SPDEcon Call for Presentations

Note: The deadline to submit a proposal to speak at SNIA’s Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference closed on March 25th.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at SPDEcon. SPDEcon sessions should provide insights into such technology areas as file systems, IO, storage system tuning and performance enhancement. Presentations on development of in-house software and augmenting open source software for storage and data infrastructure are planned. Topic submissions covering concepts pioneering state-of-the-art storage and data management, piloted in a deployment cycle of design, building and testing are also being solicited.

SPDEcon will provide a vendor-neutral learning experience whether you are a vendor employee, systems engineer, sysadmin, reseller, systems integrator, or technical consultant working in this area. Participate if you are part of that highly specialized “techno-geek” squad for any company, organization or department where these skills are expected of you.

SPDEcon will include SNIA Tutorials in the breakout sessions - see below.

Submit a Speaking Proposal for SPDEcon

Share your knowledge and experience in storage plumbing or data engineering by submitting a speaking proposal for SPDEcon. We are also accepting proposals for panel discussions and tutorial sessions.

Please note this is a call for presentation, no formal paper is required or expected. The standard session length will be 50 minutes.

To submit a speaking proposal for SPDEcon, visit:


Submit a SNIA Tutorial proposal for SPDEcon

SNIA Tutorials contain peer reviewed and vendor neutral content with a shared copyright that allows their wide reuse within SNIA and affiliate organizations. SNIA Tutorials are governed by the rules in the FAQ. Existing Tutorial content can be access through www.snia.org/tutorials.

To submit a SNIA Tutorial proposal for SPDEcon visit: