2011 SDC Presentations

Best of Fast
Emulating Goliath Storage Systems with David
Leo Prasath Arulraj
Download (456 Kb)
A Study of Practical DeduplicationBill Bolosky Download (640 Kb)      

Hidden Gems in the NAS ProtocolsJames Cain Download (76 Kb) SAS Standards and Technology UpdateHarry Mason
Marty Czekalski
Download (1.5 Mb)
Through the Looking Glass; Debugging CIFS/SMB/SMB2Robert Randall
Christopher Hertel
Download (374 Kb)
File Systems and Thin ProvisioningFrederick Knight Download (290 Kb) Lessons Learned Implementing a Multi-threaded SMB2 Server in OneFSAravind Velamur Srinivasan Download (306 Kb)
Storage Data Movement OffloadFrederick Knight Download (120 Kb) Implementing SMB 2.1 in Likewise Storage ServicesGerald Carter Download (898 Kb) Data Integrity from Application to StorageWilliam Martin Download (175 Kb) Samba Status ReportVolker Lendecke Download (137 Kb) CTDB Status: Clustered Samba Growing UpMichael Adam Download (973 Kb)
Experiences in Clustering CIFS for IBM Scale Out Network Attached StorageDr. Jens-Peter Akelbein Download (262 Kb) A CIFS Geek in Exile: What I did on my HolidayChristopher Hertel Download (6.4 Mb) SMB 2.2: Bigger. Faster. Scalier - (Parts 1 and 2)David Kruse
Matthew George
Download Watch Video p1 Watch Video p2(894 Kb)
SMB 2.2 OVER RDMAThomas Talpey
Greg Kramer, Ph.D.
Download Watch Video Watch Video (449 Kb)
Advancements in Backup to Support Application Storage on a File ServerMolly Brown Download Watch Video (262 Kb)
SMB2: Advancements for WANMolly Brown
Mathew George
Download Watch Video (1 Mb)
Converting an Enterprise Application to Run on CIFS/SMB/SMB2 File Access ProtocolsKevin Farlee Download (184 Kb) Thinking Inside the Box: Embedded Active Directory / Storage Appliances Based on SambaKai Blin Download Watch Video (1.2 Mb) Accelerating SMB2Mark Rabinovich Download (894 Kb)  

Programming the CloudJohn Kilroy
Fleur Dragan
Download Watch Video(381 Kb)
CDMI for Cloud IPCDavid Slik Download Watch Video(324 Kb) Open Source Droplet Library with CDMI SupportGiorgio Regni Download (142 Kb) CDMI Federations, Year 2David Slik Download (319 Kb) CDMI Conformance and Performance TestingDavid Slik Download (335 Kb)
Use of Storage Security in the CloudDavid Dodgson Download Watch Video (404 Kb) Authenticating Cloud Storage with Distributed KeysJason Resch Download (204 Kb) Resilience at Scale in the Distributed Storage CloudAlma Riska Download Watch Video p1 Watch Video p2(1.2 Mb) Changing Requirements for Distributed File Systems in Cloud StorageWesley Leggette Download (1.5 Mb) Best Practices in Designing Cloud Storage Based Archival SolutionJim Rice DownloadWatch Video (211 Kb)
Tape’s Role in the CloudChris Marsh Download (210 Kb)        

Data Management
Long Term Information RetentionSam Fineberg
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen
Download (484 Kb)
Open Unified Data Protection and Business ContinuityDr. Anupam Bhide Download (432 Kb) A Centralized Data Protection Application for Cross Vendor Storage SystemsNishi Gupta
Prateek Sinha
Download (653 Kb)
Understanding Primary Storage Optimization OptionsJered Floyd Download (978 Kb) Etracker: Track Files on Your Laptop and Enhance Your Storage Using EmailUttam Kaushik Download Watch Video (114 Kb)
FCoE Direct End-Node to End-Node (aka FCoE VN2VN)John Hufferd Download (1.7 Mb)        

A Case Study: Unique NAS Issues and Solutions at The MathWorksIra Cooper Download (187 Kb) Deep Dive into CIM Client Development with SBLIMBrian Mason Download (271 Kb)      

Fibre Channel
16GFC Sets the Pace in Storage NetworksScott Kipp
Mark Jones
Download (769 Kb)
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)John Hufferd Download Watch Video(3.4 Mb) FCoE: The Next GenerationMichael Ko Download (513 Kb) Open-FCoE Software Initiator(s): Architecture, Management and PerformancePrafulla Deuskar Download (1.5 Mb)  

File Systems
NFSv4 Protocol DevelopmentTom Haynes, Ph.D. Download (251 Kb) The Impossible Takes Longer: Emulating Windows File System Semantics on POSIXJeremy Allison Download (524 Kb) Leveraging Btrfs TransactionsSage Weil Download (269 Kb) Ceph Distributed StorageSage Weil Download Watch Video(874 Kb) The Design and Evolution of the Apache Hadoop Distributed File SystemDhruba Borthakur Download Watch Video (279 Kb)
GPFS: Scale-Out File Storage John Palmer Pending GPFS-SNC: A Scalable File System for Analytics and CloudsPrasenjit Sarkar Download (983 Kb) Windows 8 File System Performance and Reliability Enhancements in NTFSNeal Christiansen Download (427 Kb) Windows 8: Storage Provisioning and ManagementShiv Rajpal Download (1.3 Mb) A Lightweight Layered Compressed File System with Hardware AccelerationShirish Phatak Download Watch Video (568 Kb)
Linear Tape File System (LTFS)Dr. David Pease Download (507 Kb) Implementing Alternate Data Streams in Likewise Storage ServicesWei Fu
Gerald Carter
Download (997 Kb)
Interoperability Tools for CIFS/SMB/SMB2Paul Long Download Watch Video(997 Kb)    

A Method to Vary the Host Interface Signaling Speeds in a Storage Array Driving Towards Greener StorageDr. M. K. Jibbe
Arun Rajendran
Download (259 Kb)
Vibration Management System for Storage PerformanceGus Malek-Madani Download Watch Video (1.8 Mb)      

Hot Topics
Advanced Format in Legacy Infrastructures – Disruptive or Transparent?Curtis Stevens Download (455 Kb) Programmable I/O Controllers as Data Center Sensor Networks: Build and Deliver High-Performance Network and Storage Solutions Sanjeev Datla
Shaun Walsh
Download (1.7 Mb)
The Role of InfiniBand and Automated Data Tiering in Achieving Extreme Storage PerformanceCynthia Mcguire Download (997 Kb)    

Keynote/Featured Speakers
Linux File & Storage Systems: Enabling the Latest Storage Hardware in LinuxRic Wheeler Download Watch Video (517 Kb) The Future of File Protocols: SMB 2.2 in the Data CenterDr. Thomas Pfenning
Jim Pinkerton
Download Watch Video (1.9 Mb)
Scalable Table Stores: Tools for Understanding Advanced Key-Value Systems for HadoopGarth Gibson Download (9.7 Mb) Evolving Enterprise Storage Models Resulting from the Flash RevolutionAndy Walls Download Watch Video (873 Kb) Leveraging the Cloud for Your Storage NeedsBret Piatt Download Watch Video (1.2 Mb)
Apache Hadoop Today and TomorrowEric Baldeschwieler Download Watch Video (1.2 Mb)        

NFS High Availability in WindowsRoopesh Battepati Download (538 Kb) NFSv3 and SMB/SMB2 Interoperability in Likewise Storage ServicesEvgeny Popovich Download (450 Kb) IETF NFSv4 Working Group: What's Next?Spencer Shepler Download (418 Kb) Scale-out NAS with NFS Referrals and pNFSDmitry Yusupov Download Watch Video(766 Kb)  

Smart Hybrid Storage based on Intelligent Data Access ClassificationM. K. Jibbe Download (293 Kb) SMB2: Advancements in Server Application PerformanceDan Lovinger Download Watch Video(293 Kb) Performence Analysis of iSCSI & iSER in MPIO EnvironmentSeikh Basiruddin Download (153 Kb)    

Using Protocol Fuzzing to Harden Storage Systems and to Protect Them from 0-day AttacksMikko Varpiola Download (2.3 Mb) Adding Role Based Access Control onto a Unix Storage PlatformSteven Danneman Download (9 Kb)      

Solid State
HDDs and Flash Memory: A Marriage of ConvenienceThomas Coughlin
Jim Handy
Download (5.6 Mb)
Enhance NAND to Expand Enterprise SSD MarketEsther Spanjer Download (3.3 Mb) Emerging Performance Tests for Solid State Storage DevicesEden Kim Download Watch Video (4.3 Mb) PCIe Solid State Storage DevicesRobert Randall Download (401 Kb) Hybrid Redundancy System New Approach to SSD RedundancyAvraham Meir Download (122 Kb)
Speeding Up Cloud/Server Applications Using Flash MemorySudipta Sengupta Download (122 Kb) SSDs in the CloudDave Wright Download (522 Kb) How Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash-Based DatabasesDr. John Busch Download Watch Video(983 Kb)    

Storage Management
Implementing a SMI-S Provider from Checkbox to Industrial StrengthSteve Peters Download Watch Video (1 Kb) Proxy Providers versus Embedded Providers (SMI-S)Srinivasa Reddy Gandlaparthi Download (532 Kb) “Windows Server 8” and SMB 2.2 - Advancements in ManagementJose Barreto Download Watch Video(1.9 Mb) Microsoft SMI-S Roadmap UpdateJeff Goldner Download (406 Kb)  

RESTful Fault InjectorJim Rice Download (239 Kb) An Extensible Open-Source ISCSI & SCSI Test ToolRichard Sharpe Download (430 Kb) Challenges of Testing Unified StoragePeter Murray Download (369 Kb)    

Advancements in Hyper-V StorageTodd Harris
Senthil Rajaram
Download Watch Video (199 Kb)
NAS for Server VirtualizationDennis Chapman Download (1 Mb)