April 2022
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SNIA's SDC 2022 Will be Face-to-Face

We are excited to announce that SNIA's Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2022 is scheduled to be a face-to-face event!

Taking place at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley on September 12-15, 2022, SDC continues to be the destination for technical discussions and education on the latest storage technologies and standards. 
The Call for Presentations is currently open. Gain exposure to the work you are doing and share your knowledge and experience by submitting a proposal for consideration today. Submission process closes on June 17th.

SNIA Industry Advisory – IEEE Media Sanitization Standard

The SNIA Data Protection & Privacy Committee (DPPC) regularly publishes industry advisories to keep our members and the broader storage community aware of important forthcoming standards and legislation. The latest advisory directs attention to a new IEEE security standard that is nearing publication.
It is recommended that you examine the details of the IEEE standard when published as it is likely to be adopted as part of the broader storage security standards published by ISO.
Access the SNIA Advisory Here

A Primer on the NVMe® Management Ecosystem

Storage management has traditionally either used vendor-specific tools, a collection of unrelated tools for different tasks or a standards-based management ecosystem with scalability constraints. The SNIA Storage Management Initiative (SMI) team and NVMe experts from across the storage industry have been developing a cohesive suite of management capabilities that work together to support the various requirements of NVMe customers and providers.
This TechTarget article by Richelle Ahlvers and Curtis Ballard provides a primer on the NVMe management ecosystem and explains why SNIA Swordfish™ is the only option for a standardized interface to manage NVMe devices at scale.
Read the Article Here

Download the SNIA Dictionary

The SNIA Dictionary is a glossary of storage networking, data, and information management terminology. It has over 3,800 technical terms clearly and succinctly defined by the SNIA Technical Council with frequent updates during the year. The Dictionary download updates dynamically, so you will always have the most recent version.
Download the Latest Version Here
Featured Events

SNIA Storage Security Summit

The SNIA Storage Security Summit is taking place on May 11th 2022. Standards, regulations and technologies are all moving quickly in the security space. This one-day virtual event will bring together experts on the front lines to cover: 
  • Emerging storage security technologies
  • Storage security standards and specifications
  • Cybersecurity and ransomware
  • Data privacy
  • Media sanitization
  • Zero Trust
Sponsor opportunities are still available, but these will close on April 15th.
Learn More About Sponsorship Opportunities

Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit

Complimentary registration is now open for the 2022 SNIA Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit. This two-day virtual event on May 24-25, 2022 will feature keynote talks, panels, and breakout sessions on computational memory, computational storage, Compute Express Link™ (CXL), persistent memory, and solid-state storage. The Summit will also include solution demonstrations and interactive Birds of a Feather sessions. Sponsorship opportunities are available.
The preliminary agenda is now live along with registration details.
Complimentary Registration is Open - Register Here.
What We've Been Blogging About

Storage Edge Use Cases Q&A
A panel of SNIA experts answer questions on real-world edge use cases, the implications for storage, and the benefits of computational storage standards.

5G, Edge, and Industry 4.0 Q&A
The confluence of 5G networks, AI and machine learning, industrial IoT, and edge computing are driving the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. This blog clarifies answers to some intriguing questions surrounding Industry 4.0.

Processing and Managing Edge Data Q&A
SNIA experts answer questions on key considerations when managing and processing data generated at the edge.

Scaling Storage to New Heights
Processing and storing data in shockingly huge numbers raises some interesting points on how scale is quickly being redefined and what was cost compute prohibitive a few years ago for most, may be in reach for all sooner than expected.
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Featured Podcast

Future of Storage Platform Architecture 

by Mohan Kumar, Intel Fellow, Intel and Anjaneya ‘Reddy’ Chagam, Principal Engineer and Chief SDS Architect, Intel
Upcoming Webcast
Storage Life on the Edge: Security Challenges
April 27, 2022
Eric Hibbard, Samsung; Thomas Rivera, VMware; David McIntyre, Samsung
The complex and changeable structure of edge computing, together with its network connections, massive real-time data, challenging operating environment, distributed edge cloud collaboration, and other characteristics, create a multitude of security challenges. This panel of experts will explore these challenges and wade into the debate as to whether existing security practices and standards are adequate for this emerging area of computing. Join us for a discussion that will cover:
  • Understanding the key security issues associated with edge computing
  • Identify potentially relevant standards and industry guidance (e.g., IoT security)
  • Offer awareness of new security initiatives focused on edge computing
SmartNICs to xPUs – Why is the Use of Accelerators Accelerating?
May 19, 2022
Joe White, Dell Technologies; Jai Menon, Fungible; Lior Khermosh, NeuReality; John Kim, NVIDIA; Alex McDonald, Independent Consultant
As applications continue to increase in complexity and users demand more from their workloads, there is a trend to again deploy dedicated accelerator chips to assist or offload the main CPU. These new accelerators (xPUs) have multiple names such as SmartNIC, DPU, IPU, APU, NAPU. How are these different than GPU, TPU, CPU?

xPUs accelerate and offload functions including math, networking, storage, cryptography, security, and management. This webcast will cover key topics about, and clarify questions surrounding, xPUs.
Event Schedule
Find SNIA at these Events
SmartNICs Summit – San Jose, CA – April 26-28
OpenFabrics Alliance Workshop 2022 – Virtual – April 26-28
SNIA Storage Security Summit – Virtual – May 11, 2022
Persistent Memory + Computational Storage Summit – Virtual – May 24-25, 2022  
SODACODE 2022 – Virtual – May 25-26, 2022
SNIA's SDC EMEA 2022 – Virtual – June 14, 2022
SMB3 Interoperability Lab at SDC EMEA – June 14-16, 2022
Flash Memory Summit – Santa Clara, CA - August 2-4, 2022
SNIA's SDC India 2022​ - Virtual - August 5-6, 2022
SNIA's Storage Developer Conference – Fremont, CA - September 12-15, 2022
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