May 2022
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SNIA Storage Security Summit is Tomorrow – May 11th

The SNIA Storage Security Summit is taking place this Wednesday, May 11, 2022. See the impressive lineup of global security experts who will dive into the most pressing security challenges, emerging storage security technologies, standards, and more.
And don’t miss “Storage Security: Preparing for Disruption.” This live roundtable features internationally recognized experts who will set the stage for the Summit. They will discuss threat and regulatory landscapes as they relate to storage, storage security challenges and opportunities with an eye to possible future directions, as well as the concept of “reasonable” security within the context of storage, including legal implications and ramifications.
View the Agenda and Register Here

SNIA Swordfish 1.2.4 Now a Working Draft

SNIA Swordfish™ 1.2.4 has been released as a Working Draft. This version adds enhanced support for NVMe® and NVMe-oF™ configurations, with detailed requirements for JBOF and EBOFs, and NVMe-oF fabric-attached configurations. The release also includes corresponding enhancements to the NVMe Model Overview and Mapping Guide. It includes new content in both the User’s Guide and the Error Handling Guide, and a new white paper “Metrics and Telemetry in Swordfish.” Swordfish is the ONLY option for a standardized interface to manage NVMe devices at scale, while addressing increasing customer demand for interoperability.
Download the Draft Bundle
Featured Events

Exciting Agenda for the 2022 SNIA PM+CS Summit

Our 10th annual Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit is right around the corner on May 24 and 25, 2022.  We remain virtual this year, and hope this will offer you more flexibility to watch our live-streamed mainstage sessions, chat online, and catch our always popular Computational Storage birds-of-a-feather session. You won’t want to miss seeing technology leaders present on computational memory, Compute Express Link(CXL), NVM Express®, SNIA Smart Data Accelerator Interface (SDXI), and Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe). 
Read more in our blog, watch our Summit preview video, and access complimentary registration.

Speak at SDC 2022

Join us at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley on September 12-15, 2022 by speaking at SDC 2022. The Call for Presentations is currently open. Gain exposure to the work you are doing and share your knowledge and experience by submitting a proposal for consideration today. Submission process closes on June 17th.
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SNIA is pleased to welcome new members:


Twist Bioscience

Read the Twist Bioscience press release on joining SNIA.

Yangtze Memory
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.
Featured Video

SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit 2022 Preview

David McIntyre, Chair of the SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit, previews the 2022 event and its stellar lineup.
Featured Podcast

PCIe® 6.0: A High-Performance Interconnect for Storage Networking Challenges 

by Mohiuddin Mazumder, Principal Engineer, PCI-SIG, Intel
Upcoming Webcasts
SmartNICs to xPUs – Why is the Use of Accelerators Accelerating?
May 19, 2022
Joseph White, Dell Technologies; Jai Menon, Fungible; Lior Khermosh, NeuReality; John Kim, NVIDIA; Alex McDonald, Independent Consultant
As applications continue to increase in complexity and users demand more from their workloads, there is a trend to again deploy dedicated accelerator chips to assist or offload the main CPU. These new accelerators (xPUs) have multiple names such as SmartNIC, DPU, IPU, APU, NAPU. How are these different than GPU, TPU, CPU? xPUs accelerate and offload functions including math, networking, storage, cryptography, security, and management. This webcast will cover key topics about, and clarify questions surrounding, xPUs.
Storage Life on the Edge: Accelerated Performance Strategies
June 15, 2022
Amanda Saunders, NVIDIA; Tushar Gohad, Intel; Alex McDonald, Independent Consultant
An increasing percentage of data is generated and processed at the edge of the network. With this trend comes the need for faster computing, access to storage, and movement of data at the edge as well as between the edge and the data center. This webcast will cover:
  • The increasing need to do more at the edge across compute, storage and networking
  • The rise of intelligent edge locations
  • Different solutions that provide faster processing or data movement at the edge
  • How computational storage can speed up data processing and transmission at the edge
  • Security considerations for edge processing
xPU Accelerator Offload Functions
June 29, 2022
Joseph White, Dell Technologies; John Kim, NVIDIA; Jai Menon, Fungible; Yadong Li, Intel; David McIntyre, Samsung
This second webcast in this xPU webcast series will cover a deeper dive into the accelerator offload functions of the xPU. We’ll discuss what problems the xPUs are coming to solve, where in the system they live, and the functions they implement, focusing on network, security, compute and storage offloads.
Event Schedule
Find SNIA at these Events
SNIA Storage Security Summit – Virtual – May 11, 2022
SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit – Virtual – May 25-26, 2022  
SODACODE 2022 – Virtual – May 25-26, 2022
SNIA's SDC EMEA 2022 – Virtual – June 14, 2022
SMB3 Interoperability Lab at SDC EMEA – June 14-16, 2022
APTS and SNIA Technical Symposium – Hybrid – Portland, OR and Virtual – July 25-29, 2022
Flash Memory Summit 2022 – Santa Clara, CA – August 2-4, 2022
SNIA's SDC India 2022 – Virtual – August 5-6, 2022
SNIA's Storage Developer Conference – Fremont, CA - September 12-15, 2022
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