2016 Storage Developer Conference Agenda

AGENDA PREVIEW - Following is a preview of the breakout sessions, listing 29 industry and SNIA tutorial sessions:

Ahlvers, Richelle, Principal Storage Management Architect, Broadcom Limited
Overview of Swordfish: Scalable Storage Management

Ahlvers, Richelle, Principal Storage Management Architect, Broadcom Limited
Swordfish Deep-dive: Scalable Storage Management

Ahlvers, Richelle, Principal Storage Management Architect, Broadcom Limited
Autor, Jeff, HP Enterprise
Introduction and Overview of Redfish

Allison, Jeremy, Engineer, Samba Team/Google
SMB3 and Linux - A Seamless File Sharing Protocol

Bates, Stephen, Sr. Technical Director, Microsemi
Enabling Remote Access to Persistent Memory on an IO Subsystem using NVM Express and RDMA

Blott, Michaela, Principal Engineer, Xilinx/Research
Schubert, Endric, PhD CTO & Founder, MLE Heterogeneous Architectures for Implementation of High-capacity Hyper-converged Storage Devices

Dexter, Michael, Senior Analyst, iXsystems, Inc.
Corporate/Open Source Community Relationships: The OpenZFS Example

Douglas, Chet, Principal SW Engineer, Intel Corporation
Ramanujan, Raj, Sr. Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
RDMA Extensions for Accelerating Remote PMEM Access - HW and SW Considerations, Architecture, and Programming Models

Eswaraprasad, Vinod, Chief Architect, Wipro Technologies
Experience and Lessons from Accelerating Linux Application Performance Using NVMp

Grochowski, Edward, Consultant, Memory/Storage
Goglia Peter, President, VeriTekk Solutions
The Magnetic Hard Disk Drive Today’s Technical Status and Its Future

Handy, Jim, General Director, Objective Analysis
Coughlin Thomas, President, Coughlin Associates
IOPS: Changing Needs

Hellwig, Christoph
NVMe Over Fabrics Support in Linux

Inman, Jeff, Software Developer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Grider, Gary, HPC Div Director, LANL
MarFS: Near-POSIX Access to Object-Storage

Jelinek, Sarah, SW Architect, Intel Corp
Breaking Barriers: Making Adoption of Persistent Memory Easier

Klein, Andrew, Director, Product Marketing, Backblaze
Budman, Gleb, CEO, Backblaze Inc.
What One Billion Hours of Spinning Hard Drives Can Tell Us?

Li, Weigang, Software Engineer, Intel
Chagam, Anjaneya (Reddy), Principle Engineer, Intel
Hardware Based Compression in Ceph OSD with BTRFS

Luse, Paul, Principal Engineer, Intel
Kumar Konamki, Chandra, Sr Software Engineer, Microsoft
Building on The NVM Programming Model – A Windows Implementation

Martin, Bill, Principal Engineer Storage Standards, Samsung
Title: Standards for Improving SSD Performance and Endurance

McGinnis, Sean, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Dell
Boring IV, Walter, Software Engineer, HPE
Introduction to OpenStack Cinder

Miller, Vernon, Senior Software Engineer, IBM
Principe, Nick, Principal Software Engineer, EMC
Using SPEC SFS with the SNIA Emerald Program for EPA Energy Star Data Center Storage Program

Patil, Sandeep, Master Inventor, IBM
Thorat, Pushkar, Software Engineer, IBM
Object Storage Analytics : Leveraging Cognitive Computing For Deriving Insights And Relationships

Qadeer, Shaz, Principal Researcher, Microsoft
Huang, Cheng, Senior Researcher, Microsoft
Uncovering Distributed Storage System Bugs in Testing (not in Production!)

Resch, Jason, Senior Software Architect, IBM
Chadalapaka, Mallikarjun, Principle PM, Microsoft
Fun with Linearity: How Encryption and Erasure Codes are Intimately Related

Sengupta, Sudipta, Principal Research Scientist, Microsoft Research
Reducing Replication Bandwidth for Distributed Document-oriented Databases

Talpey, Tom, Architect, Microsoft
Low Latency Remote Storage - a Full-stack View

Tancheff, Shaun, Software Engineer, AeonAzure LLC
ZDM: Using an STL for Zoned Media on Linux

Turkoglu, Ali, Principle Software Engineer Manager, Microsoft
Storage Solutions for Private Cloud, Object Storage Implementation on Private Cloud, MAS/ACS

Voigt, Doug, Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The SNIA NVM Programming Model

Walker, Benjamin, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
SPDK - Building Blocks for Scalable, High Performance Storage Applications