November 2018 Issue

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SNIA Announces 2018-2019 Board of Directors and Technical Council

SNIA has announced its 2018-19 Board of Directors and Technical Council.  As a globally recognized and trusted authority, SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement and security of information. 
The SNIA Board directs the execution of SNIA’s mission and vision. “We are excited to see the major system vendors and connectivity innovators joining the SNIA Board,” said Michael Oros, SNIA Executive Director. “With Dell EMC rejoining, Supermicro’s earlier appointment, and Broadcom representatives elected to the Board and Technical Council, we have key industry leaders working together in a broad range of focus areas, including new initiatives in computational storage, energy efficiency, storage in cloud environments, and data security."
Read the press release

2019 Persistent Memory Summit - Call for Presentations: Deadline November 15th

All SNIA members and colleagues are encouraged to submit a proposal to speak at the 7th annual Persistent Memory Summit on January 24, 2019, co-located with the SNIA Annual Members Meeting. The 2019 event will focus on persistent memory applications, the impact of persistent memory and how to implement in today's environments, and will include many opportunities for networking, including an evening reception. We welcome submissions from developers and users of persistent memory applications, including in-memory, future technologies, and remote persistent memory.  Deadline to submit is November 15, 2018.
Register here to attend. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.
See this year’s Persistent Memory sponsorship opportunities or contact

Over 100 Presentations from SDC Now on SNIAVideo

Whether you missed this year’s SDC, didn’t have time to get to all the sessions you wanted, or you’d like to share what you saw with colleagues, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the SDC 2018 playlist on the SNIAVideo YouTube channel where you’ll find expert keynote and breakout presentations on:

  • Storage security and identity management
  • Solid state storage, non-volatile memory, persistent memory and NVDIMM
  • Big Data, analytics and IoT
  • SMB
  • Cloud Storage
  • Storage architecture
  • And much more
Get more SDC content:

SNIA Swordfish™ v1.0.7 Now Available for Public Review

SNIA Swordfish™ uses RESTful interface semantics and a standardized data model to provide a scalable, customer-centric interface for managing storage and related data services.

The 1.0.7 Work-in-Progress version is now ready for public review here
This version includes an enhanced spare capacity management model, added OpenAPI support, volume schema updates and more. Your feedback is important to us! Thank you in advance for your willingness to report an issue or bug, request an improvement, or propose a solution to an issue that will help the entire community.

Become a SNIA Certified Information Architect

The new SNIA Certified Information Architect (SCIA) certification exam is now available. This vendor-neutral exam (S10-510) covers subjects that include cloud storage, storage security, flash and hybrid arrays, file and object storage. The SCIA exam will replace both current (S10-210 and S10-310) higher-level exams. S10-210 and S10-310 will remain available until January 31, 2019 and those credentials will be recognized for three years from the certification pass date.
Learn how you can become a SNIA Certified Information Architect

Nominate Your SNIA Colleagues for Recognition

The SNIA Recognition Program recognizes outstanding contributions by members and groups who will be honored at an evening reception on January 23rd at the 2019 Annual Members Symposium in Santa Clara, CA.  

Please take a few minutes to participate and acknowledge our valuable volunteers for their efforts. The deadline to complete the survey is December 3rd.
Nominate SNIA colleagues and groups here
Featured Video

Accelerating Storage with NVM Express SSDs and P2PDMA

By Stephen Bates, Chief Technology Officer, Eideticom
Featured Podcast

Pocket - Elastic Ephemeral Storage for Serverless Analytics

By Ana Klimovic, Graduate Student, Stanford University
SNIA is pleased to welcome the following new member: Xilinx
Check out the top reasons to join SNIA in our Membership Infographic and see the full list of SNIA Members here.
Featured Events

SDC EMEA 2019 – Call for Presentations: Deadline November 30th

SNIA Europe is pleased to announce that the 2019 Storage Developer Conference (SDC) EMEA will be held in Tel Aviv on January 30, 2019.

