2011 Cloud Burst Summit Speakers


Ashar Baig, Chairman of the SNIA Cloud Backup Recovery and Restore (BURR) Special Interest Group (SIG)

"Cloud-Powered Virtual Disaster Recovery"

In case of a disaster, Business Continuity is dependent on how fast they can be back to normal IT operations. Today, most organizations rely on bare-metal-restore (BMR) capability to restore from one hardware configuration to a different hardware configuration. BMR is performed without reinstalling software applications, patches, services packs, etc. The reality is that the typical procurement times within most organizations range from 4 – 12 weeks. In case of a disaster, most organizations may not have the new hardware immediately available to restore the data that they backed up off site. In this scenario, Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) is a lifesaver. Organizations who take advantage of this capability to restore physical servers to virtual servers (P2V) while preserving the granularity of restoring individual files can satisfy timely business continuity requirements of any organization. VDR is the game changer technology in DR and should be a key ingredient of every organizational data protection strategy.

Speaker Bio
Ashar Baig (Usher Bég) has over 15 years of high-tech industry experience focused on datacenter technologies in practice today and future trends including Cloud Computing, Backup and Recovery, Storage, Virtualization, Grid Computing, Green Computing, Data Security, etc. Ashar frequently speaks at various industry events, participates in panel discussions at various trade shows, as well as writes numerous articles for industry publications and white papers on various cloud technologies. Ashar has held senior roles at some of North America's leading companies such as Platform Computing, TELUS, Siemens and Intel.

The primary focus of Ashar Baig at Asigra Inc. is leading the Strategic Alliances team working closely with strategic partners to create joint campaigns that result in incremental net-new revenue.

In addition to his role at Asigra, Ashar also serves as Chairman of the SNIA’s Cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore (BURR) Special Interest Group (SIG). Baig leads the group’s efforts in educating the market about Cloud BUR benefits through use cases and in defining requirements for standards that are part of SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI). Ashar holds a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey and an MBA from Iona College, New York

Eric Baldeschwieler, CEO, Hortonworks

KEYNOTE: "Apache Hadoop Today and Tomorrow"

Apache Hadoop is having a profound impact on the data industry because of its ability to store, process and analyze very large data volumes in a very cost-effective manner. Eric Baldeschwieler, CEO of Hortonworks and former VP of Hadoop Software Engineering for Yahoo! will provide some insights into how Apache Hadoop is being used today, how it fits into current enterprise data architectures and what's planned for upcoming releases.

Speaker Bio
Eric is CEO of Hortonworks, Inc. which was formed by the key architects and core Hadoop committers from the Yahoo! Hadoop software engineering team in June 2011 in order to accelerate the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware. Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Eric served as VP Hadoop Software Engineering for Yahoo!. Eric also served as a technology leader for Inktomi’s web service engine, which Yahoo! acquired in 2003. Prior to Inktomi, Eric developed software for video games, video post production systems and 3D modeling systems. Eric has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Follow Eric on Twitter: @jeric14.

Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, Storage & Systems, The 451 Group

CLOSING KEYNOTE: "The Progression of Cloud Storage: Hybrids, QoS, and Beyond"

This session will go over The 451 Group’s market research data on cloud storage and the challenges for early adopters. With the evolving requirements of customers, hybrid cloud storage and QoS are becoming key ingredients for driving more data to clouds.

Speaker Bio
Henry is part of the storage research team at The 451 Group, focusing on data protection and storage software technologies. Prior to joining The 451 Group, Henry spent nearly nine years working as a technical analyst for eWeek Labs, where he covered storage, server hardware and network operating systems. At eWeek Labs, he initiated the testing coverage of various technologies, including data replication, clustering, virtual tape libraries, storage virtualization, SAN management, NAS, iSCSI and email archiving. In addition, Henry was a member of eWeek's editorial board and provided content for the magazine's enterprise storage blog. Henry holds a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.

