SNIA Tutorials


SNIA Tutorials are educational materials developed by vendors, training companies, analysts, consultants, and end-users in the storage networking industry.  They are intended to present technical and business issues covering Information Technology in a fair and unbiased manner, and designed to give a consensus view of particular topics, from the viewpoint of the entire industry or a significant segment (i.e. IP Storage). 

Developed by SNIA member participants, all SNIA Tutorials are peer-reviewed by members of the SNIA. Submissions are typically, but not exclusively, submitted by SNIA members, including vendors, training companies, analysts, consultants, and end-users. Given the technical education nature of these sessions, some topics may be covered in multiple, successive sessions with increasing complexity. Organized by track, SNIA Tutorials are vendor-neutral and are designed to give a consensus, industry view of particular topics of contemporary concern to the industry and its customers. Tutorials are jointly owned by the SNIA and the author and are produced, branded, and delivered by the SNIA. 

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SNIA Tutorials are a 45-minute format for a presentation. SNIA Emerald leverages several different programs to deliver timely materials to industry, in addition to the SNIA Tutorial Program which includes presentations at industry conferences, SNIA Emerald Tester Training, Industry Stakeholder meetings and online webinars such as Brightalk. To reference these sources, please visit these URLs: