Storage Energy Efficiency

There are many aspects to the study of "storage energy efficiency".  From power and cooling to efficiencies in data management, tiered storage, and virtualization, the topic list is as endless as the many components of information technology. SNIA members and companies are involved in a variety of activities, which are captured on this page with links to more details.

SNIA Emerald™ Program

The SNIA Emerald™ Program provides an envelope of activities and elements that further advance the use of storage system measurement procedures and test metrics as documented in the SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Specification. Activities include: 

  • Periodic comprehensive industry training on how to prepare and test a storage system for vendors and independent test labs
  • Joint industry stake holder meetings with regulatory bodies for the reference and user of the Power Efficiency Specification
  • Elevating awareness of industry and national regulatory testing programs and alaysis of submitted test reports
  • Cross-industry alliances for testing tools, methods, and policy setting recommendations

SNIA Green Storage Initiative

The SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI) is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and conservation in all networked storage technologies and minimizing the environmental impact of data storage operations. The GSI establishes and maintains cross-industry relationships and alliances to coordinate and advance data center energy efficiency related programs, test and measurement methods, and standards. More information is at

SNIA Green Storage Technical Work Group (TWG)

The SNIA Green Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) is the author of the SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Specification.  This specification is a building block for national and regulatory testing programs driving energy efficiency.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Program for Data Center Storage references the SNIA Emerald Specification and publshes storage vendor system test reports for public use to aid IT procurement, IT planning, and IT operations.

SNIA Emerald™ Standards Specifications Portfolio

Version Title Release Date Comments
V3.0.1 SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification V3.0.1
September 2017 Technical Position
V2.1.1 SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification V2.1.1 (pdf) December 2015 Technical Position
V2.02 SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification V2.0.2 (pdf) August 2013 Technical Position
V1.0 SNIA Emerald™Power Efficiency Measurement Specification v1.0 8/2011 (pdf) August 2011 Technical Position

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