SNIA’s Hall of Fame and Profiles in Achievement

SNIA’s Profiles in Achievement Welcome to SNIA’s Profiles in Achievement page—our virtual “Hall of Fame.” Established in 2008, this SNIA recognition program will periodically recognize and promote the outstanding contributions made by those SNIA members and volunteers who have significantly impacted our Association since its inception in 1997. The success of the SNIA has always depended upon the dedication, hard work, and commitment of its volunteers. We are pleased to honor key contributors in SNIA’s history. We thank SNIA’s Executive Committee and Staff Management Team for their efforts at maintaining the criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Fame and for ultimately taking on the incredible challenge of choosing our honorees—a daunting task indeed.

Note: the information contained in the profiles of our honorees has been supplied by these designated individuals. The SNIA and the Profiles in Achievement Selection Committee are not responsible for the accuracy of the content.


Featured Honorees

Honoring and Inducting

David Dale

Rob Peglar

Officially Inducted and Presented on January 26, 2021 at the SNIA Annual Members' Symposium