Aimed at storage technologists, architects, and developers who are tasked with making critical storage design decisions, SDC EMEA is seeking professional storage developers and researchers willing to share their knowledge and experience by submitting a presentation proposal. Presentations will be chosen based on their technical merit and interest to the SDC audience.  Important Dates/Deadlines
  • Deadline for submissions: November 30th 2018
  • Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance of proposals: December 14th 2018
SNIA is pleased to be a sponsor of NVMe Developer Days, December 5-6, 2018 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. NVMe Developer Days will provide attendees with the latest information about NVMe, NVMe-oF, and NVMe-MI, as well as the most current market research.  SNIA members and colleagues can register here and use the code SNIA18 to receive $200 off the full conference rate. The hotel conference rate is available until November 12.
Upcoming Webcasts

Create a Smarter and More Economic Cloud Storage Architecture
November 7, 2018
Michelle Tidwell, IBM; Eric Lakin, University of Michigan; Mike Jochimsen, Kaminario; Alex McDonald, NetApp

Building a cloud storage architecture requires storage vendors, cloud service providers and large enterprises to consider new technical and economic paradigms in order to enable a flexible and cost efficient architecture.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of accounting principles
  • How to calculate on-premises vs. cloud costs
  • Activity based costing
  • New purchasing paradigms
  • Technical and performance considerations
Networking Requirements for Scale-Out Storage
November 14, 2018
Rob Davis, Mellanox; Saqib Jang, Chelsio; Fred Zhang, Intel

Scale-out storage is increasingly popular for cloud, high-performance computing, machine learning, and certain enterprise applications. It offers the ability to grow both capacity and performance at the same time and to distribute I/O workloads across multiple machines. 

But unlike traditional local or scale-up storage, scale-out storage imposes different and more intense workloads on the network. Clients often access multiple storage servers simultaneously; data typically replicates or migrates from one storage node to another, and metadata or management servers must stay in sync with each other as well as communicating with clients. Due to these demands, traditional network architectures and speeds may not work well for scale-out storage, especially when it’s based on flash.

Join this webinar to learn:
  • Scale-out storage solutions and what workloads they can address
  • How your network may need to evolve to support scale-out storage 
  • Network considerations to ensure performance for demanding workloads
  • Key considerations for all flash
Take the Leap to SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative Specification 1.8
December 5, 2018
Mike Walker, former chair SNIA SMI TWG and former IBM engineer, Don Deel, SNIA SMI Governing Board Chair, SMI TWG Chair

If you’re a storage equipment vendor, management software vendor or end-user of the ISO approved SNIA Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), you won’t want to miss this presentation. Enterprise storage industry expert, Mike Walker, will provide an overview of new indications, methods, properties and profiles of SMI-S 1.7 and the newly introduced version, SMI-S 1.8. If you haven’t yet made the jump to SMI-S 1.7, Walker will explain why it’s important to go directly to SMI-S 1.8.
Virtualization and Storage Networking Best Practices
January 17, 2019
Cody Hosterman, Pure Storage; Jason Massae, VMware; J Metz, Cisco

With all the different storage arrays and connectivity protocols available today, knowing best practices can help improve operational efficiency and ensure resilient operations. VMware’s storage global service has reported many of the common service calls they receive. In this webcast, we will share those insights and lessons learned by discussing:
  • Common mistakes when setting up storage arrays 
  • Most valuable configurations 
  • How to maximize the value of your array and vSphere
Find SNIA at these Events
SNIA Annual Members Symposium - San Jose, CA – January 21-25, 2019
Persistent Memory Summit – Santa Clara, CA – January 24, 2019
SDC EMEA – Tel Aviv, Israel – January 30, 2019
SDC India - Bangalore, India – May 23-24, 2019
SDC 2019​ - Santa Clara, CA - September 23-16, 2019
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