Procurement Policy Statement


The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) continues to receive information that procurement documents issued by various governments internationally contain a requirement for bidding manufacturers to belong to the SNIA “as a Voting Member”.

The SNIA does not endorse this language and has no connection with the procurement process of any government or private industry sector. The SNIA objects to the inclusion of such a clause in any commercial context or procurement setting.

SNIA has taken steps to stop this practice. Among other things, it is publishing this notice on the organization's website, and on many occasions, it has directly notified the parties stating such a "requirement" (along with the respective US Embassy where applicable).

The SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of member companies spanning the global storage market. SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information. SNIA welcomes all entities to become members of the organization at any participation level they choose.

Anyone who has questions regarding this notice may contact SNIA Executive Director, at