About SNIA Emerald™

The Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) Green Storage Initiative (GSI) is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency for networked storage systems through best practices and energy measurement metrics. The SNIA’s Green Storage activities are coordinated and delivered through the SNIA Green Storage Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Green Storage Initiative. The GSI is responsible for market development and adoption of the SNIA Emerald™ Program, IT industry requirements for the Green Storage TWG technical specifications, and cross-industry alliances and relationships with national bodies energy programs, standards bodies, and energy testing services.

A core objective of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Emerald™ Program is to provide public access to storage system power usage and efficiency through use of a well-defined testing procedure, and additional information related to system power. The measurement procedure, the SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification, was developed and released, and is maintained by the Green Storage Technical Working Group under the guidance of the Green Storage Initiative of the SNIA.  The SNIA Emerald Program includes these activities and programs: industry stakeholder meetings regarding test methods and storage architecture trends, research and analysis of test methods, research and analysis of test results, tester training, recognized tester program, whitepapers, and cross-industry collaboration.