David Dodgson,Software Engineer, Unisys

"Use of Storage Security in the Cloud"

Everyone is concerned with the security of their storage in the cloud, however; security in any particular case depends on what the user is trying to accomplish. Someone storing pictures of their children in the cloud will have a different idea of security than someone who is generating payroll information. Storage security needs to be implemented with an understanding of the different needs of different users. Enterprises will want to use secure private clouds that are customized to their individual security requirements, while individuals will want public clouds to address their needs. The most important security requirements will be those that satisfy the needs of the greatest number of users in a particular cloud environment.

Speaker Bio
David Dodgson has been a software engineer with Unisys Corp. for over thirty years. He has worked on programming languages such as COBOL and C++, operating systems, and storage solutions. David is currently on the architecture team for the Unisys Stealth Security project concentrating on security of data-in-motion, data-at-rest, and in the cloud. He has a B.S. degree in Mathematics, a B.S. in Computer Engineering, an M.S. degree in Computer Science, and an M.B.A.

Adam Fore, Director of Solutions Marketing, NetApp

"Why You Need an Enterprise-wide Cloud Strategy?"

Cloud computing is experiencing strong, sustained growth across enterprises large and small. Proven benefits like flexibility, cost reduction and rapid provisioning of new applications and services are among the drivers. In this session we will address the questions of: “Where do I start?” and “What’s the right approach for my organization: private, public, or hybrid?” Adam Fore will share data from a recent cloud adoption survey, provide best practices for defining a successful cloud strategy, share why an enterprise-wide cloud strategy pays dividends and give a preview of how other enterprises are moving to the cloud.

Speaker Bio
Adam Fore is Director of Solutions Marketing at NetApp for Virtualization and Cloud solutions. A 16-year veteran of Product Management and Product Marketing in the high tech technology industry, Adam has spent the last 9 years at NetApp supporting storage solutions for virtualization, cloud, Microsoft applications, disk-based backup and disaster recovery.


Chris Gladwin, CEO, Cleversafe

"Really Big Storage: A 10,000 Petabyte Storage Cloud"

According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity,” nearly 80 percent of the world’s data is unstructured, including file formats like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and non-textual content like graphics, video and audio files, and data storage is growing 10 times every five years. At scale, this explosive growth creates a lack of performance and security, putting organizations at risk for data loss. Chris will discuss the growing need for object-based storage solutions that address enterprise organization’s massive data storage needs (referred to as Big Data) while allowing for availability, security and scalability. Chris is the CEO of Cleversafe, a pioneering company in leveraging object based storage and Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDA) to offer a reliable cloud storage platform that can scale to Exabyte’s and beyond for companies managing Big Data.

Speaker Bio
Cleversafe is led by Chris Gladwin, who has created and managed a series of successful new technology companies. Chris founded Cleversafe in November, 2004 and wrote the algorithms for the first Dispersed Storage software prototype. Chris was previously the creator of the first workgroup storage server at Zenith Data Systems and was a Manager of Corporate Storage Standards at Lockheed Martin.

Before Cleversafe, Chris was the founding Chairman, President and CEO of MusicNow (initially known as FullAudio) and built the company to 100,000 customers before its acquisition by Circuit City. MusicNow, whose venture financing was led by New Enterprise Associates, was one of the largest digital content storage and distribution systems in the world and provided white label digital music services marketed by distribution partners including Best Buy, Clear Channel, Microsoft, SBC, Charter Communications and Earthlink.

Prior to MusicNow, Chris developed the wireless thin client and then was the founding Chairman, President and CEO of Cruise Technologies, which became the dominant supplier of wireless thin client technology. Cruise Technologies provided wireless thin clients that were marketed by distribution partners that included Motorola, IBM, Wyse, Telos and Zenith Data Systems.

Chris has created over 300 issued and pending patents related to Dispersed StorageTM technology, wireless remote interface and Internet service technology. Chris’s work has been recognized by 32 industry awards for the products, services and companies he has created.

Chris holds an Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Panel #1

"Big Data and Cloud Transitions"

Panel Session with leading end users, industry participants and scientists discuss the issues in “big data,” large scale data systems/cloud solutions and adoptions looking at the "State of the Industry" in 2015.

