October 2017 Issue

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Hot News

SNIA Announces the 2017 100-Year Archive Survey

SNIA is seeking the help of IT and archiving professionals to complete a 2017 update to the 100-Year Archive Survey. The goals of the survey are to understand:
  • How archival practices have evolved in ten years
  • What type of information is now being retained and for how long
  • Changes in corporate practices
  • Practitioners’ experiences with terabyte-size archival systems
  • Impact of technology changes such as cloud
The first 100-Year Archive Survey was completed 10 years ago. This 2017 survey will help us update requirements, best practices, and solutions for the retention and preservation of long-term digital information. Please take the survey here. The survey will be open until the end of October 2017. Results will be published in early 2018. 

SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification V3.0 Released

SNIA Green TWG/GSI (Green Storage Initiative) has released V3.0 SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification.  Supporting materials for testers, including how-to guides and scripts, can be accessed here. The main new feature in the specification is the ability to test and measure energy metrics for file-based systems with the SPEC SFS2014 IO Load Generator.  SNIA will deliver V3.0 training for testers through a series of webinars starting in January 2018.
SNIA Green TWG/GSI is working with the EPA to have the Data Center for Storage Energy Star Program V1.1 specification reference the SNIA Emerald V3.0 Specification. Draft EPA specifications should be available in Q4 2017 for industry review and comment.  If you are a storage system manufacturer, please join the weekly Green TWG meetings and the joint EPA meetings to have your voice heard.  At the January 2018 SNIA Members’ Symposium, we are planning a one-day industry stakeholders' meeting to synch-up the industry across a number of topics. Details of last year’s stakeholders' meeting can be reviewed here.  
SNIA will continue the SNIA Emerald Recognized Testers Program for V3.0 Block IO.  SNIA GSI is looking for industry input to expand the program to include V3.0 File IO. Independent test labs may opt for SNIA Recognition to be quickly identified as capable testers to serve storage manufacturers who do not have a dedicated in-house Power Measurement test team.  Any questions about SNIA Emerald materials, meetings, specifications, or becoming involved can be sent to emerald@snia.org.  You can also sign up for the SNIA Emerald Newsletter to stay up-to-date on SNIA Emerald announcements.
Visit the Storage Energy Efficiency web page for a multitude of resources on storage energy efficiency including SNIA’s recent presentation at Storage Field Day.

Exclusive Interview with Three SNIA Leaders

Storage Newsletter’s Philippe Nicolas recently sat down with three SNIA leaders: Michael Oros, Richelle Ahlvers, and Don Deel. Read his interview to learn how SNIA continues to evolve with its most recent standards development work and the excitement around the new SNIA Swordfish™ storage management standard.

SNIA Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Joseph White accepts the Deborah K. Memorial Award
SNIA recently celebrated its 20th year in storage standards development with a reception that took place during its Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA. SNIA was very pleased to recognize two important SNIA award recipients during the reception who have shown years of hard work and dedication to SNIA’s mission. Bob Plumridge was named to the SNIA Hall of Fame and Joseph White was awarded the Deborah K. Johnson Memorial Award for his work with SNIA Education.

SNIA Europe Celebrates 18 Years

Bob Plumridge Accepts the Hall of Fame Award from Daniel Sazbon    
SNIA Europe celebrated its 18th anniversary last month in London at the Euston Square Hotel. The reception was attended by past and current SNIA members from a wide range of vendors. Bob Plumridge of Hitachi Data Systems and a member of the SNIA Europe Board of Directors accepted his induction into SNIA’s Hall of Fame at the London Event.

That’s a Wrap - Download SDC 2017 Presentations 

SNIA hosted another successful Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2017 which took place last month in Santa Clara, CA. With over 100 sessions, attendees praised the high caliber technical presentations that helped them to learn about new technologies. Non-Volatile Memory and Software Defined Storage were among the hot topics this year. There was also a full track dedicated to Storage Management and the new SNIA Swordfish specification.  Download the presentations from the conference here.
If you are interested in presenting at SDC 2018, watch for the Call for Presentations early in 2018.
Upcoming Webcasts

SNIA's New 100-Year Archive Survey: Ten Years Later
October 17, 2017
Thomas Rivera, SNIA-DPCO Co-Chair
Sam Fineberg, SNIA LTR TWG Co-Chair
Bob Rogers, Application Matrix
SNIA has embarked on an initiative to determine today’s requirements for the long-term digital preservation of information. A follow-up to the 100-Year Archive Study SNIA did 10 years ago, it’s now time to research the impact technology changes are having on information retention and preservation in the data center.
Join this webcast for an enlightening discussion on:

  • The need for digital preservation of Big Data
  • How to keep stored digital assets accessible, usable and undamaged
  • Accessing information past the life of any particular storage system or technology
  • Keeping long-term digital preservation affordable
  • How long-term information should be stored, secured and preserved
Plus you’ll have an opportunity to share your experiences by participating in the new 2017 100-Year Archive Survey.

Transactional Models & Their Storage Requirements
October 31, 2017
Alex McDonald, NetApp
J Metz, Cisco
We’re all accustomed to transferring money from one bank account to another; a credit to the payer becomes a debit to the payee. But that model uses a specific set of sophisticated techniques to accomplish what appears to be a simple transaction. We’re also aware of how today we can order goods online, reserve an airline seat over the Internet, or simply update a photograph on Facebook. Can these applications use the same models, or are new techniques required?
In this webcast, we’ll explore concepts like consistency, idempotency, 2 phase commit, and systems built on ACID databases stored on CRUD storage; and why now in the age of distributed systems we need to update our thinking to include eventual consistency, understand new theories such as the CAP Theorem and RESTfulness, and undertake transactional work in the face of unreliable and physically dispersed systems. We’ll then explain how all this can be accomplished with new application techniques built on modern storage systems. And yes, we’ll explain all the acronyms and nomenclature too.

Featured Video

SDC 2017 Wednesday Morning Keynote - Impact of Persistent Memory on SSDs and Fabrics 

SDC 2017 - Impact of Persistent Memory on SSDs and Fabrics - Panel Discussion
Terry Hulett - Everspin, Rick Kumar - Newisys, Andrei Vitaev - Mobiveil, Mark Carlson - Moderator
Featured Podcast

SMB3 in Samba – Multi-Channel and Beyond 
Michael Adam, Architect and Manager, Red Hat

Featured Event

Invitation: SNIA’s 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting — October 12th

SNIA members are cordially invited and encouraged to participate in our Annual Members’ Meeting. Mark your calendar: Thursday, October 12th at 8:00am - 9:00am Pacific Time. Join the SNIA Board, Chairman, Treasurer, and Executive Director as they announce the newly elected Board and Technical Council members. They will share an update on the organization’s technical and initiative/forum work, financial status, and strategy for the future of SNIA and the storage industry. Voting Member Company Representatives are specifically requested to join this call. Add to your calendar.

Find SNIA at these Events
SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting – Teleconference/WebEx - October 12, 2017
Storage Visions – Milpitas, CA – October 16, 2017
In-Memory Computing – San Francisco, CA – October 27-28, 2017
LISA17 - San Francisco, CA - October 29-November 3, 2017
Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany – November 23-24, 2017
Cloud Expo Europe Paris – Paris, France – November 29-30, 2017
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