October 2018 Issue

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Hot News

Introducing the SNIA Networking Storage Forum

The SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum (ESF) has some exciting news! An updated charter that better reflects what’s happening in the world of networked storage, and a new name: The Networking Storage Forum – NSF for short. For the last few years, ESF has been working hard to provide high-quality educational material related to all kinds of storage. Many of our discussions extend beyond just the type of wire that is used. Today, there are new systems that are bringing storage to completely new audiences. From scale-up to scale-out, from disaggregated to hyperconverged, RDMA, and NVMe-oF, there is more to storage networking than just your favorite transport.
To that end, we’ve updated our charter to be even more inclusive of technologies that are relevant to storage and networking. In the NSF we’ll continue to produce top-quality, vendor-neutral material related to storage networking solutions, talking about:
  • Storage Protocols (iSCSI, FC, FCoE, NFS, SMB, NVMe-oF, etc.)
  • Architectures (Hyperconvergence, Virtualization, Storage as a Service, etc.)
  • Storage Best Practices
  • New and developing technologies
  • and more!
Click here to learn more about the NSF

CDMI Now an Open Source Standard

SNIA has made the move to make the next release of the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) 2.0 an Open Source Standard. The change enables non-SNIA members to contribute to the ISO standard through the CDMI GitHub repository by simply signing the SNIA Contributor License Agreement.  
CDMI 2.0 will be a major revision to the specification. We’ve modernized the development of CDMI by using an open source tool chain for creating the standard itself. This makes it significantly easier to spread the work across a broader community. Now we can accept pull (change) requests on the CDMI specification from non-members. CMDI extensions are mature with multiple commercial and open source implementations in use.  Learn how you can contribute to CDMI 2.0. We look forward to new participants. For questions regarding CDMI 2.0, please contact Arnold Jones, SNIA Technical Council Managing Director.

SDC 2018 Presentations Now Available for Download

Over 100 presentations from SDC 2018 are available for download on topics including NVMe & NVMe over Fabrics, Persistent Memory, Orchestration, Object Storage, Performance, Storage Architecture and more.

Download SDC 2018 Presentations Here

SNIA Announces a New Storage Advanced Certification Exam

Building on a legacy of industry certifications, SNIA has made a significant investment in the development of a brand-new, vendor-neutral certification examination that will focus on contemporary storage technology, covering subjects that include cloud storage, storage security, flash and hybrid arrays, and file and object storage. Anyone passing this exam will earn the new SNIA Certified Information Architect (SCIA) credential.
The SCIA credential will provide the student with the expertise on how to design, plan, and architect a storage infrastructure of storage transport, back-end storage targets and best practices within an efficient total cost of ownership.
This new Storage Networking Exam will replace the following exams and will become a requirement for the Storage Networking Expert credential:
  • S10-210 Storage Networking Management & Administration exam
  • S10-310 Storage Networking Planning Assessment & Design exam
If you have already registered to take one of the existing exams, you can continue to do so as the exams will remain available until the end of this year.  The existing credentials will be recognized for a period of three years from the date of expiry. 
Learn how you can become a SNIA Certified Information Architect

SNIA’s 2018 Annual Members Meeting 

You are cordially invited and encouraged to participate in our Annual All Members Meeting. Mark your calendar: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 8:00am - 9:00am Pacific Time.

Join the SNIA Board, Chairman, Treasurer, and Executive Director for an update on the organization’s vision, mission, technical and initiative/forum work, financial health, and strategy for the future of SNIA and the storage industry! Be in the know – join us for this 45-minute update (detailed agenda and call logistics to follow).
Voting Member Company Representatives are specifically requested to dial–in or arrange for a proxy company representative (quorum required).

Featured Blog
Which performs faster - centralized or distributed storage? It's just one of the questions answered this FAQ blog.
SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new members:
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.
Featured Video

SDC 2018 - Tunneling through Barriers:  The Key to the Evolution of Solid State Memory

Presented by: Andy Walker, Vice President of Product, Spin Transfer
Featured Event

Storage Visions 2018 – Register Now for $100 Savings on Conference Rates

Join SNIA at Storage Visions, October 22-23, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, where SNIA leaders will present in four sessions:
  • John Kim, SNIA Networking Storage Forum Chair, in: Circling the Wagons – Memory/Storage Centric Computing
  • Jim Pappas, SNIA Vice Chair, in: Good Monsters – Emerging Memory Technologies Battle the Data Horde
  • Eden Kim, SNIA Solid State Storage Technical Work Group Chair, in: Epic Battles with Classic Heroes – Flash, HDDs, and Tape Slay Data Challenges
  • Richelle Ahlvers, SNIA Scalable Storage Management Technical Work Group Chair, in: Software Visions for High Performance Applications – Holding the Beast at Bay
SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative is also the sponsor of: Outrunning the Tsunami- NVMe and NVMe-over-Fabrics Opportunities, and will demonstrate Persistent Memory performance solutions in their booth on the exhibit floor.

