SNIA Contributor Agreement for Non-Members

SNIA Contributor Agreement for Non-Members
Version 1.0
Version Date March 25 2016

SNIA Projects welcome input. Contributors that are not SNIA members must first agree to the following:

You” means the individual executing this Agreement. 

Entity” means (1) Your principal, sponsor, or employer and (2) its Affiliates (i.e., entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with that principal, sponsor, or employer). 

SNIA” is the Storage Networking Industry Association and its licensees.

Project” means computer architecture, software, specifications, and documentation owned or managed by SNIA. You may, at Your option, identify specific SNIA Projects to which You or Entity expressly intend to contribute here: 

"Contribution" means any proposal, suggestion, work of authorship, or other verbal submission (including oral contributions if also reduced to writing) intentionally made by You or Entity in any form to SNIA or its representatives regarding a Project.

Use Rights. Contributions may be used by SNIA for any purpose relating to the Project to which the Contribution was submitted.

Representations. You represent that (1) You are authorized to make this Agreement on Your own behalf and on behalf of Entity and (2) except for patents that are subject to the Patent License Grant below, at the time each Contribution is made You will identify to SNIA in writing any patent that (a) You believe might be infringed by use or implementation of the Contribution or (b) to Your knowledge others have asserted might be infringed by use or implementation of the Contribution.

Warranties. You and Entity warrant that You and/or Entity own the copyright in each Contribution or otherwise have sufficient rights under copyright to make each Contribution (in which case You must identify each owner and provide details of any third-party license or other restriction of which You are aware) under the following Copyright License Grant.

Copyright License Grant. You and Entity hereby grant to SNIA a non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, fee- and royalty-free copyright license to disclose, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute Contributions.

Patent License Grant. With respect to patent claims owned or licensable by You or Entity that are necessarily infringed by use or implementation of any Contribution, You and Entity hereby grant to SNIA and implementers of the Project and derivative works thereof a perpetual, irrevocable (except as set forth below), non-exclusive, worldwide, fee- and royalty-free patent license to use, make, have made, offer to sell, sell, distribute, import, and otherwise transfer products and services that use or implement the Contribution; provided, however, that (1) the licensing obligations do not apply if the sublicensing of patents requires that You or Entity pay patent license fees or royalties to an unaffiliated third party, or the patents are subject to an exclusive license, and (2) any patent licenses granted pursuant to this Agreement terminate, as of the date litigation is filed, as to any entity that institutes, joins, or financially supports litigation seeking damages or injunctive relief based on claims that use or implementation of a Contribution, or the Project to which such Contribution was made, constitutes direct, indirect, or contributory patent infringement.