2020/2021 Technical Council

The Technical Council is a select group of acknowledged industry experts who work to guide the SNIA's technical efforts. The Technical Council oversees and manages SNIA Technical Work Groups, reviews architectures submitted by Work Groups, and is the SNIA's technical liaison to standards organizations.

Mark A. Carlson

Mark Carlson, Co-Chair
Principal Engineer, Industry Standards
Kioxia Corporation

Mark A. Carlson, Principal Engineer, Industry Standards at Kioxia Corporation, has more than 35 years of experience with Networking and Storage development and more than twenty year's experience with Java technology. He has spoken at numerous industry forums and events. He has chaired the SNIA Object Drive, Cloud Storage, NDMP and XAM SDK technical working groups and serves as Co-Chairman on the SNIA Technical Council.

Bill Martin

Bill Martin, Co-Chair
Principal Engineer, SSD IO Standards

Bill has been involved in the storage industry for over 35 years, starting in 1983 with the development of a proprietary optical interface for HP storage, architecting the HP Tachyon interface chip for Fibre Channel, serving on industry consortiums and standards bodies for storage including SNIA, INCITS T11, INCITS T10, INCITS T13, SATA-IO, and NVMe. He has demonstrable skills in gaining industry agreement in a variety of technologies and bringing together competitors for the advancement of the industry.

In addition to his role representing Samsung in SSD IO Standards, Bill currently holds the following industry leadership roles: co-chair of the SNIA Technical Council, Board member of the NVMe Board of Directors, Chair of INCITS T10, Secretary of INCITS T13.
His technical leadership is exemplified as:

  • Editor of the SNIA Computational Storage Architecture Model;
  • Editor of the SNIA Computational Storage API;
  • Editor of the SNIA Key Value Storage API;
  • Editor of SCSI Block Commands – 5 (SBC-5);
  • Editor Fibre Channel - Framing and Signaling - 4;
  • Editor Fibre Channel - Simplified Configurations and Management; and
  • Author of numerous proposals to the following standards bodies: NVMe, SNIA, INCITS T10, INCITS T13, and INCITS T11.

Bill has received numerous industry recognitions for his contributions to the storage industry over the past decades including: SNIA Volunteer of the Year award 2021, INCITS Gene Milligan award for effective committee management 2016, INCITS Merit award 2013, FCIA Achievement award 2010, INCITS Outstanding Leadership Team award 2007, INCITS Technical Excellence award 2005, FCIA Lifetime Achievement award 2005, and SNIA Outstanding Theme lead for the interop lab 2004.

Curtis Ballard

Curtis Ballard, Member
Distinguished Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Curtis Ballard is a Distinguished Technologist with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the HPE Storage organization.  Curtis has over 25 years of experience in storage and storage interfaces technologies.  While working at Hewlett Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Curtis has worked in product design teams for magneto optical disk drives, medium changer devices, tape drives, disk arrays, and enclosure management devices.  He has worked on hardware designs for storage interfaces and storage controllers as well as firmware for motion control, storage interfaces, user interface, and embedded operating systems. 

Curtis is a hardware platform architect and also represents HPE in several industry organizations.  In addition to serving on the SNIA Technical Council, Curtis is a member of the NVM Express Board of Directors, is a member of the NVM Express technical committee, and is the vice-chair of INCITS/T10 SCSI Storage Interfaces Technical Committee.  Curtis is currently the technical editor for several the INCITS/T10 standards.  He in an inventor on over 40 US patents in the storage industry across electrical, software, and mechanical disciplines and works in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise architecture community on storage architecture, intellectual property, and storage strategy.

Alan Bumgarner

Alan Bumgarner, Member
Product Planning
Intel Corporation

Alan Bumgarner began his career at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA more than 20 years ago. Since then his roles included front line technical support, remote server management of multiple Intel datacenters, product/channel/technical marketing, field sales, and strategic product planning.  These roles took him from California, to New Jersey, Texas, and Oregon, and finally back to Folsom, CA where he currently  holds the position of Strategic Planner for Persistent Memory in Intel’s Datacenter Group.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Systems from the University of Phoenix.

Alan is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, mountain bike, and ski.   He has three children, two in college, and in one grade school. In his spare time Alan enjoys cooking, spending time with his wife and kids, and volunteering for shelters and using his cooking skills for feeding the homeless programs.