    Panel Objectives:
  • Provide attendees with ideas on how big data will impact their data centers, storage, and development plans
  • Give insight into actual end user operations that will be presented by IT professionals in a variety of vertical industries
  • Enable real time Q&A from the audience to engage and set the stage for consideration of big data issues as they relate to storage development and cloud

Moderator/Panelist's Bios

Chaitan Baru, Distinguished Scientist, San Diego Supercomputer Center/Center for Large Scale Data Systems

Chaitan Baru is a Distinguished Scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego. He leads the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Development (ACID) group and is the Director of the Center for Large-scale Data Systems research (CLDS). Over the past 15 years, Baru has led a number of cyberinfrastructure projects focusing on management of scientific data in disciplines ranging from neuroscience, geoscience, ecology, engineering, and behavioral medicine. He has played a leadership role in a number of national and international-scale projects including the Geosciences Network (GEON), the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network (TEAM), National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), Hydrologic Information System (HIS), and the Center for Advanced Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA). He is PI of a project to evaluate parallel database technologies versus Hadoop-based techniques. Prior to joining SDSC, Baru led one of the development groups at IBM for DB2 Parallel Edition, where he also participated in the effort to define the TPC-D benchmark. Baru has also served on the faculty of the EECS Department at the University of Michigan, where he supervised 3 PhD dissertations. He has served as Principal Investigator for over $15M in research funding.

Val Bercovici, CSI Chair, NetApp

Val joined NetApp in 1998 and leads the Strategic Planning Team within the office of the CTO. Working with customers, analysts, and alliance partners, Val focuses on next-generation research projects and is responsible for NetApp’s product vision. Val introduced the first Cloud Standard to the industry as chairman of SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative, whose mission is to foster the growth and success of the cloud storage market. Previously, Val served as the vice-chair of SNIA’s Solid-State Storage Initiative. Val has over 25 years of IT industry experience spanning NCR (AT&T) and Cognos (IBM), with 12 years in storage at EMC and NetApp. Previously, he worked as a consultant to private industry and government. Val holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa.

Jerome Lecat, CEO, Scality

Jérôme Lecat is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with 15 years of Internet startup experience. He has lead multiple Internet startups to success.

Jérôme has also been active as a Business Angel and Board Member in several leading technology companies, including Vision Objects, the world leader in handwriting recognition, which was sold to DoubleDay in 2009.

Jérôme holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, a research masters degree on Cognitive Science from Université Paris VII. Jérôme attended the AMD program at INSEAD. Jérôme lives in San Francisco with his wife Anna and son Nathan.

Raghunath Nambiar, Performance Architect, Cisco Systems

Raghunath Nambiar has 18 years of technical accomplishments with significant expertise in computer system architecture and performance engineering. He has served on several industry standard committees for performance evaluation and benchmarking. He is a member of the board of directors of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) and chair of TPC's International Conference Series on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking. He has served on program committees of several academic and research conferences. He has published two books and over 30 industry-research papers. Currently a performance architect at Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) Business Unit. Prior to joining Cisco, he spent 16 years at Hewlett-Packard as a senior technologist. Raghu holds master's degrees from University of Massachusetts and Goa University.

Wes Perdue, Seagate

Wes Perdue’s current responsibilities include Seagate’s Enterprise Product Line Management Cloud Storage Strategy. For the past 10 years, he has held leadership positions in Seagate’s Strategic Technology Management, Business Development and Product Line Management. Prior to joining Seagate in 2001, he served as President of Danfoss Videk, an electronic imaging systems company. Earlier career highlights include General Manager and Vice President positions at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. Wes holds a patent on an Automated Document Imaging System and has a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business.

Erik Riedel Ph.D, Senior Director of Technology & Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure Group, EMC

Erik leads several engineering teams working to build cloud storage technology for deployment in private and public clouds. Focus areas include scalability, robustness, metadata-informed policy, multi-tenancy and security. Before joining EMC, Erik was Director of Interfaces & Architecture at Seagate Research in Pittsburgh, PA. The group he founded and led focused on novel storage devices and systems with increased intelligence to optimize performance, improve security, improve reliability, and enable smarter organization of data. The technology targeted both large-scale enterprise storage clusters and ad-hoc collections of consumer and mobile storage devices working together. Erik was an appointed and elected member of the SNIA Technical Council, and has helped lead industry-wide education, technology promotion and standardization efforts for that organization for many years. Previously, Erik was a researcher in the storage program at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Palo Alto, CA. He has authored and co-authored eleven granted patents and a number of pending patent applications, as well as numerous technical publications on a range of storage-related topics. Erik holds B.S., M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. His thesis work was on Active Disks as an extension to Network-Attached Secure Disks (NASD).