Click here to register and receive $100 off the full conference rate.
Upcoming Webcasts

The 100-Year Archive Survey Results 2007-2017
October 11, 2018
Sam Fineberg, Thomas Rivera, Bob Rogers
The Long Term Retention Technical Working Group and the Data Protection Committee will review the results of the 2017 100-year archive survey. In addition to the survey results, the presentation will cover the following topics:

  • How the use of storage for archiving has evolved in ten years
  • What type of information is now being retained and for how long
  • Changes in corporate practices
  • Impact of technology changes such as cloud
Flash Storage with 24G SAS Leads the Way in Crunching Big Data
October 24, 2018
Greg McSorley, Amphenol; Rick Kutcipal, Broadcom; Kevin Marks, Dell; Jeremiah Tussey, Microsemi
The recent data explosion is a huge challenge for storage and IT system designers. How do you crunch all that data at a reasonable cost? Fortunately, your familiar SAS comes to the rescue with its new 24G speed. Its flexible connection scheme already allows designers to scale huge external storage systems with low latency. Now the new high operating speed offers the throughput you need to bring big data to its knobby knees! Our panel of storage experts will present practical solutions to today’s petabyte problems and beyond.
Create a Smarter and More Economic Cloud Storage Architecture
November 7, 2018
Michelle Tidwell, IBM; Eric Lakin, University of Michigan; Mike Jochimsen, Kaminario; Alex McDonald, NetApp

Building a cloud storage architecture requires storage vendors, cloud service providers and large enterprises to consider new technical and economic paradigms in order to enable a flexible and cost efficient architecture. In this webcast, you will learn:
  • How modern storage technology allows you to build this infrastructure
  • The role of software defined storage
  • Accounting principles that impact CapEx and OpEx 
  • How to model cloud costs of new applications and/or re-engineering existing applications
  • Performance considerations
Networking Requirements for Scale-Out Storage
November 14, 2018
Rob Davis, Mellanox; Saqib Jang, Chelsio; Fred Zhang, Intel

Scale-out storage is increasingly popular for cloud, high-performance computing, machine learning, and certain enterprise applications. It offers the ability to grow both capacity and performance at the same time and to distribute I/O workloads across multiple machines. 

But unlike traditional local or scale-up storage, scale-out storage imposes different and more intense workloads on the network. Clients often access multiple storage servers simultaneously; data typically replicates or migrates from one storage node to another, and metadata or management servers must stay in sync with each other as well as communicating with clients. Due to these demands, traditional network architectures and speeds may not work well for scale-out storage, especially when it’s based on flash. Join this webinar to learn:
  • Scale-out storage solutions and what workloads they can address
  • How your network may need to evolve to support scale-out storage 
  • Network considerations to ensure performance for demanding workloads
  • Key considerations for all flash
Virtualization and Storage Networking Best Practices
January 17, 2019
Cody Hosterman, Pure Storage; Jason Massae, VMware; J Metz, Cisco

With all the different storage arrays and connectivity protocols available today, knowing the best practices can help improve operational efficiency and ensure resilient operations. VMware’s storage global service has reported many of the common service calls they receive. In this webcast, we will share those insights and lessons learned by discussing:
  • Common mistakes when setting up storage arrays 
  • Most valuable configurations 
  • How to maximize the value of your array and vSphere
Find SNIA at these Events
SNIA Annual Members Meeting – Conference Call – October 11, 2018
Storage Visions – Santa Clara, CA – October 22-23, 2018
SNIA Annual Members Symposium - San Jose, CA – January 21-25, 2019
Persistent Memory Summit – Santa Clara, CA – January 24, 2019
SDC EMEA - Tel Aviv, Israel - January 30, 2019
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