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The SNIA is a non-profit global organization dedicated to developing standards and education programs to advance storage and information technology.

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Work with the SNIA Technical Work Groups Face-to-Face

Non-SNIA members are invited to the 12th Annual Alliance Partner Technical Symposium, July 23-27, 2018, in Portland, OR. Hosted by The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), this is unique opportunity for non-SNIA members to see what technical specification and standards each TWG is developing. There is no cost to attend. Learn more.

Servers and storage rapidly adopting 25GbE and 100 GbE networking

John Kim, Chair of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum, writes about how faster network speeds have been changing not only network storage equipment, but also network deployment models.

Let's Talk Fabrics

Watch Dr. J Metz, SNIA Board of Directors, explain what’s special about NVMe over Fabrics at this Storage Field Day event, or download the presentation here. Learn how NVMe-oF works with RDMA-based and Fibre Channel-based storage networks, and what may be coming in the future.


Technology Communities

Members who volunteer to be part of the many SNIA Technical Work Groups gain in-depth expert knowledge of the standards in development.

Learn more about SNIA's technical work and standards.

Blogs, Webcasts & Podcasts


Upcoming Webcast: State of The SNIA Persistent Memory Security Threat Model
The SNIA PM security threat model provides a starting place for exposing system behavior, protocol and implementation security gaps that are specific to PM.
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Accelerating the Adoption of Next-Generation Storage Technologies
Introduction to the Storage Networking Industry Association
SNIA Storage Blog


Upcoming Webcast: Cloud Mobility and Data Movement
In this webcast, we’re going to explore some of these data movement and mobility issues with real-world examples from the University of Michigan.
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A Q&A from the FCoE vs. iSCSI vs. iSER Debate
The friendly debate by ESF experts generated some very interesting question and answers.


SNIA Events

From multi-day conferences to symposia to webcasts, SNIA develops and participates in events across the industry and around the world.

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Certification Programs

The SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP) provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials that integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications.

Learn more about the program and the benefits of becoming certified.

Certification Levels


The SNIA certification program was recently ranked by CIO Magazine as a "Top 7 Storage Certification," stating that IT professionals who earn the certification "join an elite group of storage networking professionals at the top of their games."


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