Glen Jaquette

Glen Jaquette, Member
Distinguished Engineer

Glen Jaquette has been working at IBM on storage products since 1983.   Since 1986 he has been in product development, eventually reaching the level of IBM Distinguished Engineer.  In those years he has worked on a variety of different types of storage systems with different forms of non-volatile media:  from IBM 3380’s large (14” diameter) disk spindles, to hard-disk drives, optical drives, tape drives, and most recently flash-memory-based systems. He was lead architect on the world’s first storage drive with native encryption capability, the IBM TS1120, which shipped in 2006.  That first integration of encryption into storage drives started a trend which has become so prevalent it might be considered a de facto standard capability these days.  He holds more than 160 patents on storage-related  technologies used in IBM storage products. He was involved from the start in two storage-related standards that have changed the industry.  The first being part of the Linear Tape Open (LTO) Consortium which created the interchangeable LTO standard which transformed the tape drive industry.  The second being the creation of the specification within a private consortium which was later contributed to OASIS and standardized under the name Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).  The KMIP standard allows compliant storage systems which require keys (e.g. to unlock encryption-capable ones) to interface with external key managers from other manufacturers. He has also been involved in the P1619 and P1619.1 technical working groups at IEEE which produced IEEE standards covering the XTS and GCM modes of encryption used in most encryption of data at rest implementations today.  He has represented IBM at INSIC’s Tape group and contributed to INCITS T10 standards. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Arizona.  He now works in the office of CTO for IBM Storage.

Fred Knight

Fred Knight, Member
Principal Standards Technologist

Frederick Knight is a Principal Standards Technologist at NetApp Inc. Fred has over 40 years of experience in the computer and storage industry.  He currently represents NetApp in several National and International Storage Standards bodies and industry associations, including T10 (SCSI), T11 (Fibre Channel), T13 (ATA), IETF (iSCSI), SNIA, and JEDEC.  He was the chair of the SNIA Hypervisor Storage Interfaces working group, the primary author of the SNIA HSI White Paper, the author of the new IETF iSCSI update RFC, and the editor for the T10 SES-3 standard.  He is also the editor for the SCSI Architecture Model (SAM-6) and the Convenor for the ISO/IEC JTC-1/SC25/WG4 international committee (which oversees the international standardization of T10/T11/T13 documents). Fred has received several NetApp awards for excellence and innovation as well as the INCITS Technical Excellence Award for his contributions to both T10 and T11 and the INCITS Merit Award for his longstanding contributions to the international work of INCITS.

He is also the developer of the first native FCoE target device in the industry.  At NetApp, he contributes to technology and product strategy and serves as a consulting engineer to product groups across the company. Prior to joining NetApp, Fred was a Consulting Engineer with Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and HP where he worked on clustered operating system and I/O subsystem design.

Bill Lynn

Bill Lynn, Member
Senior Distinguished Engineer

Bill Lynn is a Senior Distinguished Engineer in Dell’s Server CTO Architecture Pathfinding group.  Bill has more than 35 years of experience architecting and developing storage subsystems.  Bill started out as a disk drive designer with Digital Equipment Corporation designing 9”, 5.25”, 3.5” and 2.5” disk drives.  Later he moved to Adaptec working in sales, marketing, and eventually the Office of the CTO as a RAID architect.  During his tenure at Adaptec Bill helped form the SNIA IP Storage Forum and served as the forum chair for 2 years.  Bill was also one of the authors of the Infiniband specification.  In 2006 Bill moved to Dell where he was responsible for server storage architecture.  Bill was the original author of the SFF-8639 U.2 connector specification and one of the editors of the SFF-TA-1008 EDSFF E3 device specification.  Bill is now part of the Dell Architectural Pathfinding group and Dell’s representative to the NVMe Board of Directors.

Leah Schoeb

Leah Schoeb, Member
Sr. Developer Relations Manager 

Leah Schoeb is a Sr. Developer Relations Manager in the platform architecture team at AMD.  She is also the Founding Data Architect at Data Glass, where she helps systems companies with performance engineering and optimization, market positioning, and benchmarking.  She also architects virtualized, containerized, and big data solutions.   She has over 25 years of experience in the computer industry, with the last decade in solid state technology.  She was previously Acting Director Business Development at Intel, where she led a team of segment managers and architects managing cross functional teams for flash and NVMe based data solutions, and reference architectures in major cloud and enterprise solution design assignments.   She has prior experience as a Sr Partner at the analyst firm Evaluator Group, where she focused on storage, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure.  She has held management and engineering positions at VMware, Dell, and Sun Microsystems.  She has ten publications on such subjects as optimizing Oracle, automated tiering, and solid state performance specifications, and has presented at many technical conferences including SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference and Data Storage Innovation Conference.  She currently serves as the Updates Chairperson for Flash Memory Summit.  Leah has also participated and provided thought leadership for industry groups such as the Transaction Performance Council (TPC), Storage Performance Council (SPC), and Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). She is a member of the SNIA Technical Council and a co-founder of their Solid State Storage System Technical Work Group.  She earned an MBA at the University of Phoenix and a BSEE at the University of Maryland.

Tom Talpey

Tom Talpey, Member
Network Storage Architect

Tom has worked for many years in the areas of network filesystems, network transports and RDMA, and contributed deeply to NFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1, DAFS and SMB3, all of which he layered on RDMA. He recently has been working on applying these to remote access of Persistent Memory, to enable new classes of low latency storage deployable across diverse networks.

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson, Member
Director of Technology and Standards

Steve Wilson is Director of Technology and Standards at Broadcom. Steve’s responsibilities include the development of technologies and architectures for storage networking and storage management. Steve is a principal contributor to the ANSI T11 Fibre Channel standards and SNIA technical activities.

Prior to Broadcom, Steve held technical leadership positions with Brocade, Amdahl, ISS/Sperry Univac, Memorex, and Trilogy Systems. The emphasis of his technical work at these companies was the development and implementation of computer, storage, and systems management technologies.

Steve serves as chairman of the INCITS T11 committee whose charter is to develop the Fibre Channel Interfaces. Steve continues contributing to many ANSI Fibre Channel standards including NVMe, Switch Fabric, Fabric Services and Persistent Memory . Steve also serves on the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) Board of Directors.

Steve has been involved with the SNIA since 1998. He established and chaired the SNIA Fibre Channel Work Group in its various forms, contributed to the Green and Dictionary activities, and now serves on the SNIA Technical Council. Steve also serves as principal liaison between the FCIA/T11 and the SNIA.

Steve is the recipient of the INCITS Technical Excellence Award for his work on the Fibre Channel switching standards, and has received the INCITS Gene Milligan award for effective committee management. Steve holds multiple patents in the storage networking space and holds a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Craig Carlson

Craig Carlson, TC Advisor
Technologist, Office of the CTO
Marvell Technology Group

Craig Carlson is a Technologist with the CTO Office at Marvell Technology Group. Craig has over 15 years of experience in Storage Networking technologies. He is currently Chair of ANSI INCITS Task Group T11.3, the committee that defines Fibre Channel protocols. He is also Technical editor for the T11 Standards FC-LS-2, and FC-GS-7, as well as the Chair of T11 Standard FC-SW-7. He is also involved with the IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging Task Group and is the editor of the IEEE Draft Standard 802.1Qaz (Enhanced Transmission Selection).

Craig’s background includes many years of development of storage networking products including being on of the team of architects for the first public loop Fibre Channel switch. He also has many years of standards experience within ANSI/INCITS T11, IEEE, and IETF. Also, Craig was one of the key contributors to the SANMark Fibre Channel interoperability compliance program.

Craig has also won numerous industry awards including the INCITS Gene Milligan Award for Effective Committee Management for his role as T11.3 Chair, and most recently an FCIA achievement award for his contributions to the growth of Fibre Channel SAN Storage technology.

Anthony Constantine, TC Advisor
Principal Engineer

Anthony Constantine is a Principal Engineer at Intel, where he focuses primarily on driving innovation to memory and storage from mobile to datacenter.  He is active in the standards area, contributing to SFF-TA (SNIA), Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI), PCI-SIG, and JEDEC.  Anthony has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry with an expertise in memory, physical interfaces, low power technologies, and form factors.  He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis.  

Arnold Jones, TC Advisor
Technical Council Managing Director

Arnold has been involved in the Storage Industry for over 34 years, designing and developing a wide variety of storage products and standards. Since 2001 Arnold has been managing the activities and programs of the SNIA Technical Council, including the Technical Work Groups in the development of standards in the broad and complex fields of digital storage and information management.

Prior to the SNIA he was deeply involved for over 9 years in another association, the Optical Storage Industry Association (OSTA) (www.osta.org). As a key Member of OSTA his involvement was at multiple levels: Board of Directors, Technical Work Groups and Market Development Committee. During his involvement with OSTA he was the Primary Architect and Technical Editor for the Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system specification, the standard file system used for all forms of optical storage today.

Arnold holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

Dave Landsman, TC Advisor
Director of Industry Standards
Western Digital

Dave Landsman is Director of Industry Standards at Western Digital, where he manages storage standards across Western Digital’s businesses.   Dave has been an active technical member in storage standards since 2008, representing SanDisk and, post-merger, Western Digital, making contributions to NVMe, PCI-SIG, JEDEC, SATA-IO, T10, T13, SNIA, SFF, and others.  He is currently WD’s board representative for NVMe, SATA-IO, and the Compact Flash Association.  Dave has over 35 years of experience in the technology/semiconductor industry, having spent his “first career” at Intel, and “second career” in storage, at msystems/SanDisk/WD, with brief hiatus at a startup in between.  He earned a BA in computer science from the University of California, San Diego.

