Materials for testing with the SNIA Emerald™ Specification V2.1

Note: Industry Advisory Notice, April 22, 2016 - The EPA Energy Star progam recommends that storage products be tested using Emerald Version 2.1.1 moving forward. See the ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage Memo Regarding Version 1.0 Program Requirements Update - April 22, 2016. If there are any questions, please email

This page provides access to the materials needed to perform power efficiency measurements based on Measurement Specification v2.1.1.

A revision history of materials listed on this page is available.


The SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification is developed and maintained by the SNIA Green Storage Technical Working Group. The current version is Version 2.1.1 dated December 2, 2015. The changes are minor and materials lists on this page as applying to Version 2.1.0 also apply to Version 2.1.1.

Download the  SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification v2.1.1

[For materials for testing based on Measurement Specification v2.0.2, visit]


Vdbench is an I/O workload generator, developed by Oracle, referenced by the Measurement Specification for use in Emerald testing.

Either Version 5.04.03 or 5.04.05 of Vdbench must be used when testing using Measurement Specification v2.1.1.

Vdbench Script

The Measurement Specification requires use of the the Vdbench Script provided here to control the Vebench workload generator during Emerald testing. The current version is 2015_09_16.

COM Test Data Set Generator

The Measurement Specification requires use of the COM Test Data Set Generator software to generate data sets for using in testing the existence of various COM features. The current version is V1.17 dated April 13, 2016.

What Has Changed?

The What has Changed? SNIA Emerald™ Measurement Specification V2.0.2 to V2.1.1 document provides a summary overview of the changes made between Measurement Specification V2.0.2 and V2.1.1 and the significance and impact of these changes on Emerald testers. The current version is Version 1.0 Revision 3 dated April 8, 2016.

Quick Reference Guide

The Quick Reference Guide For Online (Active) Storage Systems Testing helps Emerald testers to understand what needs to be done to run tests on online (active) storage systems in accord with the Measurement Specification. The current version is dated October 29, 2015.

User Guide

User Guide for the SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification V2.1.1 is available for download. This document is an informative guide for those planning to test in accordance with the Measurement Specification. The current version is Version 2.0 Revision 7 dated September 30, 2015. 


Materials from training sessions on using the Measurement Specification to test a storage product and submit test results are available.

Test Data Report Template

The Emerald Test Data Report Template serves as both the input form for your test data and (after conversion to PDF format) as the display format for data that has been submitted to the Emerald data publication program. The current version is V2.1.1-01.

Tester's Kit

The above materials are available as a single, easy-to-download file, the Emerald Tester's Kit. The current version is dated April 20, 2016. This kit is updated whenever any of the contents are changed. The Vdbench software is not included due to software licensing constraints. Training materials are not included due to size constraints.

Test Result Publication through SNIA Emerald™ Program

The following materials are for those desiring to submit Emerald Test Results for publication by the SNIA Emerald™ Program.

Order Form for publication of test data

The SNIA Emerald Order form allows you to choose the method of payment and to fax or email your payment or PO information.

Download the SNIA Emerald Order Form.

Legal Terms 

These are the legal terms for submitting and downloading data to/from the SNIA Emerald Test Data publication program.

The Terms of Submittal define your legal obligations in submitting data to the Emerald program. View the Terms of Submittal.

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