John Roese, CTO, Huawei

John is an industry recognized Chief Technology Officer and ICT visionary. Currently John is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Futurewei, Huawei’s North American R&D organization. Huawei is the world’s second largest telecom solution provider serving over 2 billion people in more than 140 countries. Futurewei provides technical expertise across all Huawei products including wireless, wire line, core networking, silicon development, terminals, software and solutions. John is also the executive leader of Huawei’s Enterprise Global Competency Center, which provides Enterprise technology innovation and incubation as well as sales, marketing and operations support for Huawei’s Enterprise field sales and marketing teams worldwide. Prior to Huawei, John was CTO of Nortel, the senior technology and R&D executive globally for the corporation, with functional responsibility for12,000 R&D staff and $1.7B annual budget. Prior to Nortel John was CTO for networking technologies at Broadcom Corporation. Prior to Broadcom, John was CTO, CMO and CIO of Enterasys Networks. John started his career at Cabletron Systems where he grew within the company ultimately becoming the global CTO.


Panel #2

"The Challenges of Cloud Archive and Preservation - Moving and Retaining Your Digital Information over the Long Term"

The Challenges of Cloud Archive and Preservation - Moving and Retaining Your Digital Information over the Long Term The focus of the discussion will be to tie in the work being done by the Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) group on developing a cloud storage interface standard—referred to as Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) and how a standard will help facilitate data migration between public cloud providers for archival and long term preservation services. The panel discussion will include industry experts from Spectra Logic (leading tape backup provider), BlueArc--now part of Hitachi Data Systems (specializing in high performance scale out NAS), Cleversafe (storage provider that solves “big data” scalability and reliability challenges) and Imerge Consulting (specialize in business process management and enterprise content management).

Moderator/Panelist's Bios

Marc Staimer, President & CDCS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

Marc Staimer is the founder, senior analyst, and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR. The consulting practice of 13 years has focused in the areas of strategic planning, product development, and market development. With over 31 years of marketing, sales and business experience in infrastructure, storage, server, software, and virtualization, he’s considered one of the industry’s leading experts.

Chad Thibodeau, Director of Product Management and Alliances, Cleversafe, Inc

Chad has more than 15 years of experience spanning defense, telecommunications and storage and is currently responsible for all product management and alliance activities at Cleversafe. Prior to joining Cleversafe, Chad held a Senior Product Management role at Compellent Technologies (now Dell), where he was responsible for all hardware products and relationships with partners such as Cisco, Intel and QLogic. Chad also held a Senior Product Line Management role at Dell responsible for a variety of server and storage products. Chad also has worked for telecommunication and defense companies—Comtech Telecommunications and Lockheed Martin. Chad holds an MBA degree from ASU’s High Technology Program and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering degree from Miami University of Ohio. Chad is Pragmatic Marketing Certified. Chad is also co-chair of SNIA's Cloud Archive SIG.

Don Post, Consulting Partner & Owner, IMERGE

Donald Post. IMERGE Consulting Partner & Owner. Previously, was Senior Manager of Xerox Professional Services, and a Senior Consultant with A.T. Kearney Management Consultants. Was AIIM2005 Conference Chair (program committee 2002-2005) , and TAWPI 2006 Conference Chair (program committee 2003-2006). Recognitions include Certified Document Imaging Architech (CDIA+) and TAWPI Information Capture Professional (ICP) certifications; AIIM ERMp and ECMp certificates; and AIIM LIT designation. Active in AIIM standards committees for digital archiving, IEEE Mass Storage Systems & Technology Initiatives (MSSTC2010), the SNIA.org Long Term Preservation Technical Working Group and SNIA.org Cloud Archive & Preservation SIG. Don leads IMERGE's training practice since 2005 for the AIIM Electronic Records Management (ERM) certificate program, TAWPI ICP and CDIA+. Focus is on industry education, enterprise infrastructure, technologies and policies for assuring excellence in information management. Member and past speaker of ARMA; member and professional development committee of NAGARA; and member of SAA. Collaborating with experts in jointly providing client consulting services for long-term digital preservation assessment, strategies, planning and architecture. Holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue and an MBA from Bradley.