Alex McDonald, TC Advisor
Independent Consultant

Alex has more than 40 years of experience in a variety of roles with some of the best known names in the software industry. With a background in software development, support and sales, Alex has latterly spent his time in industry organizations that advance technology & standards based solutions, with a particular interest in storage software. He is currently chair of the SNIA CSTI (Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative), vice-chair of the SNIA NSF (Networking Storage Forum) and co-chair of the SNIA CMSI (Compute, Memory & Storage Initiative), Chair of the Board for SNIA Europe, and a major contributor to SNIA’s extensive library of web-based education.

Peter Murray

Peter Murray, TC Advisor
Industry Consultant

Peter Murray is an expert with over 35 years of experience testing, characterizing performance, implementing, troubleshooting, and maintaining secure, fast, and highly available storage systems and networks.

Peter has served on technical teams at test equipment and network equipment manufacturers, including Pure Storage, Virtual Instruments, F5 Networks, Spirent Communications, and Nortel Networks.

Peter currently serves as co-chair of the SNIA Solid State Storage System Technical Working Group, as co-chair of the SNIA Workload Technical Working Group, and as a member of the SNIA Technical Council.

Niranjan Pendharkar

Niranjan Pendharkar, TC Advisor
Senior Staff Engineer
Nutanix Inc

Niranjan Pendharkar, Senior Staff Engineer at Nutanix Inc, has more than 22 years of industry experience in Storage technologies, Virtualization, Hyperconverged systems, Clustering, Distributed systems and Cloud computing. Niranjan is a prolific inventor with more than 50 US patents on his name. Prior to Nutanix Inc, Niranjan was a Distinguished Engineer at Veritas where he contributed to architecture and delivery of existing and new products. Niranjan is also a member of SNIA Technical Committee in India. He has presented in several conferences and industry events (SNIA, IEEE). Niranjan has also received an industry recognition for his contributions.

David Peterson, TC Advisor
Principal Engineer

David Peterson is a Principal Engineer for Broadcom in the Brocade Storage Networking division. Dave is the technical editor for the FCP standards, the FC-NVMe standards, the FC-SW standards, and chair of the FC-FS and FC-GS work groups. Dave is also the INCITS T11 International Representative, the INCITS SC 25/WG 4 TAG Chair, and a Deputy Technical Advisor for the United States National Committee TAG to JTC 1/SC 25 in the international standards realm. Dave has been involved with networking and storage since 1983, and standards development since the mid-1990s.

Yukinori Sakashita

Yukinori Sakashita, TC Advisor
Vice Chair of Technical Commitee at SNIA Japan
Yahoo Japan, Z Lab

Yukinori Sakashita, Ph.D. is a researcer and developer about IT system management (include storage) and container technologies. Sakashita has over 20 years of experience in IT system management technologies. Since 2003, he has joined SNIA and has developed various specifications such as SMI-S. He has been the chair of Technical Commitee as SNIA Japan since 2012 and is currently the vice chair of the committee, leading the storage industry in Japan. He is a member of the Information Processing Society of Japan(IPSJ).

Prior to Yahoo Japan, he held Senior Researcher at Hitachi R&D and Lab Manager at Hitachi America R&D. The emphasis of his technical work at these companies was the research and development of storage, VM, cloud and IT system management technologies. Currently he is working on persistent volumes in the container world, such as Kubernetes. He has spoken at many events to bridge the container and storage industry in Japan.

David Thiel

David Thiel, TC Advisor
Dave Thiel Consultant, LLC

David Thiel currently does consulting work in the Storage Industry. Previously, Dave was Technical Director and Staff Fellow in HP's StorageWorks Division. David was been employed by HP, Compaq, and Digital Equipment Corporation from 1980 to 2008. Since 1991, David has worked in the area of computer storage leading distributed storage system, storage virtualization, storage area network architecture, RAID, storage management software, standards, patent, and technical staff development activities. Previously, he was with the OpenVMS Operating System development organization where he was the lead architect and designer of OpenVMS Cluster systems.

David has long been active in the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), where he has been a member of the Technical Council since 1999, including serving as chair for 4 years and vice-chair for 4 years. Dave has served as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and has participated in many additional SNIA activities.

David earned 3 degrees in Electrical Engineering at MIT and holds 24 U.S. patents.