categories along with specific, real-world examples.

15 Minutes in the Cloud: Data Privacy vs. Governance vs. Security
March 30, 2022
Eric Hibbard, Samsung; Thomas Rivera, VMware
Data privacy, data governance and data security are all terms that are mistakenly used interchangeably. They are indeed related, particularly when it comes to keeping data in the cloud protected, private and secure, but the definitions and mechanics of executing on each are all quite different.
Join us for another “15 Minutes in the Cloud” session for an overview of what each of these terms means, how and where they intersect, and why each one demands adequate attention or risk threatening the overall security of your data.
Presenting will be security experts Thomas Rivera, CISSP, CIPP/US, CDPSE and Strategic Success Manager at VMware Black Carbon together with Eric Hibbard, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, ISSEP, CIPP/US, CIPT, CISA, CDPSE, CCSK and Director, Product Planning – Storage Networking & Security, Samsung Semiconductor.
Storage Life on the Edge: Security Challenges
April 27, 2022
Eric Hibbard, Samsung; Thomas Rivera, VMware; David McIntyre, Samsung
The complex and changeable structure of edge computing, together with its network connections, massive real-time data, challenging operating environment, distributed edge cloud collaboration, and other characteristics, create a multitude of security challenges. This panel of experts will explore these challenges and wade into the debate as to whether existing security practices and standards are adequate for this emerging area of computing. 
Event Schedule
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SNIA Storage Security Summit – Virtual – May 11, 2022
PM+CS Summit – Virtual – May 25-26, 2022  
SODACODE 2022 – Virtual – May 25-26, 2022
SDC EMEA 2022 – Virtual – June 14, 2022
SMB3 Interoperability Lab at SDC EMEA – June 14-16, 2022
Storage Developer Conference – September 19-22, 2022
In Memoriam - Mike Fitzpatrick
SNIA is sad to share the passing of Mike Fitzpatrick. Mike was a Sr. Research Executive at Fujitsu Computer Products of America. He was a regular presenter at SNIA’s SDC Conference, a Governing Board Advisor to SNIA’s Solid State Storage Initiative, and involved with SNIA’s SSF TA TWG. He will be missed.
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