Chris March, Market Development Manager, Spectra Logic

Christopher Marsh joined Spectra Logic in 2007 and has served in both sales and marketing roles for the organization. His field of expertise includes thorough knowledge in data storage, disaster recovery, automated tape technology, computer security and encoding and cryptography. In his current role as market development manager for Spectra, Marsh is responsible for research and analysis of the general IT commercial market. He develops, manages and oversees strategic relationship management with industry partners to maximize mutual corporate benefits. Chris is also an active member of SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative, Cloud Archive Special Interest group, and a part-time member in the Long Term Retention Technical Working Group. He manages content creation for Spectra Logic’s Active Archive and Cloud initiatives.

Thomas Rivera, Senior Technical Associate, BlueArc

Thomas Rivera has over 26 years of experience in the Storage Industry, covering both Primary and secondary storage, specializing in data protection technology. Thomas is currently a Senior Technology Associate with BlueArc. Thomas is also an active member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), participating as chair of the Data Protection and Capacity Optimization (DPCO) Committee.

Anand Babu Periasamy, CTO and Co-Founder, Gluster

"The Future of Cloud Storage"

Much of the innovation has happened only on the computing side, leaving storage behind as an after thought. Storage is still in the mainframes era: monolithic, hardware based and complicated. Cloud computing will drive the storage demands, forcing the storage industry to follow the cloud innovations. This will bring simplicity and scalability, commoditizing the whole storage ecosystem all together. Future of the cloud storage stack is going to look very much like the cloud computing stack, except the computing nodes will have more drives on each of them.

Speaker Bio
As CTO and Co-founder, AB sets the vision and strategy for the Gluster product platform. Prior to Gluster, AB served as CTO at California Digital Corporation, where his work led to the scaling of the commodity cluster computing to supercomputing class performance. He drove the adoption of cluster computing and GNU/Linux at enterprise data centers and helped close strategic accounts at CDC. In 2004, AB led the development of the world’s second fastest Supercomputer “Thunder”, for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. AB also serves on the board of “Free Software Foundation – India”. He is the author / contributor of various other Free Software projects like GNU FreeIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), GNU Garp (Gratuitous ARP Daemon), bios-config (edit/replicate CMOS parameters), librpci/hdb (RPC interpose for GNU Hurd) and Hymn/PlayFair (iTunes ripper), GNU Freetalk (Scheme extensible messenger for Jabber, Google talk), and Freehoo (Scheme extensible messenger for YahooIM). He holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India.

Bret Piatt, Director of Corporate Development, Rackspace

"Storing in the Cloud: What You Need to Know"

Your team has developed a new app that gives your organization a leg up on the competition, but what is the most optimal way to handle your company’s ever increasing storage needs?

Three of out every four U.S. CIOs surveyed by SNIA say they are already using or plan to use public cloud storage offerings. What are the factors that are leading to such a high adoption rate by today’s leaders?

The fact that some Cloud providers are able to make solutions available that previously might have taken a company’s IT staff many months to plan, finance and install has made this a no-brainer for many business leaders.

Rackspace’s Bret Piatt will discuss some of the new services and tools that Rackspace and other leading Cloud providers now offer to help companies manage their storage needs. Bret will also provide an update on OpenStack, a scalable open source cloud computing operating system supported by over one-hundred leading technology companies. He will also provide an update on cloud standards adoption, including the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI).

Speaker Bio
Bret Piatt is Director of Corporate Development where he is responsible for identifying and pursuing new growth opportunities for Rackspace’s core business through M&A, strategic partnerships, or incubation efforts. He played a crucial role in the formation of OpenStack, the open source cloud software community, as well as building the Cloud Tools ecosystem for the Rackspace Cloud. Previously, Bret was on the Product Management teams for both Rackspace and AT&T, where he was responsible for security and compliance product lines. His technical experience comes from his time at AT&T/SBC, where he designed carrier scale monitoring and management systems, optimized networks for enterprise customers, and performed lab testing on new products from potential suppliers and partners. Bret has more than 12 years experience working for service providers on leading edge projects and technologies from the beginning of VPN services to the currently emerging public cloud computing market. He is a also frequent speaker on cloud computing and big data technology at major industry events.

Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Research Staff Member, IBM

"Data-Intensive Storage Services on Clouds: The VISION Cloud Project"

The emergence of cloud environments has made feasible the delivery of Internet-scale services by addressing a number of challenges such as live migration, fault tolerance, and quality of service. However, current approaches do not tackle key issues related to cloud storage, which are of major importance given the amount of data produced by various sources (e.g., smart phones, cameras, social networks, etc).

In this tutorial we will present VISION Cloud (Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet), a three year large-scale European Union (EU) integrated research project on cloud storage. VISION Cloud aims at addressing the challenges of providing optimized data-intensive storage services and enablers to meet them. VISION Cloud is building a scalable and flexible infrastructure facilitating a new data model to raise the abstraction level of storage, data mobility, computational and content-centric access to storage as well as mechanisms for cost-efficiency with provisions for QoS and security guarantees. The primary deliverables of the VISION Cloud project will be an architecture and a reference implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure, to be validated through use cases. The architecture and deliverables will be in line with open storage standards currently developed in the industry. SNIA Europe is involved as a partner in VISION Cloud.

Speaker Bio
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen is a research staff member at the IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa, Israel. She holds M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in computer science, both from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Simona leads Preservation DataStores in the Cloud that provides preservation-aware cloud based storage services to ENSURE, a new European Union integrated project that may utilize the VISION Cloud infrastructure. Preservation DataStores was also the storage infrastructure component in the concluded CASPAR integrated project. In SNIA, Simona co-chairs Long Term Retention technical working group that develops the Self-contained Information Retention Format (SIRF). Prior to that, Simona was the leader of various projects in the area of information integration and knowledge management systems, including kiosk technology deployed in the Hermitage museum in Russia, data integration for performance management, integrated medical records, de-identification, biomedical information integration, and IBM Clinical Genomics solution.

Marc Staimer, President & CDCS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

"Cloud Storage’s “Organic” or Living Evolution"

Most storage associated and co-located with cloud applications (a.k.a. software as a service or SaaS) is repurposed storage from the legacy paradigm of DAS, SAN, or NAS. These types of storage systems were designed for a different age, or an era where everything required advanced planning. Changes to the storage capacity or performance must be anticipated and planned. Flexibility is limited. The Cloud era changes everything. Flexibility, adaptability, reliability, and resilience have a much higher bar to attain. Workloads constantly vary, demands flux up and down continuously, and storage systems must adapt on the fly to meet them in real-time. Cloud applications require the performance of DAS, SAN, or NAS systems, but cannot afford the cost or complexity they require.

Speaker Bio
Marc Staimer is the founder, senior analyst, and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR. The consulting practice of 13 years has focused in the areas of strategic planning, product development, and market development. With over 31 years of marketing, sales and business experience in infrastructure, storage, server, software, and virtualization, he’s considered one of the industry’s leading experts.

Susan Wu, Group Manager, Product Management, Systems Management Products Group, Oracle

"Cloud Storage in a PaaS World"

Cloud Storage has traditionally been seen as a component of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. But what about Platform as a Service (PaaS)? This talk will discuss what it takes to have a complete PaaS cloud stack that includes storage in many forms, including database as a service and middleware as a service. It will address what customers should look for in cloud offerings, and will cover the use cases and user requirements.

Speaker Bio
Susan Wu is Group Manager for product management and business development, with a focus on cloud and virtualization initiatives. Susan currently leads third party integrations and partnerships for Oracle's flagship application and cloud management suite Oracle Enterprise Manager. Previous to Oracle, Susan led technology adoption initiatives for AMD Virtualization Technology and Oracle Solaris and SPARC-based Virtualization Technology for Sun. She was a contributor to IDG's AMD's Virtualization for Dummies publication and is a frequent speaker at industry events on cloud computing and virtualization.

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